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eha1234 chapter 10 . 4/14
Your story is amazing as always:)
MaxKnight1010101 chapter 10 . 4/1
Just reread this and felt like dropping a review here. This was a really fascinating story when I first found it over at AO3 originally, and then I found it here with more chapters than were posted over there and loved it even more. I... cannot say a word about the length of time between chapters, since I have 4 unfinished stories of my own that I haven't touched for more than 4 years. I would like to say that I want more of this, but I think all of your followers are like that.

This story actually inspired me to come up with an idea of my own in a similar vein, but not quite the same; it's still in that "this is just an idea" stage, but I have a number of broad concepts already planned out and a few small details as well. I've always been a real stickler for timelines and things like that, so I don't like to cross over things that can't possibly happen at the same time, so it was a little difficult for me to come up with something myself...

Ah, I'm just talking about my own ideas and not actually reviewing. The interactions are neat, and Harry's complete awe and fascination in all things magical really makes the story. You mentioned that PoFV is going to start in two chapters, so now I find myself wondering what Shiki will have to say to Harry when it's all over (as I can't see her missing giving him a talking to, even if it's not a lecture like the others get). I will say that if you want to start an incident soon, you might want to think about a time skip to allow Harry to at least defend himself should he find himself in a sticky situation...

I'm really looking forward to seeing more of this in the future.
SpriteBlazer chapter 10 . 3/30
*pokes rapidly at author* I see you take a whole to update. Maybe a new follower will help 'spark' your writing. Heh. Got to say, I love the fic you've made here. A bit slowish but enjoyable. I can't wait to see more. As I wish to all new stories I follow, I hope for great stories and fast updates.
judokufu chapter 1 . 3/26
You should think about a concealed the conclusion omake. I think it would be really neat.
Guest chapter 10 . 3/10
Lol u are late but still at least you're posting. Please keep it up thank you
Quelthias chapter 10 . 2/12
I wonder how long it will be until all of the characters of Gensocko will be introduced.
So far the humor is to be expected and the sheer variety of characters while welcome is akin to putting too many different toppings on one piece of a pizza when there are a hundred more necessary ingredients that need to be placed into the future.
I suggest that the author add a little more plot related to moving the story such as giving Harry more magic lessons. At the very least, having flashy comedic events is fun however there needs to be some conflict with Harry himself. The easiest place to start would be outside Gensocko.

I find it very welcome that Dumbledore will be in the story since making the story into one character only from Harry Potter and completely ignoring the magical side of Earth will not fit the vastness of the combined worlds. I suggest that Dumbledore find out that Harry is missing before Harry turns 10 years old. It is obvious that Dumbledore will send someone (or a group) to keep tabs on Harry. At the minimum he will find out the next day, maximum two weeks.
Also is the 'Muggle' ministry for children and families going to be as incompetent as in the original Harry Potter series or will they follow up on someone who is not showing up at school? Perhaps the ministry of magic could find out about Harry before Dumbledore. Here is what will happen, the police will investigate a missing child case and two to three days into the case nothing seems to make sense and higher up investigators will be on the case. A day or two later one of these investigators who happens to be magically trained (or a magical 'spy') discovers strong 'wisps' of magic around the area where Harry teleported himself out of the Earth/Gensocko boundary. When the investigator discovers that this child is in fact 'The Boy Who Lived,' now the ministry has a humongous scandal it needs to coverup and Dumbledore will be on the case to save the day. Why I suggested this to you is because one element of the Harry Potter series prevalent in every book is a sense of either a mystery or something hidden. This fanfic is written well so far with comedy, and happy whimsical events. However I want my gritty mystery to be a part of this. The best part is, that mystery is staring at the nose of all of us, missing Harry Potter!
Oh to imagine the headline of Daily Prophet and the reactions of the wizards. This will start to get a little exciting! (That's a Bingo!)
Quelthias chapter 8 . 2/12
Speaking from experience, hangovers suck but they are NOT the worst out there.
I am pretty sure an insect type Yokai knows multiple variations of illnesses that will be worse.
Quelthias chapter 2 . 2/12
A little short yet a good start. It is funny and sweet like the first chapter and more than a little thought provoking of the kind "I wonder what happens next".
Quelthias chapter 1 . 2/12
There isn't enough little Harry in Touhou.
Good writing, decent character development and somewhat exciting.
I wi be following this.
Twilight-Lloyd chapter 6 . 1/26
Your Remi seems perfectly fine to me.
Opinr chapter 10 . 1/24
A good couple of chapters I look forward to more.
jgkitarel chapter 10 . 1/20
Perhaps Harry can meet Cirno and Daiyousei next? He's already meeting the Three Fairies of Light, and seems to be making friends with them, so why not? Though Cirno tends to be a bit rambunctious, she's arguably the strongest fairy in Gensokyo outside of the searonal fairies (Lily White, Letty Whiterock), in the fact that she's an ice fairy who manages to remain around even in the heat of summer.

Or, have him meet Keine, as he will need some schooling...

Still, it's going to be amusing as all getout when he gets found.
New Universe Returns chapter 10 . 1/18
I'm glad you have updated this. And I like how the first meeting of Harry and the Three Fairies of Light went on.

I do hope that Harry can meet Rumia and Cirno pretty soon. Rumia won't eat the little boy and Cirno won't suddenly challenge him. They are quite curious about Harry as they meet him. Hopefully, Harry can make friends with them.

Harry can visit the Outside World if he wants to, but he won't settle in the Outside World as he thought of Gensokyo as his new home where there is people there truly cared for him unlike the Dursleys.

There is gonna be the first meeting of Dumbledoore with Yukari and Reimu. The two girls want Dumbledoore's explanation about Harry and he told the two everything he knew about Potter's family and their enemies that hunted his family down. Then Reimu and Yukari questioned him why did he put Harry into a family that truly despise the Potters and taking a liking to mistreat him, the two girls are probably upset at Dumbledoore's stupidity. He explained that he really didn't know and he would have taken Harry away if he find out about the Dursleys, he also explained about the magical seal that was placed on the Dursley's home by Harry's mother, Lily, to prevent the Death Eaters from finding him, and that the seal will stop working as Harry turns 18. Dumbledoore felt guilty and regretful for not watching over Harry.

Yukari explained then explained that he doesn't have to worry about Harry's safety as the Great Hakurei Barrier can prevent anyone from finding and trespassing Gensokyo. Even if the Death Eaters managed to find and breach the Barrier, they won't survive much less a day or night in Gensokyo as they are powerful youkai, humans and other beings roaming the lands. And Yukari and Reimu and the others will also prevent the intruders from escaping Gensokyo alive.

My optional suggestion is for Sirius transported to Gensokyo by Yukari.
OBSERVER01 chapter 10 . 1/18
short but good
ArcherShirou chapter 10 . 1/18
very good
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