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Cooldragon1990 chapter 80 . 10/8
And thus, my first ever Transformers fanfiction has come to a close. I never read this before. I rarely read fanfiction of stuff I am not familiar with or know much of. I usually like to know the characters and world. There is one exception to this rule but it wasn't Transformers.

I would like to say that this was a journey. I got very invested in this world. I read it in four days. On my Nook. Every section I would stop and review here. This was 963 (1 page was the announcement for the sequel, which I will read tomorrow) pages and I read it in 4 days. I read fast when I like a story. I have been with you since Life Vs Living. I read that in one sitting. It was fantastic. I have a huge weakness for Angsty, Hurt/Comfort Parental stories. Pretty much everything you had here. I really really hope you are willing to think up a potential meet up for your two leading ladies for the stories. I think Liv and Ari meeting or having a oneshot adventure or something would be cool. I don't know how or why she would need to visit Jurassic World, but I admit, I just really like your two stories a lot and was hoping for more.

This was a fantastic journey! I was glad I listened to that overwhelming urge to read a Transformers fic when I stumbled upon this while I was searching up long stories. I was hesitant as I don't like/not into Transformers quite as much and barely know the franchise. I thought, maybe if Life Vs Living was good, Move Along would be good. I was so very into that story. I loved it. I took a chance, and it paid off.

Thanks for giving me something to do! Thanks for the giggles, heartache, feels, and fuzzies. I hate this moment so very much, the finishing of a really good story. It hurts! It's probably the worst thing a reader ever faces in their life. Part of the reason why is that not a lot of authors can live up to the hype of a really good universe. It's hard to start anew in a new sandbox when you just finish a new world.

Sometimes I really wish stories will just last forever!
Cooldragon1990 chapter 62 . 10/7
You are a very evil author, you know that? You have terrorized me, hurt my feels, made me sad when I had to sleep because of all day reading. But I love this story. Thanks for proving me wrong. I would have been heart broken if my favorite characters were the traitor. I saw the answer to the review of interesting choice for who the traitor was and got to thinking. Maybe it was someone Ari liked and was starting to think of as a friend. I then thought of the twins. I read Fablehaven. There was a betrayal of each of my favorite characters once per book and then there is how 24 ended in the first season with my favorite character.

I hate how I tend to overthink, but i would have been devastated if I was right, so thanks, thanks so much for proving I overthink things. Usually people who start using Cybertronian curse words aren't all that bad. There is just a level of acting that is unbelievable otherwise and it was driving me crazy. I probably would have gotten it better if I actually saw the movies, but I only know the first two.

You are still very mean to the heart and feels though! Good action, and a sense of relief abound. I figure Ali would be fine. You wouldn't kill off your main character! This is still somewhat canon even if you are changing things.

Stop bloody doing this to me! But this is in the past so I am sure you are going to make my soul hurt further on!
Cooldragon1990 chapter 54 . 10/7
Ah, Damn you and your suspense! It's really late at night as I just finished this chapter and this is the first chapter that doesn't end on a cliff hanger. I wanted to stay up till you resolved who the damn traitor is. I am so fragging tempted to just look ahead and save me from this constant anxiety, tension and heart ache of what I know is the truth. This is all in the past... I can do that. I think I know who it is. I am very genre savvy. Surely, SURELY, you aren't going toward the extremely obvious reveal of the jerkass who is completely obvious? I mean it's so easy to say Trent's the traitor.

I was burned before. I adored characters, trusted them, and felt that they can't be evil. I mean, I am very gullible and trusting. You should have seen me when I saw the first season of 24! I was in denial of the big reveal. I couldn't believe it. They warned me, even blatantly showed it was her. But I really fragging liked the character. I liked her wit, and then we her computer is linked... I was in denial.

You are a very mean person. I hate you! But thanks for writing this story and giving me something to kill time with. I don't know Transformers and I feel very intimately assimilated into the universe.
I have such violent heart ache. It's always the nice ones. The people that are charming, funny, and nice. Those are the really villains.

Of course, you could always troll your audience and put a really gnarly and brutal twist and have it as Lina! Somehow I doubt that! But it would be pretty crazy! I think I would hate you just as much as I do now! I have to go to bed in agony over the suspense cause I am just too tired to continue! Damn you
Cooldragon1990 chapter 43 . 10/6
So I read this chapter and was crying. Not physically crying, but mentally. A good song to listen to is watch?vGxjTlNgvu3Y and from that point, I felt Ari's pain and soul crying out. A really good chapter, emotional, heavy, and totally fitting to this song! I think The Electric Guitars add to the feels.

Music made this story fantastic! I am already eating up this story and will be done sometime soon. This is already 10x better than canon... even if I still know nothing about Transformers, I did see a couple movies and play half of a game, and know absolutely basic info about the series and from commercials of the toys.. but in my opinion the movies would have been masterpieces if it was anything like what you wrote. Listening to slow, emotional music during the drama make it better. I will tell more when I reach another highlight! I really wish this was what we got in the movie though.
shelby20125 chapter 16 . 10/6
Dangit, Sideswipe, is this all you do? Sleep? lol, get your aft in gear, you're missing out on good Ari moments
Cooldragon1990 chapter 16 . 10/5
Wow, This is the first Transformers fic I have ever read. I only just started it today! I have reached this chapter... I am very unfamiliar with Transformers. I never watched the cartoon as I was interested in other cartoons at the time, and I never had the toys. I did see the commercials, so that counts. My only knowledge comes from the Decepticon Campaign for the game War for Cybertron, and the first two movies.

I did read Life Versus Living though in it's entirety before this and was curious if you were hoping to consider a oneshot crossover between Ari and Liv at some point in the distant future. These are two really interesting and engaging characters and it would be... amusing to see Ari interact with Liv or the Raptors. And I am not even close to scratching the surface of this fic!

It's okay if you had no interest and connecting the two worlds, but I find it an adorable one-shot idea. I am indifferent to Transformers, only rolling my eyes when a movie comes out. I probably could watch a movie after 2 if I actually bothered to sit down. They are enjoyable trash!

Ari, is 10x better than Sam though and I am kinda glad you distanced the character. I don't hate him, but I was always partial to female leads.

Great story! I will probably marathon this and be done in two days! I read fast if I like a story. I will of course read Life Versus Living when I can distance myself from Move Along. It's kind of hard now. I did read Live Versus Living and one sitting. Starting at 8:30 in the morning, and finishing at 4:45 in the morning.

For a guy who knows absolute nothing of the series and characters outside of extremely basic info, this story is pretty good! I will of course review better when I finish it. Probably as a PM as I think Fanfiction doesn't like double comments!
Teggy0309 chapter 80 . 10/5
I absolutely loved reading this! I could hardy put my phone down I was so hooked!
Guest chapter 61 . 9/26
I knew Dr shmit was scapal by the thick German accent
Guest chapter 51 . 9/21
OH SHNAP!He’s probably gonna die.
myra chapter 13 . 9/12
somewhere in the chapter you put Air instead of Ari . Just thought you would like to know.
myra chapter 69 . 8/26
glitter bullets... classic
myra chapter 61 . 8/25
i could tell that dr shmit was scapel by the voice alone.
thank primus hes gone ... he gave me the creeps!
myra chapter 55 . 8/24
Sideswipe is going to "pop the question"...
oh my primus !
(internal squeal!)
myra chapter 46 . 8/21
Ari is screaming in her head"trent is here... Nonononnnnnnnnnooonnonononno!"
myra chapter 43 . 8/20
i liked the part when Ari gets furious at her so called "mom" asked her to leave and then the autobots agreed.
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