Reviews for Hammer's Payback
jerek chapter 12 . 7/13/2016
Re-write the first couple chapters. They were terrible i.e 'darky' etc etc amateur mistakes, but mid way its great
Losteraable chapter 26 . 11/8/2015
it was so worth reading it~! I loved every chapter and I can't wait to see more fics from you
Legendary Biologist chapter 26 . 5/28/2015
Hi again! Guess I'm all caught up (at last)! :D

I love how Tony treats the bad guys. He locks them inside a cell, but what makes it especially brilliant is that Tony was once locked inside the said cell. Such sweet revenge... :D

The part when Tony helps Pepper get out of the armor is fantastic. I love that you keep what has happened in the previous chapters: the blood stains on Pepper and her mangled skirt (because the suit is designed for male build). Her exchange with Tony is cute; it's nice to see that they understand each other. Pepper isn't going to see the doctor if Tony isn't going (although I feel bad for his face), and Tony believes that they don't need to argue, since her bleeding has stopped (and she also has cared less about it).

That ending is just so sweet. I am already smiling by the time Tony answers that he has hungry lips, and well! They finally kiss. Also, the calming atmosphere of the ending just fits very much to the various rides we have gone through in the previous chapters. The image of Pepper snuggling into Tony's arms and falling asleep, and then Tony also falls asleep, is just a very, very nice and calming ending. They deserve such moment after all the problems they have faced in the previous chapters.

All in all, this has been a fantastic ride! There are the drama, humor, suspense, and actions, and they all make me feel, laugh/chuckle/grin, keep reading and hoping that the good guys will make it through. Superb work! Thanks for writing! :D
Legendary Biologist chapter 25 . 5/28/2015
Hi again!

I can understand Tony's worry at the beginning. He doesn't have his armor, while he's with the bad guys who have weapons with them. It's also tense (basically, this whole chapter keeps me on the edge of my seat), as I keep hoping that nothing bad is going to happen to Tony...and then there's a clang that makes the bad guys surprised and panicked. I thought Tony's thought: [Take my reactor and I'm done.] is going to be true, but glad that it doesn't. And when the hatch's wheel turned slowly... I first thought that the bad guys will be attacking Tony once they see Mark VI, but luckily they don't.

What a great climax! It's very tense, and has plenty actions as well. Starting from Mark VI's entrance, then the goons' bullets deflected by the suit, and ricocheting bullets (I can relate with Tony when he gets worried about them). I love that Tony at first doesn't think that it's Pepper who's in the suit, and I especially enjoy the sequence of Mark VI launched the suitcase to Tony. And the sequence of the suit enveloping Tony? That's just awesome. The descriptions make me as if I'm watching the show (actually, not just the suit sequence, but the whole climactic sequence starting from Mark VI's entrance).

The ending is cute, which is really nice after the whole suspenseful climax. I love the exchange between Tony and Pepper. ["Only because I look like you."] Haha, this line is just brilliant. Both of them are in the armor after all.

Well done!
Legendary Biologist chapter 24 . 5/27/2015
Hi again!

Even if it's Pepper's POV, it's just tense and gripping, because we don't know what is happening to Tony while he's with the bad guys. We can only know what they're talking and through Tony's speech. Like when a goon asks Tony who he's talking to. I thought something bad was about to happen... Luckily, Tony's answer is brilliant: he's talking to himself hehe. And then there's the sound of explosion.

Then the humor! I love them. Such as the whales, especially the last part. Love Tony's answer to the goons when they think that he lies to them. And JARVIS offering Pepper calming music. Lol, I have a serious chuckle there, and I can relate with Pepper asking if Tony installs woofers in the suit haha.

It's great to see that Pepper is wearing the suit again, and now she's off to save Tony. It's interesting to know that Pepper doesn't need the weapons (though I think this makes her even more likeable, because she appears to be a kind, noble woman), and I wonder how everything play out. What a great way to end the chapter! As usual, I just have to read on! :)

Well done!
Legendary Biologist chapter 23 . 5/26/2015
Hi again!

