Reviews for I'm only Human
Bhuvan Nagaraj.D chapter 4 . 13h
at least be creative bro , i though u were better than this[sigh] well, i suppose u can't expect much from fiction writer.
Bhuvan Nagaraj.D chapter 1 . 8/13
yo bro u so realise that kurama is 300 feet tall monster right.
Makimass chapter 1 . 8/11
Did he just kill Reiner?
Ramello Wade chapter 20 . 7/14
As much as I like your stories, this story was lacking. Naruto being nerfed and a titan shifter didn’t make it any better
Tsukoblue chapter 20 . 7/8
I hope chapter 21 will be out soon
GhostHunter44 chapter 1 . 6/30
Zangetsu sensei, I beg off you please bring this back bro. If your not dead that is.

Kidding I love you
Leonhart Crosszeria chapter 20 . 6/26
I wish you updite this awesome story
Azreus chapter 20 . 6/21
I'm trying to see more of Naruto with his children moments, also quite shocking that naruto never made a move on Historia or Ymir
Azreus chapter 4 . 6/20
I liked the story but, Kurama was basically trying to rape Sasha and that's fucked up not gonna lie i really felt like dropping the story when i read that part
Guest chapter 20 . 6/16
Приветствую, уважаемый Автор! Я хотел поблагодарить, Вас за столь тяжкий труд. Прочитав эту историю, у меня появилось множество эмоций, которые мне трудно описать. Но некоторые из них я бы описал, как положительные! То, что случилось в конце манги, меня немного расстроило и я надеюсь конец Вашей истории пойдет по другому сценарию. Я хотел бы пожелать, Вам, здоровья, терпения и Музы с четвёртым размером ( если Вы понимаете о чём я).
deoxeyses chapter 20 . 6/2
slydino chapter 20 . 4/18
Wonderful story. Great job and keep up the good work. Can't wait for the next chapter.
Lord Knight Shiren chapter 20 . 4/3
hahaha another story you got me hooked on NeonZangetsu! Can't wait for more and wondering if at some point if you ever wrote out the chapter of naruto and petra or are they sprinkled in each chapter both are in? Regardless I can't wait for more chapters!
Mike chapter 20 . 3/28
So if all the titans belong to Narito and friends now does that mean Marley is gonna lose the war against MidEast alliance big time? I mean they had Armord, Jaw, War Hammer, Cart, Beast titans with them and even then they won by the skin of there teath. They are gonna lose pretty badly with just the War Hammer and there weak ass military whose officers are incompetant and whose only strategy is send Eldians to front li es in mass.
Baahubali321 chapter 20 . 3/21
Plot was decent, though i do advise that too much of something is not good as just right. Too much sweets lead to cavities in teeth due to bacteria converting it to acid, and too much water causes disruptions in the brain. Too much badassery is sometimes not always a good thing. Individually they stand out but when its everywhere it kind of lowers the stakes and the readers worry in the story, which is counterintuitive to what a writer wants. Generalising is also a big one. In the story all those against naruto are cowards, not good while ppl who support naruto are brave and faultless. That’s not true and creates a certain unrealism, which even in the most wildest of stories, there always needs to be a continuity either in the characters emotions that the readers can get. Also in the beginning naruto injuring soldiers for either making fun of him or his friends was too over the top. Naruto, as free and awesome as he is, still has some kind of working relationship with the government as he teaches recruits, this means that rules such as not harming your fellow soldiers are to be followed. Also even with naruto appearing for a bit when Mikasa was younger doesn’t mean she completely forgoes her crush on eren, who she was with for a long time. Though there are some flaws, they are more inconsequential in the bigger picture. There are obviously positives but I’m just not listing them as other ppl have probably already listed them and it would be a moot point. Just keep in mind the little details in future stories as they maybe little, they do affect a readers perception of the story.

Hope you found this helpful, i like ur stories and want to see u write the best u can:)
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