Reviews for The Point of No Return
LittleAngel2292 chapter 1 . 7/16
LittleAngel2292 chapter 6 . 7/15
Great chapter! I loved this! I hope that you continue one day!
LittleAngel2292 chapter 5 . 7/15
Great chapter Great chapter
LittleAngel2292 chapter 3 . 7/15
Great chapter! I loved it!
LittleAngel2292 chapter 2 . 7/15
this is good
PandaPride chapter 6 . 7/13
I hope you update this story is awesome! I know what its like to have a busy schedule so i know it probably won't be soon and it may even be never but I figured you could use a good review after all the bad ones.
rosebud90 chapter 6 . 7/12
Hope u update again soon
Guest chapter 6 . 7/12
My thoughts? I'm just so glad it's not under abandoned stories...
Guest chapter 6 . 7/5
Please please please update this! This is probably one of my favorite fics, I come back often to reread and check for updates. I can give you many many virtual cookies for updates?
Guest chapter 6 . 6/29
are you going to continue this with the new Jurassic World? I would love that because this is so exciting!
Raevyn Blackthorn chapter 6 . 6/26
gods above this is excellent! please ..please tell me there is more to be had. I love it!
Sinlessaxe chapter 6 . 6/14
you should absolutely continue this. The writing is incredible. Personally I think you should continue to Jurassic World. Not only would it be good to age Harry up a bit. Also allows for pairing with Owen which would be really cool, and somewhat fitting. I am worried you may have stopped this because you didn't know where to go next. Please come back though, even if just to finish of Jurassic Park 3's story. Please.
DarkDragonQueen0 chapter 6 . 6/10
Really great story. Hope you continue this :D
AwEsOmEiZeR123 chapter 6 . 4/30
Awesome fic, really hope to see it continued one day.
Rosa Scarsz Cruz chapter 2 . 4/27
Idk if I would be able to survive without toilet paper... e-e
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