I see it's Pepper's turn now. I love her thoughts about Tony. Like when Pepper knew that Tony wasn't like portrayed in the media. Very correct. Tony is very worried about Pepper when she's kidnapped. This part is just so sweet.

I like Pepper for being so nice. She still goes to save one of Hammer's goons. ["I'm not leaving anyone to drown just for...working for an asshole."] That's so noble of her (and also nice that she calls Hammer 'asshole'; I'm laughing along with Rhodey).

The part with Tony is tense. He's still with the bad guys, and there's no video for Pepper and co to see. And he mentions blood. No wonder Pepper winces. I'm here hoping that Tony will be okay.

The last part is just as tense. Helicopter with anti-sub torpedoes. I'm hoping that Rhodey can manage it, and everybody is safe. It's good to know that Pepper appears to be safe though. Hopefully. I just have to read on haha! :)

Well done!
Legendary Biologist chapter 22 . 5/26/2015
Hi again!

Haha, Tony's dialogue is always golden. His reaction to Pepper's concern about the goons: ["Let 'em drown."] Agreed. And his banter with Rhodey is a fun read. It's a nice break from the suspense.

Since this chapter picks up from the nice cliffhanger from the previous chapter, it's tense. I like that Pepper's inexperience with the suit shows here, and Tony giving her advices. She doesn't know that the suit's thrusters can help her out of the water. But the suspense really clicks when JARVIS says that the suit is running out of power. And when Tony imagines the suit dragging Pepper down and remembers his experience with altitude, it's just tense. And it's a BIG relief to know that Pepper is safe (it's about time). :D

But now Tony is left behind. And Ten Rings goons are coming. Tony has asked JARVIS to mute the audio, but I wonder if the goons know about the earpiece. They ask Tony to tell those people to go away; maybe the goons know about the earpiece. What a cliffhanger! Gotta read on!

Well done.
Legendary Biologist chapter 21 . 5/25/2015
Hi again!

I can relate with Pepper dilemma. If the submarines are to sink the Villa, everybody will die. But if they don't, she'll end up with Hammer. [She really hated this damsel in distress crap.] A perfect line to end this paragraph haha! Well, Pepper is not some typical damsel in distress. She's strong and she fights back (now she's tempted to bite Hammer again).

The tension gets me when Hammer (what a jerk) points the gun at Pepper. By this, I'm hoping that things will go well and then...the suit! It's the climax! When JARVIS speaks up and Pepper's reaction is telling the AI to be quiet, I thought bad things are going to happen. But apparently, it leads to an awesome moment. Pepper is now in the suit (which is why Tony grins in the previous chapter; smart move)! The transformation sequence is also a great read; like I am watching the suit enveloping Pepper now.

Oh, I just love Pepper's dialogue! She snarks too, and it's fun to read. ["I think Hammer might need a heart specialist."] I just love this line! And when she refers to the 'I quit', it's just brilliant. Really, really has Hammer cornered and messed up now! It's about time!

The last part is really tense. Maybe gun doesn't work on Pepper in the suit, but the ricochet can be dangerous. Wow. The suspense gets me when the lights go out and Pepper hears the sound of water. Water is leaking into the submarine? That end is such a cliffhanger. I hope that the good guys will be safe. Well, I just have to read on!

Well done!
Legendary Biologist chapter 20 . 5/25/2015
Hi again!

Mixed feelings for Tony. Yeah, it's great to see that he gets to know JARVIS messing up the goons (love the 'broadcasting a live comedy show' line), but laughing hurts his face. But still, the mention of the messed-up goon inside the suit is funny.

The dialogue is a very nice read, especially between Tony and Pepper. When Tony tells Pepper that the submarine is named after her, it's so cute. And then the 'bite Hammer' dialogue is fantastic. [He tastes terrible.] Hahaha, Pepper just makes me chuckle.

