Reviews for Goblin Spies and Unexpected Visitors
Pan's Box chapter 18 . 12/6/2013
Is it "Incorrigible? Attractive? Delightful?" "Unwelcome."? I LOVE Ten Things I Hate About You!

And this chapter was particularly... wonderful. ;)

Pan x
Pan's Box chapter 15 . 12/6/2013
How sweet! I really enjoyed this chapter.

Pan x
Pan's Box chapter 13 . 12/6/2013

Pan x
Pan's Box chapter 11 . 12/6/2013
The angsty fluff is the best part, hence reading Jareth and Sarah, rather than some other couple in some other fandom. And you do write it so well.

Kickass Sarah here! That was brilliant!

Good luck with everything. I know this review is probably coming much later than when you uploaded this chapter, but... I hope everything's going okay.

Pan x
Pan's Box chapter 9 . 12/6/2013
Haha, I love Paten! That paragraph really tickled me!

Pan x
Pan's Box chapter 8 . 12/6/2013
As someone who once ate two entire "sharing" bags in one night, I strongly recommend you don't carry out this experiment. Especially if you value your friends. ;)

I'm really enjoying this story so far, I'm looking forward to reading the rest of it!

Pan x
MorgauseNokami chapter 21 . 12/6/2013
Hmmm interesting. Not so fond of virginal Sarah, but like the writing. Following. More, please?
j'aime z chapter 21 . 12/5/2013
Good chapter, I'm glad they've moved passed that particular obstacle and as much as I'm sure that it wouldn't fit in now, more drunk jareth would be stupendous lol i already call my kids my goblins so that dream scene made me laugh in a weird way. Thank you for not making us wait any longer! My glitter meter was on empty! Looking forward to more glitter soon!
Nicoletta chapter 21 . 12/5/2013
I know, I know, everyone wants Jareth and Sarah - me, too. But I want goblins even more! Couldnt you just squeeze some in? Maybe singing some love songs for Jareth after they finished off the ale... I really would love to read more of you soon. Very entertaining story! Actually, best one Ive found her... ah, yes, and Happy Birthday!
Guest chapter 21 . 12/3/2013
This chapter was really good as ussual, and i absolutly cannot wait for their relationship to evolve! I love your writting. Love and goblins from me to you!
PalmyranQueen chapter 21 . 12/3/2013
It makes me smile and my breath hitch in my chest, so it must be good. Yes?
Bloodsired chapter 21 . 12/3/2013
Great chap as always. I love the in-to-xi-ca-ted Jareth its saddened me that he was devastated and glad because he accepted Sarah's apology. Looking forward to glittery cupcakes! :D
Guest chapter 20 . 12/2/2013
Hi this is my first time reviewing your story... But just know that i sevrly love it! Your writing style is fabulous and i love the way you portrey the characters! Love it and cant wait for the next update!
Buggus264 chapter 21 . 12/2/2013
that was awesome but you love to the middle their happy moment :-( but oh well it was awesome and just keep on writing I'm lovin it and I'm sure a lot of people are too 3
Athena's Avatar chapter 21 . 12/2/2013
Mmm... Is there a hangover in the Goblin King's future?
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