Reviews for Can't Kill Us
The Queen of dragons chapter 24 . 5/8
I do have to admit that the first half of this chapter felt kind of rushed, but with that being said I think you finished strong. I like seeing Ruby train and I like where her relationship with Optimus is going. Also the dynamic between Knockout and Ruby still remains compelling and is one of my favorite parts of the story.
Bee4ever chapter 24 . 4/25
I'm collecting those toys too! I work at a McDonald's, so it's no problem getting them! Yes, I pay for them, full price, too. Yours were expensive! Ours are only 95 apiece! Awesome chappie, btw!
The Cybertonium Warrior chapter 11 . 4/25
Great chapter.
Also, I think Bullet could describe the entire story...
The Cybertonium Warrior chapter 9 . 4/25

The Cybertonium Warrior chapter 2 . 4/25

Good story so far, I like the premise, and am looking forward to reading up to the most recent chapter.
Esperanza Hyde the Vamp Queen chapter 24 . 4/25
Awesome! Update soon!
Leviprime chapter 18 . 3/28
As much as I love Miko, Ruby is right. Bulkhead saying that its different, that is bullshit.

Ok I understand why they are dissapointed with Jack and Ruby, but it is their first time going out without their permission. Their punishment shouldnt be harsh. Miko should be the one receiving it the most since she goes out multiple times.

And Arcee shouldnt be the one talking. How many times she went against Optimus order. She is always in bloodlust revenge on Airachnid and will abandon her team to go after her and will jeopardize their mission, leaving her team in danger. I know Arcee has lost partners, but she isnt the only Autobot who has lost someone they care about.

Also in speed metal, Arcee told Jack that Optimus told her n her team to not use their power for their own benifit. But when Vince said that Jacks bike is ugly, she quickly dismisses that and use her power against Vince. Hypocrisy much?

That goes for team Prime as well. Idk why Optimus hasnt punish his team too, considering they are suppose to be older wiser veterans that "follows" the rules.

Im just confuse :/
Esperanza Hyde the Vamp Queen chapter 23 . 3/26
Yay, she gets to go on missions! Now the only thing Ruby had to worry about is not getting shot. Update soon!
The Queen of dragons chapter 23 . 3/26
I'm liking Tyler, I hope we get to see him again. I also have really been enjoying Ruby and Nova's friendship, it's great to have more than one good OC. And don't worry about updating later then usual, life gets in the way or sometimes your just not up to writing, I definitely understand that know that I'm writing a story.
Bee4ever chapter 23 . 3/26
Loved this chapter!
Wally Wonderson chapter 23 . 3/26
Well done, my friend! I'm excited for this! Pumped, even!
The Queen of dragons chapter 22 . 2/4
The Queen
It amazes me that Ruby still manages not to be Mary sue even with her powers.
Bee4ever chapter 22 . 1/8
Awesome chappie!
Esperanza Hyde the Vamp Queen chapter 22 . 1/6
Awesome! Keep up the good work and update soon!
The Queen chapter 21 . 11/27/2014
Ruby has changed from a lost girl running from her demons, to a young woman in charge of her own life.
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