Reviews for Mass Effect - Future Imperfect
BadCoyote68 chapter 161 . 3/19
That was some epic battle footage... the good part about about writing and playing simultaneously was that how much more accurate can you get? The tension and immediacy of the fight was turned up to 11 and I had a blast. How I am going to suspend my disbelief, while I know that Shepard is going to survive this fight... OMG! NOOOOO! SHEPARRRRRD! DON'T DIE! :D Like normal, love this story and thank you dir the floofy kitten with the pink bean toes, I think I shall eat those toes, I am might hungry. :)
the-dandiest-of-lions chapter 40 . 3/19
okelie dokelie
i know i'm being pretty scattered and random with my reviews (as in, not being strictly chronological), so sorry about that :P

i love this chapter
bad drinking decisions
i love it so much

man poor shep
being hit with the cravings :(

I love her conversation with Wrex about his armour and her admitting she had an ulterior motive of sorts
they're both such frank people
and her outright asking him to lead the krogan is lovely
oh man i love their friendship so much
i mean not that it's strictly friendship yet but you know

and then she drinks
oh man
and the flashback to anderson
oh jesus
“I know what I’d want if I were your father. I wouldn’t want you to turn my memory into a nightmare that haunts you until you self-destruct." God, what a sad, brutal, amazing line
i love how much anderson means to shep in-game and in-fic, and you really develop their relationship so well
epecially with him finding her on Mindoir
so good

“Shut up, Bunny. Just for five fucking seconds, shut up,” she muttered.
i remember reading this line for the first time
it was the first time the inner voice being Bunny clicked for me
that was a sledgehammer to the brain
in a good way

After taking a couple of breaths, she turned back to Wrex, studying him for long moments, her scowl deepening as she did. Why couldn’t he just stand still? And why were there two of him all of the sudden?
lmao oh god

“I killed him just the same, though. He died a little more every time the slavers sliced me open with their damned whip, every time another one of his friends . . ..”
fuck man
i can't even imagine the horror
i just
jesus christ

“Coward! My tiny friend won’t hurt you. She’s just swallowed her own weight in . . ..” Wrex lifted Shepard’s glass and sniffed it. “. . . whatever this green stuff is.”
hahahahaha i love this
"my tiny friend"

and then nihlus
He chuckled and shook his head, his mandibles fluttering slowly. It was an affectionate smile, she realized. Damned turians and their damned faces. Stupid, spikey, plated faces. She blinked a couple of times and narrowed her eyes as she stared at him. Beautiful though.
love this bit

oh man and nihlus
and saren
also this line "She let it slide off her tongue unasked, and contemplated how many shades of green she could pick out in his eyes." so beautiful

i love how soft and affectionate they ae here
it's a lovely contast to the angst and dreadfulness of before
and they're talking about him calling her a whore
and then she kisses him
SHE kisses HIM
i love that

and then i love and hate how she gets angry and misunderstands him and doesn't even let him finish
but then
“Now . . . I love you so hard that it hurts far worse than anything five stomping krogan could inflict.” oh GOD
theyre such a mess but i love them so much

and i love how she apologises
and "we're good"
they are good
they're so good
you're so good
this chapter is so good
this fic is so good
Master of The Blood Wolves chapter 161 . 3/16

Well, it's been a while since you dropped a cliffhanger on us, so I guess this'll get resolved before Andromeda drops at least.

This chapter is easily as frenetic in action, if not more so, than the suicide mission. And the stakes feel a lot higher.

You actually had me thinking Mordin was going to die there for a moment.

The commentary from Giran and Disak added nicely to that tense atmosphere you were building and Jack and Wrex's banter actually accented it by providing a counterpoint.

The sense of wonder almost and discovery of all the valuable data on offer was, I must say, handled a lot better, even if the big reveal of what the Collectors were was handled earlier.

Looking forward to the next chapter, because this is legitimate threat done right.
BadCoyote68 chapter 160 . 3/13
I am so happy for EDI being free of those Cerberus bastards... and soon we will get to see her in her full on robot glory! I'm concerned about Shepard and her med issues. She is on a slippery slope with those little pellets of evil and heaven help her if Chakwas were to find out what she is doing... never make an end run around Doctor Mama Bear. She will not make your life a pleasant place to live in. Yeah... Chakwas scares me. I love her, but yeah. :P
Ainulinde chapter 85 . 3/11
Dang. Indeed - all new kinds of crazy. I am sickened by the monstrosity and amazed by the talent that managed to pull this off. Seriously. I'm super fascinated by the nature of Garrus and Shepard's connection. Is it symbolic in nature or are they communicating via all those cyborg type enhancements? It's amazing how you continue to build up all the time - one'd think you reached the height of complexity and then - bam!
Poor Legion. I wonder if his personality is saved somewhere?
Also, that Leng dude. Ewww on so many levels. Like some guys I'd rather just shoot before they even get a chance to talk (though that'd make for a bad story arc haha)
I can't wait for Shepard to heal and reunite with her gang, but I also enjoy reading about her struggle and once again conquering the impossible. Guess good things are worth waiting for, eh?
Master of The Blood Wolves chapter 160 . 3/10
Not much to say here, other than this is a very interesting twist on the canon Collector Ship.

On a broader note, can I just say I adore the fact that Sassy not only gets angry, but actually snaps and lashes out on occasion.

