Reviews for Still Game
RheasHelm chapter 1 . 8/31/2015
That was certainly something else. Quite strange. But very intense.
I guess Sam's lucky that Liara doesn't "need" real torture to get off after all, that she's not the truly bad person that she thought she was.
electric gurrl chapter 1 . 8/9/2014
Well this was interesting. I quite liked it.
Spikesagitta chapter 1 . 12/2/2013
Whoa. That was unexpected. Still hot though!
Grace Kay chapter 1 . 11/29/2013
Deliciously sexy, fun, and the perfect amount of brevity. Love this!
jay8008 chapter 1 . 11/17/2013
Call me weird, but I came away from this not so much thinking of all the hot femslashy action, but impressed with the emotional curves that went into a one-shot. Generations of longing and want, loss and fear and pain, all in a single 6k chapter? Nice.

Props for the Cortez cameo, who kept it real and maybe had the one line I really want to steal. The body wants what it wants.

Also, suddenly my own dark Liara doesn't seem so dark anymore. :P Sigh.
the.subverter chapter 1 . 10/25/2013
Doesn't every review I leave you start with "holy mother of God" or some such? Anytime I read one of your stories I kick myself for having waited or not knowing about it (this story falls into this category) and then promptly move to thinking you are clearly one of the most underrated writers on this site as your work tends to fall into "works of art" territory.

I'm notoriously bad at reviews but this was so real and dark and it was a crushing (and smoldering) little ride. Thank you so much for sharing. I will go cry in a corner with feverish desire for your talent now.
Antaros chapter 1 . 10/22/2013
Holy cow!

A great read and a total roller coaster.

I really appreciate you looked into the depths of a darker, scarred Liara. I often think the damage and consequences from her choices during her broker days are overlooked and it takes a pretty bold stroke to pen them. I also enjoyed an examination where her issues aren't bound to Shepard, but all of their own making. It was at times difficult to read Liara's fractured personality play out against Samantha, but you handled those parts very well.

Sun-Tsu Toriden chapter 1 . 10/7/2013
I don't know who C is, but they are one lucky person.
OriginalAlcy chapter 1 . 10/7/2013
Give me a few minutes while I scrape myself off the floor over here...

Okay, back. Whew. When you said you were working on a request I guess I sort of expected something along the lines of Encaenia (which I still owe a review on!) but this just surpassed all my expectations.

I appreciate a well written Dark!Liara – well, it’s probably slightly more than a simple appreciation. The ability to take a character and craft them into a recognisable alternate of themselves is a gift indeed and there was never any doubt in my mind that someone as talented as you would be able to pull it off in your trademark style.

Ever since reading Glacial Fire I’ve been wide open to the idea of Liara/Traynor. They work so well together – the Shadow Broker and the spoddy nerd (Spoddy, is that a British term I haven’t learned yet?). Although I am slightly worried that my own sense of personal taste in terms of interior decorating closely resembles Sam’s :-S.
I can say without a doubt that this image of Liara is the darkest I’ve read. It’s a difficult, cruel picture, but you’ve painted it so brilliantly although I think off-canon to an extent. However who cares about that, deviating from canon is one of my favourite pastimes ;-) I think that I was fleeing in tandem with Sam – although at the same time, just as subconsciously fascinated. She ran because she couldn’t possibly understand everything in that short space of time – especially the extent of what Liara needed, and her own reaction. She needed time to process. As an aside, I really like the choice of Steve to be Sam’s friend and confidant. I always liked him as he reminds me of my best friend and I regret not incorporating him more in my own fics.

What can I say about the actual scene itself? I knew it was going to be hot – but it was crazy hot. I’ve read a few other fics on here that deal with BDSM (the *good* ones, not the icky ones) and this ranks right up there with them. It flaunted power and domination in all the right ways, it was safe and both our girls enjoyed themselves immensely.

Brilliant work. Thanks so much for sharing and thanks very much to that wonderful person who gave you the original request, whoever they are.
Theodur chapter 1 . 10/5/2013
Hmm, I kinda struggled between Hugo's recommendation and your own warning when deciding whether I wanted to read this story. After reading it, I'm left with a similar sensation, having enjoyed some parts of it, but less so for the other parts.

I certainly liked the ending scene, it was brilliantly written. I'm not one of those FemShep/Liara shippers who would scream at the idea of seeing Liara with someone else, and I have grown more fond of Liara/Traynor pairing for one reason, because it allows Liara to be dominant in this relationship. Too many stories with Shep/Liara pairing just have her as an irritatingly simpering sub, so this is an amazing change. If there is one thing that worries me about Liara and Traynor as item is that Liara is still on a completely different level of personality strength and could easily eclipse Sam. That said, if Sam is happy in the kind of relationship they slip in here by the end, then I can actually see this working. So, points for you there, well done.

