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Guest chapter 39 . 5/15
I love this story(: you are an extrmely talented writer! And huge kudos for all of the research you do, it really makes the story a hundrred times better, anddoesnt make it sound like your pullin it out of your butt.

I love the dynamic between cass and riddick! He doesnt show affection a huge amount, but when he does, its that much more precious. I think its funny that he expects compliancy and she does, for the most part, but tells him when things arent that simple (Like telling her to stop worrying).

Wondering how jacks whole crush thing is gunna pan out, i dont want her to embarass herself, and i dont want her hatin on cass either.

You think the juunani would actually let them leave on their own if they survived?
Will cassie ever miss her regular life back in her apartment?
Now that she's going to rise be his mate, would she ever admit to him that she is/was scared or insecure? And how would he consle her?
Is many of the pack going to survive? I hope they do
do imams charges learn english? And will they ever respond to riddick?
Will riddick confront the juunani leader?

Thats the best i got! Quite some time since weve heard from you! Hope life is treatin you well, and i hope that you continue!
RandomCitizen chapter 39 . 5/2
Woof. Needle at eye...
RandomCitizen chapter 38 . 5/2
Well it's good she's thinking about it and not immediately swooning.

Dodged bullet.

Well that's gonna cause conflict. Again. :P
emiwat14 chapter 39 . 4/28
Ok... Question 1. How do you think Riddick with handle Jack's crush on him?
2. How will the holy man and his kids do in training with the aliens?
3. When is John's going to die?
4. How will Riddick's mate realize that she's in love with?
5. Will the aliens realized that Riddick is Furyan?
6. Will Riddick being a furyan mean anything to the aliens?
Fyi I love this story, I am beyond hooked, can't wait for more!
Guest chapter 39 . 4/22
Look, I love this story and all your others but I was kind of disappointed with this chapter and it had been ages since it was last updated. I'm sorry but keep trying because you are an awesome writer
NanneroftheWE chapter 39 . 4/19
Yay! You don't know how excited I got when I saw you updated!
And I can ask a few questions:
Who's gonna be the first person to fight? Will it just be decided by whoever the Juunani want to see fight, or are they gonna pick at random? Or maybe an all out brawl after they train them?
When do you plan to kill off Johns and Carolyn, or do you plan to at all?
How are they going to train them?
How long is the training?
How long do you plan for them to be trapped? Days, weeks? Longer?
Does any of the pack get hurt or killed?
And I can't really think of anything else at the moment. I hope this helps! :)
Can't wait for your next update!
Dee Brown chapter 39 . 4/18
More! How will the Juunani teach the humans to fight. Will they give them weapons? Will the humans be able to hurt the Juunani with these weapons? OMG I need more. Are they always going to be locked in one cell. How can Riddick protect everyone? How will Riddick, Cassie and Jack make a life together? MORE!
Flowerchild23 chapter 39 . 4/18
holy cow. so cool. love this story. can't wait to see riddick get his "pack" out of there. please update soon.
renee30 chapter 39 . 4/17
You are now many will make it out alive?
acetwolf94 chapter 39 . 4/16
Alizzler chapter 39 . 4/15
Thank you for updating.
NamiMakimono chapter 39 . 4/14
Will Cassie develop any more unique enhanced senses similar to Riddick's?


I think it'd be pretty interesting to see Riddick's response when he realizes that she's changed.
Fallen-Autumn-Leaves chapter 39 . 4/13
Yay, so glad for an update! I wonder if they'll find out that Johns using again...?
Zerousy chapter 39 . 4/13
Small updates are better than non!
ShortNinja13 chapter 39 . 4/13
Can't wait to find out what happens next! Please update again soon!
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