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Ria chapter 38 . 7/22
I love, love this story! It's rare to find such an imperfect OC that is just so likeable. Please update soon.
SirensSingg chapter 38 . 4/21
I CANT. your writing is so great, I'm just... I don't know how to put it into words. I've read this story (along with the PofC) and absolutely LOVED it. I'd pretty much sell my soul for your regular updates at this point, because this story.. this MASTERPIECE, is by far one of the BEST fics I have ever had the privilege of reading. Honestly, you've inspired me a lot to get back to updating my own stories. You are a goddess.
willowlux chapter 38 . 4/1
Great story
Jem fukuyama chapter 38 . 3/26
Oh man, this is so great! Finally!
AkatsukiShizu3 chapter 38 . 3/22
God this story is just so awesome! I can't wait to see how this ends, but honestly I'm glad that Loki finally told her his whole background. Very interesting! Keep up the good work :D
Jem Fukuyama chapter 37 . 3/21
Well that was heart wrenching. Haha I wonder what happened to Kenny? I keep thinking of South Park, 'omigod, they killed Kenny!' Is that bad?
Jem Fukuyama chapter 36 . 3/21
Man, I've taken such a long break from this I can't remember all the hints you laid out! T-T I loved this chapter though.
Jem Fukuyama chapter 35 . 3/19
Man, I haven't been on here in months it seems. I'm sorry for that! Great chapter!
CRileyXD chapter 38 . 2/26
Great story! I kno ur busy but please, please, please update soon!
timexgone23 chapter 38 . 1/30
.GOD! So, obviously it's taken me forever to review but holy crap woman this was AMAZING! I've absolutely loved Alex's development and especially in this chapter. You've really managed to humanize Loki without making him seem out of character - in fact, if this were to actually happen I could see that this would be how it would be done...if that made any sense haha. Anyway excellent chapter as always and I eagerly await the next chapter!

xoxo, Meg

P.S. how have you been! I feel like I haven't been on FF for a while lol :D
Tatum chapter 38 . 1/21
I have been reading Running up a hill since the start but i have never had the guts to post a review (i'm quite a shy person and i didn't want to feel as if i was annoying you) but this chapter it got me, its was so good i loved it and i cant wait for the next one, thank you for writing this and every other chapter.
Endless Catastrophe chapter 38 . 1/20
shit i'm done, and it ended so perfectly I'm almost scared for the next ten chapters.. great job, can't wait for more... the anticipation is killing me.
Endless Catastrophe chapter 22 . 1/19
I'm only just starting the 22nd chapter, after reading the last one, and your comments at the end i'm nervous about what's going to happen.

Just to be clear I started reading this story a few days ago and have had the hardest time putting it down, and I often stay up at insane times trying to finish the "last" chapter before going to bed, only to click the next one and left unable to resist. This is an amazing story, and I'm so excited/nervous to see where is goes. Your depiction of Loki is spot on in my opinion, although there are times where I just want him to go OOC just to get what I want from these two characters. The plotline is so cool and now I take breaks from reading this to go and learn a bit more about Norse mythology (which is actually insane) and it helps give me that background to get this story flowing even more.

I'm nervous because we've seen that this is all just her telling the story to the avengers, and that it will lead up to her eventual attempted murder, and in knowing that I tried to not fall for the Loki you have written here, but you have made it so unbelievably hard and sometimes I wish they would just be like "hey I like you" "hey I like you too", "wanna go ride off into the sunset?" "sure that sounds fun". But of course I love where this plot is going so much that I constantly remind myself that's not what I want, nor would it make sense at this point.

I'm nervous also because at some points i'm left thinking LokixAlexandra are endgame, and then others I'm left wondering where his true intentions lie. But that just goes to show how talented you are as a writer.

Being one myself, I get a little frustrated not knowing what to expect the next chapter because I'm not the one in charge of the story, but your writing style and careful planning that is so well illustrated in this story has kept me captivated and eager for the next chapter.

I can't wait to catch up, yet I'm dreading having to play the waiting game. I thought I would finally leave a review just to say that I love this story and everything you've done with it.

P.S. The 'smut' is great and I think you should give yourself some more credit, for some reason it's one of my favourite parts, maybe because it shows how intimate they can be with one another and doesn't feel like a filler.

Anyway sorry for the long review, I would probably write more if it wasn't for my incredible need to continue reading the story.

Jo chapter 38 . 1/18
So this is the second time i write a review, sigh net interfered the first time i had something brilliant written down and it is gone so i don't know if you received it or not. Was a brilliant, amazing, epic, awesome, beautiful chapter. Loved it all I want these to to stay together and have babies they are that cute! seeing Loki get frustrated and pulling out his hair from his kids shenanigans would be epic. I so do not want her to die! the love they have for each other shines through so much even though they have not said it in words. I bloody oath I would read the sequel are you crazy love your writing style and adore this series and these two cute love birds! xoxo hugs so i think that was close to it! hugs
Queen's Prerogative chapter 38 . 1/17
I'm dead. I am officially dead. Any reviews for future chapters will be from my ghost. As always, you did not disappoint with this chapter, it was beautiful. I both love and hate you for dangling their relationship in front of us readers because I am so scared of what's going to happen. Also, with regards to the sequel, PLEASE don't leave this story on a cliffhanger when it reaches the end - PLEASE!
Anyway . . . this was lovely and painful and I'm simultaneously looking forward to and dreading the next chapter and all following chapters :) x
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