Reviews for Mass Effect - Future Imperfect
MosaicCreme chapter 121 . 9/9
Tin Man and Cowardly Lion - *gigglesnort*

"They're dead?" - nuuuu :'(

"So … go out with guns blazing then?" - Lmfao.

all ruthlessly efficiency and deadly aim - Seems like either 'ruthlessly' should be 'ruthless' or 'efficiency' should be 'efficient'.

"Tashac." He inclined his head toward the machine. "The heartbeat." Closing his eyes, he lowered his brow to rest on the top of her head. "It's hers." - Ooooooooooo. Damn. That's an interesting twist. And more than a little terrifying considering Tashac's indoctrinated.

And look at what the Reapers had done to her. Shepard spun back around to stare up at the ruined face of her future. - That really does put things into a terribly grim perspective.

"You recognize her?" - Ouch. True, and right on the mark, but ouch.

"Then do it. Retrieve the data. I'll take responsibility for their lives." - *silently cries*

I want to cry and rage for Tashac. You do such a wonderful job of taking an already incredibly terrifying and psychotic scenario created in the minds of the BioWare Mass Effect teams and twisting it into something somehow so much ... more. Just more. Of all of it.
Esper17 chapter 2 . 8/28
"Oh no you don't! No one shoots my people ... not even the annoying-as-shit one!" -Rofl! Yep, love the sass.

Who do I have a feeling Shepard really enjoyed that slap? XD

And he's up! Already enjoying the AU element. I am looking forward to knowing Nihlus a lot more.

"Praise be to the great, glowing asses of the Enkindlers," -I'm done. I'm so done. People were looking at me funny when I read this and cracked up.

Once again, I was at the edge of my seat following all the action and witty dialogue with delight. I like that Shepard was trying to direct the rage inside Nihlus at herself to keep him focused on the mission. I really like your Shepard.

And now both of them got caught in the blast. Interesting...

Looking forward to the next chapter.
Esper17 chapter 1 . 8/27
From the very first lines I honestly felt like I was reading a published novel than a fanfiction. The imagery pulled me right in, the poetic words powerful and gripping.

"her favourite had been waking up in the night to see him standing over her, staring at her like she was some mystery he needed to solve" - That's not creepy. Nope, not at all XD

I never really played the first Mass Effect, so as I have heard if Nihlus, I never had the pleasure of seeing or even knowing what kind of person he is. Right now, I'm really enjoying him. His brooding stares and serious demeanor. (That's always sexy to me). So far, I like the contrast between Shepard and Nihlus, her more outspoken attitude and his 'straight to the point' seriousness. The tension is great and Jane's inner monologue's are hilarious if not relatable.

"Anderson said, hollering over the wind, his face twisted into the 'trust me, I've dealt with this crap for over a decade' grimace" - ROFL! You know he has!

"I wouldn't push it, Commander," Alenko whispered, casting a dubious glance over his shoulder. "He looks about ready to plug you." - Oh yeah, I am really loving the push and pull between Nihlus and Shepard. I already know I am going to enjoy this fic.

"Nihlus talked to him. They seemed friendly. Raising her finger to her ear to ask for a situation update, Shepard saw Nihlus turn his back on the other turian to look over the devastation." - oh no no no, I had forgotten about this... Saren kills him right? Aw, damn...

So, I have a confession to make. I'm a romance girl and usually never read anything outside the drama romance thing and honestly never tried out a mission story before. I think you are going to be my turning point. I was glued to every word so far with a giddy excitement about the events that were taking place. The gunfire and dialogue, the way the chapter unraveled. This is so Mass Effect, and I am loving it. Edge of your seat action, beautifully written.

"Move in, people," she called, between breaths. "Nihlus is down!" - Aw, fuck...

Ok, so going for the next chapter.
MosaicCreme chapter 120 . 8/18
"Painting the ugly beetle monster red. Firing." - ROFLMFAO. God, I love Joker.

The GARDIAN lasers hit, taking down the thing's barrier enough that Garrus's concussive shot stripped away the last of it. - IDK, I feel like the ship's lasers shoulda destroyed it, a praetorian, yeah?

