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kitusmi katon chapter 53 . 11/24
it took me forever to get to this chapter and I am so glad I did. shit is getting heated now ain't it? so this traitor has to be someone in nest because how else would the anti-alien guys now know about her being the all spark. I mean how else would they know...but who it is i have to wonder...unless its her they that's very sneaky...good luck with your NaNoWriMo contest thing!
XxRebelWriterxX chapter 53 . 11/15
Probably one of my favorite transformers stories ever. I couldn't stop reading this then almost cried when I realized I caught up. I need more!
CastielLunaWinchester chapter 53 . 11/6
Oh gosh it has took me so very long to read 53 chapters! Every single chance I have got, I've read your Move Along story! I love the Marvel Avengers crossover to your story, its just so amazing! I love how you wrote Clint, his one of my favorite Avengers! And Natasha is so cool in this!
Ari is an amazing character! I absolutely love her! She has just stayed so strong, even before she met the Autobots, she was so brave. And Sideswipe is just adorbs as per usual! -

Now this Anti-Alien turd blossoms! Gosh I hate them, I kinda starting to hate them even more that bloody Dolores Umbridge! (*Gasp!* That's a lot of hate XD) I have no idea who the leak could be. I had a small suspicion that it was Lina at first, because off the technical bit with hacking into the camera's. Then I thought Trent because he has a weird crush in her, and he seems jelly of Sides. But her would not be cleaver enough to hack into the camara's. *Big Sigh* To be honest, I still don't know who the leaky leak is. Gotta be someone at the base obviously bow. I was thinking Ferrel, but she didn't know Ari when she was going back to college. So I can't wait for December to come around so I can read more! -

There was so much more I wanted to say, but I have spoke to much already. So yeah, Happy November? :P Bonfire and Fireworks! Haha! (I don't...even know what I'm on about)
Autobotlover56 chapter 53 . 11/2
UPDATE! Please?
cmfanreidsgirl chapter 53 . 10/31
I can't wait for the next chapter
ravenshadowprime chapter 53 . 10/30
so amazing, I can't wait till the next up date, 1 million times better than the movies. and I love the cross over, tie you did with the avengers
Transformers Gal chapter 53 . 10/27
That date was the best date ever! Fantastic job! Now the whole cliffhanger thing I'm not a fan of, but I'll let I pass lol! Great job with this whole chapter and I'm hoping Steve Rogers and Ari meet sometime... Great job once again and I can't wait till December! :)
Gracie chapter 53 . 10/27

IT WAS EPIC! Well worth the wait! I LOVED IT!

I'm glad you brought Will back in - I missed him in the last few chapters!

And I'm also pleased that you decided for Ari to wait - not to be old-fashioned, but I'm a strong believer in waiting until after marriage.

As for the date - that was AWESOME! I would gladly take out a Deceptacon to go on a date like that! I hope that my first date is like that. Yep, I'm 17, and never been on a date before - but I hope it will be just as wonderful as Ari and Sideswipe's!

And I LOVE the cliffhanger - CAN'T WAIT for the next installment! I'm anxious to see who the culprit is!

Good look on your novel contest; I hope you win! I wish it didn't have to take time away from this story, but I'm sure your novel will be AWESOME!

Great job, girl! I can't wait to see what happens next!
000AccountInactive000 chapter 53 . 10/26
Aw, cuties! But those...*grumbles words I can't say in front of my mother* I hope they get what's coming to them. Good luck with NaNo!

Thank you so much and great job!
CoolCat0720 chapter 53 . 10/26
Okay so basically we have to wait for the next chapter to come out in December?! Oh my God I think I might die if I wait that long! Especially with that ending you have us!
But I will ensure if I must!
I loved their date, it was so sweet!
Okay now I really think Trent is the traitor because he should disgust when he found out about their relationship, and he could easily how given anti-alien the information about her dad.
Oh, the suspense!
Graceful-But-Forgetful-Writer chapter 53 . 10/26
ThePegasusDevice chapter 53 . 10/26
Someone's probably already asked you thus, but in the sequel, will you have Wolverine, Antman, Black Panther and/or Wasp as Avengers, or are you sticking with the movie cast?


Translation: I really can't wait until the next chapter and will religiously check for updates and a fantastic job once again again!
Alice Gone Madd chapter 53 . 10/26
OH sLAG! they found out (not surprised) Well then things are going to get worse before they get any better
AutobotGuy710 chapter 53 . 10/26
OH MAN. NO WAY. They know? This just got one thousand percent intense. Great chapter, keep it up! I'm getting more and more excited to find out what happens with Anti-Alien at this point.
Angelwings5952 chapter 53 . 10/26
What a wonderful and romantic date you did for Ari and Sideswipe and you have to ruined the moment for us in the end did you, will there always next time date if they can that is and my suspicious was right there is a traitor somewhere in NEST bases I wonder who would that be. hope you update soon when you return.
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