It's really awesome to see that Rhodey is coming to save the day. The table will soon be turned. But by the time Hammer pays a visit... Bah, Hammer is such a jerk. He's taking away Pepper now? As insurance? While Tony is left to drown with the ship? Hammer is such a jerk. I'd love to see him getting messed up in the end (which I'm sure is coming soon). I wonder what Tony means with having Pepper in the same place as Mark V. His grin gives a good sign though. And I'm hoping that Hammer and co won't do anything nasty to Pepper again. Well, I just have to read on to find out! :D

Well done!
Legendary Biologist chapter 19 . 5/24/2015
Hi again!

I like Hammer's thoughts about Pepper and Tony. But Hammer is still being a jerk. :P Yeah, he acknowledges that Pepper is a woman and is of course, more fragile than a man. But still, he thinks of a way to torment Tony through this: when Pepper disappears, imagine how much angst Tony has gone through. And now, Hammer wants to remove Pepper from the room with Tony just to make Tony suffer emotionally. How evil!

The whole sequence with JARVIS is so much fun and hilarious! The AI keeps calling the goon 'Dave', and Hammer's reaction is just brilliant: "It's probably programmed only to respond to 'Dave'." And the AI's reaction to 'stupid machine'. Foolproof. It's a perfect term and answer to that. LOL! And the whole arguments about the foot and how JARVIS keeps saying that 'Dave' is not normal have me laughing as I read on ahahaha. The lights issues hahaha! Maybe the lights inside are out, while outside, they're on! 'Neutralizing Dave's friends' is priceless! JARVIS is trying to mess up the goon! Love this part so much!

I wonder what will happen when Amar and co get the suit... I have a feeling that this may just escalate the conflict. Well, anyway, I gotta read on to find out!

Well done!
Legendary Biologist chapter 18 . 5/24/2015
Hi again!

Pepper has my sympathies. What she has gone through is nasty, and it forces her to be...erm, OOC, as stated in her thoughts. But she does all these so that Tony won't get beaten. The bright side of this part is, she finds an earpiece that can help both of them. Hopefully things end well for both of them.

Haha, some parts of the dialogue between Tony and Pepper are quite funny. Tony's callback to Pepper's 'I quit' is particularly brilliant. And then Pepper is also capable of snarking. But what she calls Tony is just fitting: Mr. Playboy of the Year.

The entire conversation between Tony and Hammer is tense and fun to read. Tony finally reveals about War Machine. Then Hammer counters like a typical villain: still threatens to put Tony and Pepper in the bilge so that they drown first. And Tony being Tony says that Hammer will drown too (which is true haha). And even Hammer later says ["I like the bottom of the sea."] hahaha. Though it gets really, really tense when Hammer threatens to shoot people, starting with Pepper. And the following dialogue leads to a great cliffhanger. Tony finally gives out the password. I wonder what will happen next! :D

Well done!
Legendary Biologist chapter 17 . 5/24/2015
Hi again!

That gripping opening! Poor Tony, getting beaten up. The descriptions are great; make me feel for Tony as well.

The dialogues are all great. Such as the moment Tony and Pepper talk about the baby. It conveys their relationship very well. They both wonder if they are ready to be parents. But I just love the moment Pepper wonders why she feels sad about losing the baby although she doesn't want it. Tony is right; Hammer doesn't have the right to make decision about the baby.

I love all the interactions between Tony and Pepper. Tony loves Pepper, and he puts her above all. He is not happy when Hammer teases Pepper , and he even offers a deal with Hammer just so that Pepper won't end up with Hammer's men. But Pepper loves Tony, and she also puts him above all, to the point she halts Tony's deal with Hammer, although Tony is not happy with that.

Wow, that last part! I wonder how Pepper gets that earpiece, but this further shows that she is not a typical damsel in distress. She's a strong woman who can fight back. Now I'm excited to see if the tables will be turned now (Hammer sure needs a lesson; he's such an annoying jerk)! Tony can now make contact with JARVIS, while Rhodey is on the way. Have to read on to find out. :)

Well done!
Legendary Biologist chapter 16 . 5/23/2015
Hi again!

Oh, this now is Rhodes' POV.

