Reviews for A Sonata for Two
Shadows Concealed In Darkness chapter 6 . 7/5/2014
Such sadness! Such angst and feels!
God, by chapter 6 I had convinced myself that I wasn't going to cry. Nope, this fangirl is strong... Pfft.
The tears started when Hamish giggled. By the time they reached the Thames and got the fireworks out, I was bawling. And when Sherlock heard John's amazed whisper carried along the wind, I thought to myself, “Is the human eye even able to produce this many tears!?” :'(
Super story, hun. Many more people should read it, really. :)
hpjlover chapter 6 . 4/30/2014
This book is so beautiful I can't explain to you how much I love it. I seriously had to stop reading every five minuets to compose myself because the feels were so intense and I was sobbing like I was dying (seriously I was so emotional during this last chapter) this book is very very very well written the characters are all amazingly accurate (except for Hamish obviously but I LOVED his character too) and the plot is amazing it kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the book. I loved all the little moments between the characters especially the hallucination of John that Sherlock made to cope seriously that really got to me. Anyways, FANTASTIC JOB really you are an amazing author GREAT JOB
franzi86 chapter 6 . 3/20/2014
Amazing emotional ending that still managed to stay true to the characters. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!
RaychDZeros chapter 6 . 3/19/2014
I've recovered from the flu, but I've not recovered from the broken heart this fic gives me.
shirlockspurpleshirtofsex chapter 6 . 3/19/2014
I don't think you realise how perfect this story was! I cried the whole way through and it's been ages since I found a fic that's affected me so much. Your writing is beautiful and you manage to get sherlock to be loving without making him OOC, please write some more!
DYLANFLOWER chapter 6 . 3/19/2014
I couldn't stop reading. Oh mycroft that was so sad. I love it! Thanks for writing :) x
RaychDZeros chapter 5 . 3/15/2014
I really love this, but its kinda uncomfortable crying when I'm down with the flu...
franzi86 chapter 5 . 3/15/2014
Though the first part was really sad, the ending was very sweet. John did have a great infuence, surely Lestrade would have had a hard time holding him back from killing him otherwise.
franzi86 chapter 4 . 3/8/2014
Aaawww, this chapter was as sweet as it was heartbreaking! Finally Sherlock and Hamish found a way to talk... kinda... maybe eavesdropping on his son and Mrs Hudson even helps him find a way to make his son understand him in the future.
But now that peace seems to come to another roller coaster turn, with John's murderer probably in custody. I hope Sherlock can identify him without giving into the urge to kill him and can so bring some closure to John's death and their lives.

Welcome back on this story, my friend! *hugs*
Gwen's Blue Box chapter 4 . 3/8/2014
Just stumbled across this story now, and it's... it is sad, of course it is because it deals with Sherlock without John, but at the same time, it's close to perfect. The way you capture Sherlock and his inability, his unwillingness to go on without John although there are people who care about him and need him is - to use John's words - amazing.
So, thank you very much!
Danielle chapter 4 . 3/8/2014
Please please please post more
franzi86 chapter 3 . 11/27/2013
That was probably one of the saddest chapters you have ever written. So much heartache, so much grieve and despair. Hope you'll give them a glimmer of hope soon.
Maybe that incident will get Sherlock and his boy talking for once.
RaychDZeros chapter 3 . 11/26/2013
I'm crying in the toilet cause its the only place no one will question red eyes. Damn you author for breaking my delicate heart .
skysight49 chapter 2 . 10/27/2013
Wow. You really enjoy all this agony you're causing, don't you?
;) haha. Please keep writing this story! I need to know how these two will survive!
franzi86 chapter 2 . 10/4/2013
I thought there was a light at the end of the tunnel when Sherlock pulled himself together long enough to comfort Hamish. But seeing him in front of NSY looking like you described him through Lestrade's eyes... my heart breaks for them all.
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