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mocblue chapter 35 . 4/12
Another amazing chapter. I can't get enough of this story! I love everything about it!
Chuckleshan chapter 35 . 4/7
If I had to describe this chapter in one word it would be HEALTHY, because that's exactly what it is healthy. Santana making an effort to not keep herself prisoner to her mind by actually going outside and spending time with people outside of Brittany and the kids. I know it must have been hard for her with Brittany leaving to go to work after being home for so long and having to re-adjust as evidenced by poor Annie having her minor meltdown. The fact she powered through that and found a way to cheer Annie up and get herself out of the house at the same time was great. I know you love yourself some pezberry so it was definitely great reading I may have found myself chuckling at them and their banter, yet another relationship that canon let us down with, but you fixed it beautifully and I cannot wait to see them working out together I feel this is going to be hilarious. I also liked that they could be serious with each other and Santana could admit to being jealous of Rachel's post baby body and have Rachel point out that what she was doing wasn't healthy for her relationship because of how obsessed she was with her body image being a public figure and all. It was a very good approach.

Bricannie have to be my favorite fictional tiny humans ever with their interactions. I feel Annie brings out a softer side in Brice and he lets her be goofy and carefree. I loved how she told him to be careful with the baby and not get her wet and don't talk too loud. It was so sweet and the way he fawned over "Risa" made me wanna hug the lil finchel off spring so much.

Another thing that hit home and that is a recurring theme in this story is just how much Annie is Santana's child. Maybe not biologically, but she sure as hell is her kid mentally and emotionally they just understand each other on such a different level much the same way that Brittany and Santana work as a couple they just understand each other in a way that nobody else does and it's so beautifully translated in this cheater and the story overall. My heart swells at the progress Santana is making by allowing herself to rest and letting Brittany have the bonding time she needs with Reese during the night feedings. As someone who struggles with sleep I know the damage it can cause you mentally once you've gone past your limits and the sheer act of sleeping can do wonders for your mental health along with exercise. So I think it's great Santana is getting more rest and will soon be working out as they will both benefit her physically and mentally. Even though she's going through a lot I am proud of the fact she knows she's strong enough not to go back to the Santana we first met in finding the way back. She truly has come a long way.

Is it too early to give you author of the year award for best connections in a story ever. Because you deserve some sort of award for those magic baby connections. First with Brittany getting a long term contract after getting back from maternity with Annie and now getting to take over Rick's job after Marisa that's just too perfect. It's just another example of how a healthy relationship functions with this,because the first person she tells is Santana and even before formally accepting she makes sure there are provisions I. There that allow her to be able to have the girls with her if Santana is busy with show your brave. These two just epitomize what a working partnership should be. I love that Brittany consults with Santana on these important decisions while they are in the tub together and all Santana wants is to make sure that Brittany is sure about this opportunity and not feeling forced into taking it. The consideration they have for each other just highlights how in love they actually are and it's so beautiful.

The physical intimacy I know probably took a lot of strength on Santana's part because of how insecure she's been feeling about her body. I think the first step with the bath and letting Brittany touch her and then in the bedroom letting Brittany see her and appreciate her is what helped her to finally be able to get back to making love to her wife and Brittany still being ever so careful and making sure Santana was okay at all times was just so sweet and Santana reciprocating made it even better. This is the most beautiful, well written and healthy Brittana family dynamic I have ever read it's such a relief to not read a myriad of unnecessary drama.

