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guest chapter 60 . 17h ago
I just found your story yesterday. I read all sixty chapters and I really enjoyed them. I have read a lot of fiction and I think you should write professionally. Keep writing about Sarah and jareth. I not sure why the dynamic is so fascinating between them. But ever since i was a kid labyrinth was one of my favorite stories. I am glad other people think their story was not over when the movie ended.

Thanks so much with sharing your writing!
kidneyofcapaldi chapter 60 . 9h ago
dayuuumm, that was some A-grade character development. poor Sarah :(
willowrain chapter 60 . 22h ago
Wow, I have really enjoyed your story so far and look forward to future chapters! It is nice to find a well written fanfic for The Labyrinth.
zeynel chapter 60 . 3/1
Nice chapter, as usual, I really enjoyed it!

I liked yur tidbits of information on Sarah's mother, it was really interesting and well-written -somehow part of me want for her to learn of Sarah becoming queen but not getting any invitation to the wedding/the castle and so on... Beh. Stupid woman, one day she will be all old and alone, no more fans because she will have lost her beauty and SHE is the one who will have throw her only daughter away!

SPROG SAVED THE DAY! I just LOVE him! And Wow, he can change size? nice, real practical! Is it sometin unique to him (or a number of goblins) or something ALL goblins can do? His mixe of childish innocence, mischief and goblin maturity is great as well, makes for a very nice character and really nail the fact that he is a child, yeah... But GOBLIN one (ie: not human, different, mischevous but mysterious...). Oh, and I just LOVED how Sarah raise her eyes and Loh! Here Stand her Mightly Saviour! Still very much goblin of course. It was T.O.T.A.L.L.Y. A.W.E.S.O.M.E!

(LOL, your "headcanon" at the end was hilarious! Jareth must be VERY desperate to be saved now! And if Jaed's brother was anything like that, might explain why Jareth was not so keen on befriending him -I love reading good slash/yaoi, doen't change the fact that unwanted advances are, well, unwanted, particulary from someone of the same sex for an hetero!)
maraudergurl2010 chapter 60 . 3/1
This chapter was suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper interesting. Like, just the whole section describing Sarah's relationship with her mother was a genuinely neat insight, and so twisted and honest that it actually bothers me, as if there's this real girl Sarah who's mother is pure shite, and it makes me quite unhappy.

I think she needs to have the crap scared out of her by some underground things, but that's just me. :P

I like the jewel sprite thing. It's mean. I imagine labyrinth's would pull that shite on you.

I can't wait for heroic!Sarah to make a show. I feel like it'll happen. She's not too daring yet, but I feel like she's going to get a push soon, and it'll be a big ass deal. :D

CONGRATS on 1000 reviews!

chocolaty chapter 60 . 3/1
Thanks for the update!
IndigoMoonchild chapter 43 . 3/1
I definitely love the food descriptions. They sound like they're written by someone who knows a lot about, and thoroughly enjoys, food. That's very important. (Although I do find it a bit odd that a King of one of the Fae realms eats so many mortal foods, decadent though they may be... But at the same time that's a comforting thought, I suppose, since eating the food of the Fae realms is supposed to trap one there forever.) I love Sarah's rooms, and the lovers' tunnel connecting them to Jareth's... well. ;P
I look forward to reading more of Sarah exploring (/exploiting?) her powers in future, but for now unfortunately I really should get some sleep. I can't wait to catch up on the rest of this fic though; it's proven nearly impossible to put down!
thisishowyouaxolotl chapter 60 . 3/1
This Jaed fellow is kinda sadistic. Another labyrinth, putting a diamond sprite in his labyrinth that will use your weaknesses against you- that posed as a nice version of her Mother and then going evil on her. Very faelike and manipulative. I like the Sarah backstory with the Mother's thoughts and feelings shown. I really got a feel for the character's personality. I can see how before the original labyrinth Sarah wanted to stay in a fantasy world, because accepting reality would mean accepting her Mother's complete and utter disregard for her. And though she has come to terms with it now, she still desperately wants her Mother's acceptance.

ps: It was one am when I read this chapter and when I got to the headcanon I had to clamp my hand over my mouth. "SARAAAAAAAHHHH!"
Pan's Box chapter 60 . 3/1
CONGRATULATIONS! This is amazing, well done!

I really like how this played to Sarah' insecurities, it is absolutely like Jaed to seek that out and exploit it, especially when he knows exactly how stubborn Sarah can be. I have a feeling like he's throwing everything he's got at her.

I've no idea what a Hoshi Saga is, but I'm looking forward to it at any rate! I think Jaed is definitely going to be manipulative and play malicious mind games with Sarah - he already knows that she CAN beat a Labyrinth, but he's also trying to prove to Jareth that his is superior...?

Also, DON'T DO THAT TO ME. I'm talking about the Headcanon - if that's not in the storyline, please don't tease with it! My poor brain can't handle a love triangle right now! Haha!

Again, congratulations! It's because you're a really talented writer that you've got this far. It's sad to think that the end is in sight! At any rate, please keep writing, because of the joy it gives us all. :)

Until next time,
Pan x
IndigoMoonchild chapter 33 . 3/1
ahhh this chapter was lovely fluffy cuteness, just what I needed right now! and the "I'm surrounded by idiots" line, just my mental image alone of Jareth saying that - PRICELESS.
DreamBubbles chapter 60 . 2/28
*joining Sprog funclub* seriously you are the first that have ever wanted me to join a gobling funclub :) also the last phrases of your story/after words were hilarious.. somehow I can so imagine that, Jaed being after Jareth :D I can't imagine what comes next :) just waiting to read. And many stories are ruined by adding too much of smut/lemons (have absolutely no idea why some say it to be lemons, for me it just translates to this fruit) and you write such lovely stories :) I love to smile and laugh along the story. :) ps. Tell Sprog he has a fan. *laughs*
IndigoMoonchild chapter 28 . 2/28
I've only just jumped into this fic and am reading through it slowly, but I already absolutely adore it. Your characterisations and descriptions and everything are just spot-on and delightfully funny. I actually really like Beth as well. Can I just say, though, that at the start of this chapter, I was half-expecting a Howl's Moving Castle-esque scenario with Jareth's hair turning vividly wrong colors?! That would be equally hilarious, although I love that the goblins care enough about their monarch to knit him a hat and scarf. Can't wait to catch up with the rest of the story! (I'm procrastinating job apps, OTL)
lcsayuri chapter 60 . 2/28
I just finished reading all of your wonderful story and i loved every second of it! I loved your jareth and sarah! I cannot wait until you upload the next chapter! Eeeeek!
ruby-bee chapter 1 . 2/28
Le headcanon excepted.
Congratulations on getting 1,000 reviews. They were well earned ;D
A lovely chapter as usual dear!
I cant wait for the next one! :D
Dancer1621 chapter 60 . 2/28
Oh my goodness! I knew it wasn't her mother though I was wrong with the siren guess. Your headcanon with Jareth was surprising to me now I'm wondering if I was stupid to miss that or you are just really good at hiding that. If Jaed likes Jareth and Sarah doesn't get through the labyrinth in time. Jaed would keep both of them but what would Sarah's use to him? I think maybe getting Jareth to do something or what not... Anyways this was a really good chapter I hope that you write more fantastic stories in the future and I will read your others that is if you have others! I will be checking that. Congrats on the 1000 reviews!
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