It makes her a lot more relatable than a lot of Shepards I've seen written. Makes her more human and less god-like idol.
taciturnlackey chapter 159 . 3/8
Oh now that is a deliciously evil Illusive Man. He just oozes hidden agendas.
BadCoyote68 chapter 159 . 3/6
I enjpyed this chapter very much, read it all out loud in fact and was pleased at how perfect it flowed... MizD you have a very good grasp of writing prose that reads well. A lot of books that I have read in the past, well they don't work as well when you read them out loud... they sound awkward, artificial and that is not the case with FI. The dynamic of the Shepard / Vakarian / Kyrik unit was perfection. They are definately better together than they are apart... a until greater than its individual parts. I can't wait to see where this goes. It was excellent to see TIM again and I was really pleased to see Miranda has still not figured out that her chip is no longer working. perhaps her vaunted genetic superiority is not all its cracked up to be, eh? :)
Master of The Blood Wolves chapter 159 . 3/5
Couple of points that need fixing:

First, in the beginning with Nihlus, that second 'awake' should be 'asleep'.

Then, third paragraph from the bottom, I'm pretty sure 'Conrad Banes' should be 'Armistan Banes', unless there's some little joke going there.

Trust TIM to block a perfectly good chapter of fluff.

Ah well, I guess that'll take a rain check until after the Collector Cruiser.
BadCoyote68 chapter 158 . 2/26
Dayum... If someone can show me another Mass Effect fanfic what uses Shakespeare like that... well first I will be truly surprised and thankful, but second I will eat my hat. This was SO good... yay Nihlus, you did it old man, you proposed! I am so excited. Oh wow... what a good chapter this was. Thank you MizDirected, I love your work so much. :D *munches on the mini-eggs*
taciturnlackey chapter 158 . 2/23
Yay! Time with the boys... I mean the General and the Spectre...
Master of The Blood Wolves chapter 158 . 2/22
Good to have this back.

Still got to finish my Shakarian playthrough of the series before Andromeda drops and that explodes into a can of worms, but in the meantime Kryshakarian has proved to be a very well written and entertaining OT3.

It's a credit to you that none of this feels like filler, with the quiet parts being sweet, engaging and emotionally satisfying, while the action parts and the main plot from the games feels full of tension and legitimate danger.

I'm a hundred and ten percent expecting Andromeda cameos at some point as well. :P
Ainulinde chapter 80 . 2/21
Ahahahaa she's ALIVE! YES! I feel like a prophet right now, even though Shepard is in no state to shoot. Or talk. I LOVE that development. I love how shitty things are for Garrus and his team, I love ghost Shepard visiting his and Nihlus's (?) dreams, I love how Shepard is not miraculously saved and ready to save the day. LOVE IT. The geth thing is scary - it's amazing how many twists and turns you created and how original they are. You planted seeds of ideas discarded before and left to hibernate, and now you reap a field full of horror and I want to punch the air because of how awesome this is. It also feels like the resistance is running out of fuel and hope and is running instead on desperation, and I cannot wait for Shepard to join forces with her old team and rekindle the fire. As the situation stands - memory loss and all - it makes me wonder if Miranda won't try to use her as a tool? Some things seem too good to be motivated by pure intentions. Guess I will have to read more to find out - which I will do with absolute pleasure. Thank you so much for writing and initiating the trade offer with me - I would have never read your story otherwise and it would have been my loss entirely. So thank you, thank you, thank you. It has been and continues to be amazing, and I cannot wait to discover what else you have planned for the crew )
Ainulinde chapter 75 . 2/20
Wow, were those chapters tense! I love the overall change in tone. Shepard led us from one battle to another, emotions and fear bleeding through - in a way, the narrative reflected her: fiery, damaged, but still a fighter and a visionary to the core. Garrus's narrative operates in the same manner - cold, grieving, cautious, calculated - like Garrus himself. The way you deal with Shepard's death is beautiful. She begins to fade from the narrative, but she is still alive in Garrus's mind, so she still adds her colors to the plot. The switch from a battle focused plot to a politics driven one is also lovely - the universe you write just gets bigger and bigger every time. I also appreciate the way conflicts tangles and grow more and more complicated - even things that appeared simple when we were first introduced to them are revealed to be a centuries' worth of mess. It is quite amazing to me that you aren't getting tangled yourself - I find it hard to follow global politics; I couldn't possibly imagine trying to navigate galactic ones. I also love the way you explore the culture of Garrus and his backstory - those snippets of information you share at the beginning and end of the past chapters were absolutely delicioius. The only thing I would point out is... everyone is shrugging all the time. I kind of wish for a more varied body vocabulary, but that's extremely nit-picky. Your writing is as beautiful as always )
Ainulinde chapter 70 . 2/19
Ahhh I loved the pace and plot of those chapters! Shepard's death is still looming over as well as the Reapers' threat, but the sense of purposefulness and hope keeps my eyes glued to the text. I just have to know what happens next, have to know more have to... - and guess tomorrow I'll be sleep deprived haha. Those chapters were a perfect balance of despair and resilience, grief and determination, hopelessness and hope. Each character expressed his or her grief differently in a way that is both organic and heartbreaking. Very army-like, too. Where I served, we had this game. We took it from Beaufort (a beautiful novel), but I think it's an army tradition from generations past. I only played it once at my friend's sieva. It could be roughly translated to, 'he will not anymore.' He will not see us getting old and ugly anymore; he will not take his little brother to the cinema anymore, that kind of thing (translated from the book). Someone throws 'he will not' to the air, and someone else completes the sentence, preferably in an amusing fashion. It feels like living with a shadow, someone on a long term vacation, remembering the small habits instead of the big, hollow space that sits in the fallen's favorite chair. He will not eat the white filling of the Oreos and then return the remaining biscuits to the box anymore. He will not cheat at beer pong by threatening everyone with a wedgie anymore; he will not jump on you with surprise bear hugs when you need it the most anymore. And that's it. He will not, anymore.
Joker's sass was brilliant, btw. Thank you for your amazing writing.
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