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shellymad chapter 13 . 8/19
Hi I like your story but no offence but Tracy is not speaking irish! If you would like I could translate what you're trying to say properly?
DarkShadowLeila chapter 19 . 8/18
Brilliant. I did read a year ago, and it is still rather short.. and while I do love this story I just don't hope I have to wait an imagined eternity for the next chapter. As I have published several fanfictions during my many years they all have been posted on another site and are probably still read even though I no longer am an active member. Anyway, my point is that I really understand life and being author but will probably not keep it as favourite if I wait said amount of time.
And in three years I stumble over it.. we'll see, won't we?
zairbeth chapter 18 . 7/7
Minions: best new story line of the year!
kaanna chapter 19 . 7/1
I really really like it a lot! I hope you can continue it soon!
MuggleCreator chapter 19 . 6/29
delphinous chapter 19 . 6/9
so, this story is absolutely hillarious. i first picked it up simply because it had luna listed, and it's nothing like what i was expecting. it's great. the only thing i'm kind of disappointed with is that harry hermione and luna are listed as the main characters along with neville, but the main characters so far are really neville, hannah, draco, and maybe hermione. i honestly don't think harry has had a line to speak in like 4 chapters, and i think there has only ever been two scenes from luna's perspective, one right at the start of the story, and the one time that she talked to her daughter about how to be luna-like.
so basically, its a great story, but all the secondary characters are doing things and the primary characters are getting pushed out of the way. i just want to see more of what harry and the others are doing. i mean, i don't even know if harry has a 'job' for the village, on top of his three children and classwork, much less what it is.
also, as hard as it is to keep track of the passage of time, i'm pretty sure the cast is getting very close to the holidays, which haven't really been mentioned (they might have begun to be mesntioned this chapter with the decorations, but that's it)
Artemis chapter 19 . 6/6
So happy this story hasn't been abandoned, I love it!
The Other World chapter 19 . 6/6
Ahahhaha I love your story! Enjoyed this update very much and I feel sorry for the poor reporter - everyone's glowing reviews about the new classes must have shocked him since he was expecting something so completely different ahaha
The naughty girls are spending all their time watching movies, are they? Lucky gals
I do hope you update soon
Miriam1 chapter 19 . 6/7
I'm glad this is shaping into a lovely story of incredible character development. At some point, I had my doubts, but now I see that you've done a brilliant job.

Almost all of the characters who took the project seriously are thriving, and are almost guaranteed to do well in real life, once the "game" is over.

The characters who refused to play the game properly are only hurting themselves.

And I love the fact that the reporter is discovering that attempting to discredit Headmistress McGonagall for this project and other innovations to the curriculum will NOT be as easy as he thinks. And if the students don't like what he wrote, he can't publish it.

This is lovely, and I look forward to reading your next installment.

Miriam1 chapter 15 . 6/7
Oddly enough, I think that Ginny has had a wake-up call, and is beginning to realize that her unhappiness with the project is showing that she may not be a good real-life model of a lady to deal with.

Draco is taking an unholy delight out of pointing this out.

While I agree that throwing a lot of chaos at everyone is fun, for now, I hope there will be a point of stability. After all, while real life is full of surprises and unexpected complications, they aren't necessarily coming in a constant stream.

Professor McGonagall isn't allowing any downtime before sticking everyone else with the newest complication.

I don't know... I'm looking forward to reading further, but just dealing with the insanity they've already been dealt might be interesting to read, too.

Miriam1 chapter 10 . 6/7
Hermione is having trouble with real life. Balancing the budget seems to have gotten away from her, and she's not dealing well. I like the idea that Neville is attempting to do things correctly and to propose to the girl he is supposedly the boyfriend of. (I wonder if that will last outside of the game. But considering that these kids have NO sense of imagination, it probably will.)

Pansy and Ron have problems. I wasn't aware that they were supposed to have a kid together, but Pansy seems to have taken to mothering the child far better. Or, so it appears.

Ron will find himself in an enormous amount of trouble. First, he is slacking and neither Harry nor Hermione will stand for it any more. And now, he is going to deal with a child that he doesn't seem to like, simply because Jordan has been influenced by Pansy.

I'm curious, and I look forward to reading further.

Miriam1 chapter 9 . 6/7
Poor Harry! Well... I'm glad that Hannah will go to ridiculous measures to insure that anyone KNOWS that child abuse won't be tolerated, by her, or anyone who knows or likes her. The Amish version of excommunication sounds like it will be VERY effective.

It would have been nice if she would have known that Harry himself was abused and wouldn't ever do something like that to anyone else.

Oddly enough... Maybe I'm seeing things that aren't there, but it occurs to me that Harry and Hannah might actually pan out to be a nice couple once the project is over.

In any event, I'm looking forward to reading further.

Miriam1 chapter 5 . 6/7
Oh, dear...

This has the ability to be interesting. It also has the ability to dissolve into an ugly "reality show," and I have no interest in those.

I'm hoping that good things will come from this. Truly.

Miriam1 chapter 4 . 6/7
Apparently, the students have mostly never heard of "make believe." This is a school project. I don't think anyone outside of "the game" will have knowledge about their assorted circumstances, unless they share them.

This is just a bit more complicated than I've heard of similar "games" for high school seniors. I hope the students can make it through the situation.

But honestly... They are taking all of this far too seriously. However, it is rather nice that the guys who ARE responsible are trying to fix their situations as best as they are able.

I look forward to reading further.

Citiesofowls chapter 19 . 6/6
Really great, once again. My inner spite-monster is just rubbing his hands together in glee at Deist and his failure at slander. I can't wait to read his finished 'expose'. And poor Ginny! (She deserves it.) I love seeing the power of Disney uniting the houses- can't wait for them to get to Beauty and the Beast, since Hermione is so Belle. The comment about Slade and the subsequent confusion really got me wondering: do wizards have a version of ASD, and how is it treated/viewed? I'd love it if you went a little more in depth on that topic. Awesome chapter, keep up the good work.
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