Reviews for Beautiful Life
bambammonkeysam chapter 55 . 6/26
Amazing chapter!
Guest chapter 55 . 6/23
And I Loved it, A lot, a lot, a lot.
jrzygurl89 chapter 55 . 6/25
I love this story it is so cute!
IWantsToGetMyBrittanaOn chapter 55 . 6/24
Happy Six Year Anniversary to Brittana! I hope that you've still got plenty of ideas for this story because I truly enjoy reading it. Marisa is so stinking cute. I just want to eat her up! Poor little anxious Annie. It breaks my heart how upset Brittana get along with her. She's so lucky to have such amazing Mommies.
Roxy Lu chapter 55 . 6/24
Great update loved it! Love Britt and Santana's interaction throughout this chapter! Looking forward to more
M206 chapter 55 . 6/24
Super hot sexy times! Maybe best yet?

Sweet: giving me that look that I knew belonged to no one else in the world.

This isn't the end of the story, is it?
brittanagleek25 chapter 55 . 6/24
I just love this story and how you write Brittana and the family!
angie2591 chapter 55 . 6/24
YAY! Thanks for the update, I missed your writing. You are by far one of my favorite Authors and I love this story! I have been going through a bit of a rough patch and getting a little of the Brittana love from your stories has definitly helped. Plus, i love lil Annie and baby Reesse. Can't wait to see what the article finally gets published and see how Show your brave takes off with Santana . You are awesome! please please please don't stop this story! Thanks
Nyx93 chapter 55 . 6/24
This was like a little Birthday present to myself getting to read the update and relax! Being able to have those grown up talks with Annie is another thing I admire about Brittana's family dynamic. They know how much to tell her so she has an understanding and don't just shut her out because they feel she's too young to understand. Thank you for updating
Ravenbull chapter 55 . 6/24
Great chapter. Love the way you have them explain things to Annie. Thanks for writing and posting.
funio10 chapter 55 . 6/24
Why are you doing that to me? The end was so emotionnal ... I absolutely loved it!
I can't wait for Marissa to walk! And to see Britt and San begin to cry because of it lol.
I love how they talk to Annie, this is really great!
Shammy526 chapter 55 . 6/23
as always an awesome chapter. I like how you have them communicate, and handling a grown up question from a six year old is never easy.
ambirrd chapter 55 . 6/23
You have me in tears! This chapter, my lord! It was amazing! You gave us cute baby Reese and Annie. Some smut to to hold us over. And the fluffyist fluff to keep us warm and teary! I really loved the chapter and as much as I wish brittana never had to deal with crap, the fact that they have made it is amazing and heart warming and gives me all the feels! And that last line Britt said, I just loved so much! Thank you for the update! :D
Lisa923 chapter 55 . 6/23
What's not to love about this chapter? Poor Annie and her grown up conversations that make her anxious, but brave enough to want to understand. And Marisa missing her mama. Always good to catch up with this family and celebrate 6 years .
caitie.r.simpson chapter 55 . 6/23
Probably the cuestest chapter ever! *applause* :) I just love Annie so much! Her questions and attempts to understand adult situations is just adorable! I love Santana and Brittanys relationship and dynamic together in this. And Marrisa babbaling to herself is so cute! I loved her screaming "Mama!" Before anyone else saw Brittany lol. Just everything about this chapter was great :) Idk how you come up with some of this stuff but its genius! Lol Thanks for the update!
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