I can't wait to see where the rest of this story goes. Keep u the brilliance.
Guest chapter 35 . 4/6
Very sweet, always brilliant- again feel like we've had an update on our friends- thank you :)
auntdedra chapter 35 . 4/6
Love it.
Gleek114 chapter 35 . 4/5
Loved it! Fab as always!
lg4az chapter 35 . 4/5
Loved, loved this chapter.
FannamedSam chapter 35 . 4/5
Amazing chapter! :)
meagainstthemusiic chapter 35 . 4/5
i swear to god i want to just pick annie up and just hug her. she is the cutest thing ever. and the brittana in this chapter was amazing. this story in general continues to be incredible!
Lynniepops chapter 35 . 4/5
And so you have done it again, another amazing chapter! I don't even ever doubt that your writing will be anything other than awesome though!
I love how well Santana is dealing with what she is going through right now, she understands herself so well these days and it makes me really happy to see her taking the steps she needs to take in order to not go back down a path that she doesn't want to go down. There is such growth in her character, which only make her more loveable! Annie's little meltdown was pretty perfectly written, a lot is changing for her and it's like she tried so hard to hold it all in! There is no doubt that she is her mother's daughter, and I love that Santana can see that link and react to Annie's concerns in such an amazing way. She is an incredible mother.
The park scene with Rachel was just an addition to the list of reasons I love your Pezberry so much! They are such great friends to each other, and always know how and when to be there for each other in ways that others in their lives can't quite be. They understand each others crazy and I love that about them! This scene was obviously added to by the fact that the kids were being absolutely adorable!
I am so so so proud of Brittany! I mean, it makes total sense because she is clearly awesome at her job but its so great that she is being given the opportunity that she totally deserves! Santana has always known how amazing Brittany is so its the best that you are writing a story in which other people recognise that too! She is going to do such amazing things now that she is the boss lady haha
The final scenes of this chapter were absolutely beautiful. You wrote it so well that I could see where the night was going to go, I could feel how Santana was feeling while they were out for their dinner, getting the kids ready for bed and taking a bath together. I was so proud of her for pushing through her insecurities and letting Brittany in, and of course Brittany responded in just the perfect manner! You conveyed such an intense love between these two so well, and wrote one of the most moving intimate scenes I've ever read. It was exactly how I had hoped it would be for the two of them, and it just makes me so happy that they have that other person who understands them so well and makes it ok to really give themselves over completely. That is real love, and it was stunning to read!
As ever, I cannot wait to see what happens next with all four of the girls, lots of exciting things ahead that I am very excited to read!
Nyx93 chapter 35 . 4/5
Every chapter gets better and better! So proud of Britt on her accomplishment :) and I enjoyed the Pezberry interaction. I'm happy for Santana, she's getting back to herself and that's a big thing. Looking forward to seeing Annie in kindergarden and her progress with the change.
Shammy526 chapter 35 . 4/5
YEAH! I so love this story. Thanks for updating. I love how San is working through her anxiety. Body issues are so hard to work through and she has had her share. But I love how you've been allowing everyone in the story to work with her on it.
Thanks again.. looking forward to the next update.
AlabamaMiles chapter 35 . 4/5
Yay update! :D
Let me just say again, for the 345th time, how I LOVE their dynamic! It makes me all mushy & happy & proud for them.
Annie is so cute it's almost too much. That breakdown at the breakfast table was actually really great to read. Like, you feel really sorry for her, but it was a cool reminder of how strong and brave she has actually been through all this and we got to see awesome mami santana talking her through it. Santana look at you!
And then the trip to the park, I love your pezberry friendship. It is gold!
The visit to Brittany's workplace was cool. Brittany being all proud showing of her girls is magic. And then her new job offer was fantastic. Most fantastic was how they dealt with it as a unit. Again, dynamic. Brittany being more at ease with her carreer and age was good to see.
And lastly, look at you Santana, being all brave and overcoming your fears, knowing yourself and doing things about it. It is incredible to read, made me think back to FTWB and how lost she was. Here, knowing her tendencies to get stuck in her head and actively doing things to make it not happen. And letting her insecurities not overtake her, letting Brittany close again. And Brittany being perfect supportive. Ugh, mush, I'm telling you!

"Britt, future ruler of the world."
"Santana, dork extraordinaire."

gleeeeeeeek89 chapter 35 . 4/5
Ahhhh! This is amazing! Santana is progressing and I couldn't be happier! :)

Awesome writer, as usual :D can't wait for more!
blueashke chapter 35 . 4/5
Oh this was so beautifully done. As someone who has done the 'first time post baby' with my partner, you hit so many of the things that we talked about and she felt.

Also yay for Rick retiring! More soon please.
LoneGambit chapter 33 . 3/29
Can you just imagine for a second, Brittana...the beautiful, dorky, lovely Brittana...married with kids, living in New York and celebrating their 30th birthdays (obviously not together, but you get what I'm getting at here)? Can you IMAGINE? Oh wait, we don't have to because you've written that perfectness RIGHT FREAKING HERE. This verse...just...especially after those actual canon feels of Brittana going off on vacation together only to come HOME together IN NEW YORK. Can you tell I have some words about this situation! Your verse was already amazing, and the way you write it never fails at being perfect, but now it's like 298190274817384308 times better because we know this could actually be a reality for our canon hearts! (Not that we weren't already thinking that, but now everyone else knows too! No doubts!)
As far as this chapter goes, the zoo trip was delightful. And then you go and have them talking about growing old together and dancing at their daughters weddings and *feelllllllsssssss* but they're so wonderful! Loved the surprise party and the fact that Rachel made a huge effort on her end of the planning to make things really special for Brittany was nice to see. But my gosh, Annie helping out with the song? Yep, officially dead because of feels. This was probably one of my favorite chapters, but who am I kidding...I love them all soo freaking much!
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