Where I have some believability issues is of course the idea of darker Liara itself (surprise, surprise). I've fought plenty of battles in other fandoms about proper characterization, having to defend myself, so I certainly won't try to start something here, besides I'm sure there will be enough readers who will be able to see Liara as she is portrayed here, which makes your version as valid as any other on FFN. I'll just try to explain why it doesn't quite work for me. Now, I don't believe that Liara is all about candy and sunshine, everyone, even the most benevolent person has some darkness inside them, even Liara who is clearly the most 'good' and compassionate character from the ME3 cast (okay, actually Kaidan might have her beat for that, on second thought. I just don't have him on team often). But the leap is I guess a little too much for me to take. I know that the idea of Dark-Liara is fairly popular, but most of the time writers don't even bother to show Liara's path to the darkness, they just state: I'm going to write Liara like that, deal with it. Okay. My question to them is why not simply write an OC in that case. Because they are writing a character who shares only name with Liara.

I liked that in this short piece you at least tried to show Liara's road to darkness and what made her the person she became. But I guess I'm difficult person to convince that Liara could physically torture another sentient being. The facts don't really support that assumption either. If you remember, Aethyta was surveying her activities on Ilium, and the worst she was able to turn on Liara was her threats to flay someone with her mind. And even that accusation meets with rather passionate denial from Liara, who seems genuinely shocked that someone might think her capable of something like that. But anyway, I still want to give you points for trying to show Liara's fall for grace. It's not like I can't see it happening under any circumstances, I just wasn't convinced by this particular explanation.

Still, I read the story and I wanted to share my feedback, and I hope you won't mind even if not all that I'm saying is positive. It was still a good and thought-provoking read for me. You also have very different writing style from my own, my sentences always drag and threaten to run away from me, while you have a short and minimalistic style that makes reading like a bit of a stop-start experience. It felt very different, but in a good and interesting way.
fahRENheit2006 chapter 1 . 10/4/2013
This is kind of a stupid thing to notice, but for some reason it made me really happy to see Shepard mentioned only once and in total passing. A wholeheartedly Sam and Liara Only joint.

A very rich and layered story. I'm actually only newly acquainted with the BDSM subculture via the DeviantArt comic "Sunstone" by shiniez/nebezial, so I've started to appreciate the sort of intimacy and trust needed. Liara's self-loathing is especially poignant. Sam probably embraced this whole new sexual lifestyle a tad too quickly, but at least she's an enthusiastic submissive. Plus it's fan FICTION! Nothing is true, everything is permitted! (Wait, that's a different game)

As always, your beautifully terse sentences tell so much with so little. It's magic.
- Ren
Lyta Halifax chapter 1 . 10/3/2013
Oh yay! You published this!

Double yay! I get to be the first to review it. I promise not to do it in 3-4 separate emails this time :-)

So I like that this is not just an excuse to have Liara and Sam be "kinky", but actually shows this as a relationship, that realistically hits a "snafu", one where either the couple works it out and comes to an understanding, or the relationship falls apart, unable to accomodate. I love the playful, gentle start to their relationship (Their first kiss was like sunshine...god I love that line.). And the "telegraphing" early on of Sam's submissive side with her obsession with seeing Liara in her armor.

(And I was seriously squirming when she got to the part of undoing her armor, near the end.)

But ouch, my feels! With the whole "faking it" bit, especially. Liara coming in drunk, that part of her that is imperious Benezia emerging, looking for any excuse to try and "look down" on Sam, in order to distance herself from her for what she feels is her own protection. The putting the partner up on a pedestal in order to keep them "safe" from what one partner feels is terrible deviancy. This is all really well thought out, very true to life.

The BDSM felt very authentic. The fact that they had to trust each other completely, and the use of a safeword, that their first scene didn't go super crazy, seemed almost...restrained, given what we know of Liara's sadistic streak. It was more about breaking through that initial barrier between them, needing to see if they could make it work, before taking it to the next level, and the level after that.

I think you may have made me more of a "Lianor" shipper now, than a Liaramancer, with this story. Part of me wants you to do more of this...but part of me wants to just see this stand on it's own, frozen in place, so to speak.

Damn, now I realize how much I've been putting PGY on hold, and am now champing at the bit to get back to it. I don't think I can get Sam and Liara to the same awesome level, but after seeing this, I'm certainly inspired to shoot for it!