Reviews for Goblin Spies and Unexpected Visitors
geckogal077 chapter 67 . 4/20
I love this. So many fics have Sarah and Jareth marry immediately TT, but you gave them a relationship! They built love and trust and now everyone is happy! The scene where sh laughs at the power mirror, it was epic.
Also a Girls Next Door fan.
Long live the chickens.
Next time I watch the movie, it will be with eatable glitter.
Sorry for only leaving one review. When I get really into a story I can't stop reading. I finished this in a day.
I will reread it.
Thank you so much for writing! Now excuse me while I go raid your page for holiday specials.
Elfalas chapter 67 . 4/3
I only just found this recently, but I love it. Brilliant way Sarah defeated Jaed (Queen of the Goblins, Bitch!). I also appreciated the Mirror of Erised reference.

I especially love how you created a rich, full, sweet romance without resorting to an M rating. Well done!
IrishIris chapter 64 . 4/1
Oh my gosh this just destroyed me. The little freckles on her little cheeks and she has to walk away from them? God that would have been hard.
IrishIris chapter 55 . 3/31
You're the one who's sold yourself out with dark magic. Evil, evil cliffhanger!
IrishIris chapter 52 . 3/31
Ok, this is what I best remember about this fic. Jaed taking Sarah away and everything? It's so memorable and original. Gah.
IrishIris chapter 51 . 3/31
This mystery fae is the bastard Jaed, right?
IrishIris chapter 50 . 3/31
I'm envisioning a Prometheus type event here: we just chain up ol' Violetta to a rock, and let some big, nasty bird eat her liver out every day. That should do the trick.
IrishIris chapter 46 . 3/31
IrishIris chapter 45 . 3/31
Something tells me Jareth thinks Sarah being done with university means she's free to marry, and I'm not so sure that's what Sarah herself thinks.
IrishIris chapter 42 . 3/31
HA. "Ask me how I got here." Brilliant.
Also, I'm not sure how many more reviews I'll be able to write, since you're only allowed to review once per chapter (stupid FFN) and it seems I did write some reviews. But you're fifty shades of awesome.
IrishIris chapter 39 . 3/31
She's still not talking to him? Oh Sarah, when will you learn... (Not that Jareth's in the total clear. Who's thick enough to ask his girl if she's on the rag?)
IrishIris chapter 38 . 3/31
Nooooooo you can't do this to meeee. They were fine and happy and you had to bring the reality of conflict bashing on my head.
IrishIris chapter 37 . 3/31
GAH! Presents and brownies and I love yous. This was the best fictional Valentine's day ever.
IrishIris chapter 36 . 3/31
Fluff, fluff, and more fluff. Just the way I like my J/S.
IrishIris chapter 35 . 3/31
I feel like I should bookmark this for myself on valentine's day next year, because you just give really god advice.
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