"Joker, not hitting me with the GARDIANs would be appreciated." - *gigglesnort*

"By the time the treatment is complete, you'll be ready to head back out and get shot full of more holes." - Sounds about right!

I've got broken neurons in there just floating around, I know it. - lmfao

"Now look here, little lady, I need you to behave yourself. Your sister loves you and … blah blah blah." - *gigglesnort* Stop making me like her when I'm not ready to like her yet!

The door opened to reveal Anderson standing at the threshold. "But, I do." - OMFG! This. I don't know why, but this. It's just so ... powerful, with just that one, simple statement.

"If you'll excuse me, I'll return after it's finished playing. Living through it once was more than enough." - *sobs and holds Anderson tight*

However, as much as he didn't want to witness the darkest moments his Light had ever faced, he needed to. - I love him so much for this, even though I know it's going to kill him.

The lieutenant hollered—a wordless shout of discovery—and rolled the dead man off Shepard's back.

"It's a mercy Franklin died," Lucille said, her voice still burrowed down into her throat. "He would never have been able to live with what he did that day ... what he forced Jane to endure." - I don't want to, but I have to ask if this is as bad as it sounds?
MosaicCreme chapter 119 . 8/3
They're free! Yay! Oh my deer, sweet Nihlus. His need to change things, and his dreams of a future with her/Garrus/kids. *sigh*
MosaicCreme chapter 118 . 8/2
For someone who wants to kill Shepard, Bunny sure is racking up the let's-never-ever-ever-give-her-the-chance-to-succeed points.

Ah, but of course, her scars are all gone now, replaced with brand new, glowing-red scars.
MosaicCreme chapter 117 . 8/2
Weeeellllllll fuck me running.
MosaicCreme chapter 116 . 8/2
Oh, my heart is breaking for Nihlus, especially on Mindoir. Yeah, she actually lived through it, and it sucked so much ass, but there's just something so heart wrenching about having to be there and be completely helpless to even try to stop it from happening.
MosaicCreme chapter 115 . 8/2
Creepy ass machines. I love that Sassy and Nihlus are sharing in each other's memories, though, and helping each other through the rough times.
MosaicCreme chapter 114 . 8/1
Oh nuuuuu! They just stumble from one disaster to the next, don't they?

And oaiht[oahg[oaher[oaewijf[oawvk'oaepugj[oieagtjwa banshees are the freakin' worst thing ever.
MosaicCreme chapter 113 . 8/1
I love the chia so much, they're so awesome. Not loving the creepy locked cave so much, though.
MosaicCreme chapter 112 . 8/1
I'm laughing my ass off over Liara's driving.

How is it Nihlus' fault?!
MosaicCreme chapter 111 . 7/31
Oh my dear, sweet, beautiful drell. I'm dying inside. Just dead. And there's a war waging itself on my corpse, because he dared to harm my dear, sweet, beautiful turian. *sigh* I'm glad things didn't turn out worse, but I honestly can't imagine them happening any other way now that I think about it. You did so perfect with that scene. Just perfect.

Garrus and Sassy's time alone in his cabin was just perfect, too. I'm so heartbroken for both of them, not for what they've been through, though that bothers me too, but for the way they must feel seeing the evidence of what one another has been through.
MosaicCreme chapter 110 . 7/30
My heart is breaking for Nihlus again. I can't wait for the parts to come where she's with both of them, so he doesn't have to hurt, watching her be with Garrus, and she doesn't have to try to pretend she doesn't want him just as much as she does Garrus. It'll be interesting to see their relationship evolve while she's away from Garrus, but I hope the road ahead of them to get to that place where they're all happy together isn't too rough of a journey.
MosaicCreme chapter 109 . 7/30
"Stopped a A-61's rocket with my face on a dare. Seemed like a good idea at the time." - BAHAHAHAHA.

Omg, I just started sobbing like crazy when I realized she was having freckles tattooed on. I'm so angry with Anderson now. And Garrus. God damn them both.

Damn these emotional roller coaster chapters. *sigh* I'm so glad to see them in each other's arms.
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