This chapter conveys the friendship between Rhodes and Tony very well. Rhodes and Tony aren't close right now, but Rhodes' acts and thoughts show it. First, Rhodes doesn't tell his superiors about Tony handing the suit to Ten Rings because he doesn't want Tony to get accused of treason. Then Rhodes knows that Tony is in love with Pepper, and he is getting rid his playboy life for Pepper now. All those are just so sweet! :D

I enjoy the sequence when Rhodes sets off to Central Park to find Tony's phone. The descriptions are just great, like how the map became more like Google Earth, blinking dots, and the park's setting and how Rhodes interacts with the things there (like lifting the trashcan to brush away oak leaves). I also like how it gets to Rhodes finding Tony's phone: detected metal, finding binoculars (lol at the cheap opera glasses), and finally the phone.

That is a hooking ending! It first looks like all is lost when the coordinates stop transmitting, but actually, it's because of a submarine. AND Tony has made arrangements with a submarine owner: Bob Keckle. Now, I bet it'll be exciting once Rhodes has managed the submarine arrangements and started the search/rescue! I'd love to see how things will turn out!

Well done!
Legendary Biologist chapter 15 . 5/23/2015
Hi again!

That opening is just WOW! It shows that the effect of the chloroform is fading and Tony is waking up. And turns out's Pepper!

I love the scene between Tony and Pepper. It's really fun to read the bantering/not-so-serious parts. Tony is just being himself again, making a joke. While Pepper is more serious, although she snarks a little too heh. There are some sad parts in the conversation too, and I just get the feels. The talk about the baby is sad (Pepper didn't have the chance to tell Tony before she lost the baby). Then when they talk about the leverage and ransom, I feel sad too. Tony really loves Pepper, and he just gives up the suit so that she can be safe.

The bickering between Tony and Hammer is very well done and fun to read. Tony keeps snarking before resorting to stroking Hammer's ego so that Hammer will leak out something. A fantastic battle of wits indeed. ;)

It gets pretty tense when Hammer says that those people aren't happy with the suit's condition: JARVIS is set to be on vacation mode, and the suit is nothing more than a brick (as it's mentioned earlier). The exchange between Tony and Hammer keeps me hooked - both fun to read (Tony snarks just so well haha) and flow just very naturally. Hammer is being a jerk again, which makes me laugh when Pepper bites him.

The narrative is an incredibly fun read! I love all the well-placed snarks (Tony is just being Tony haha)! Mr. Insufferable, puffed-up piece of Hollywood fakery, Mr. Self-Important, etc etc; they all make me laugh.

That ending is chilling. Hammer is right; what will happen to Tony and Pepper if the bad guys can bypass the traps? They may get killed because they're already useless. Now this becomes a hook. How will the two get out of this problem? Well of course, I gotta read on. ;)

Well done!
Legendary Biologist chapter 14 . 5/23/2015
Hi again!

I enjoy the conversation between Tony and Happy. It is fun to read and gives me some feels. Tony is being snarky as always (haha, a gallon?). Although I feel a tad bad for chuckling. Tony is not in a good mood. He gets a ransom demand, and has just watched a video that hurts him. I find that Tony emphasizing Happy as Pepper's employee is so sweet of him. He doesn't want to involve Happy in his problem.

Oh, that's why Rhodey still hasn't come to Tony yet. It's good to know that he's sent to Afghanistan (although I feel bad for Tony too; he doesn't have a sidekick). Since Rhodey may now be directly involved in some commotion with Ten Rings, it becomes a hook. I wonder how he'll deal with it.

The whole sequence when Tony delivers the suit is tense. Delivering the suit very late at night, then there's a hot dog seller... That's already rather creepy. The moment he waits, it's just as tense. It's all quiet. Why isn't the kidnapper coming yet...and then BAM! The ending is a fantastic cliffhanger. Now somebody uses chloroform on Tony too? I bet it's Hammer, and what will happen next? What will happen to Tony? And the fact that he drops the phone is a sinister foreshadowing, because he connects to JARVIS with that. What if somebody finds the phone? Of course, I gotta read on!

Well done!
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