Reviews for You'll Be The Death of Me
Guest chapter 42 . 7/12
Wow this was hard to process, so much like Order 66 this was brutal.
gr8rockstarrox chapter 89 . 7/7
Good luck with your book! I hope I'll get to read it someday, haha. You're brilliant, and I think you'll write a beautiful story, if You'll Be The Death Of Me is any indication! All the best!
gr8rockstarrox chapter 88 . 7/7
This chapter made me tear up. You write beautifully. Keep at it, you're a star!
gr8rockstarrox chapter 87 . 7/7
Absolutely gripping, as always! It's been so long since I was this fic, and Neville was just so amazing in this chapter. Great job, you!
stonebreakerironhill chapter 89 . 7/6
good luck on your own book, if the quality is anything like this story then it should do just fine indeed.
do not worry so much about updating, when you do the chapters are always long and well done.
What is this book going to be about?
Naruhina1519 chapter 89 . 7/5
Thank you for updating, happy belated 4th of july.
RIOSHO chapter 89 . 7/3
First do ya know what kind of book you wish to write? What genre? Second as always we shall eagerly await the next chapter. And thank you for not abandoning this amazing work.
snowflake2410 chapter 89 . 7/2
Me: Gosh darn it, Graces! Get your shit together, I'm tired of this back and forthness with you! (Gets hat and stomps on it in frustration)
Neville: (Pats me on the back) It's okay. It'll get better.
Me: (Glares at him) What are you, a Seer? How do you know it'll get better?!
Neville: Well, you see...I..umm...I actually don't know if it'll get better. (Starts panicking)
Anyways, thanks for the update! It was amazing hahaha Harry is a smart cookie and OMG when Neville told off Harry it was awesome lol
noone297 chapter 89 . 7/2
Happy 4th of July!

Also a very nice chapter. As usual pacing is great, each chapter add a new step. I like how Harry somehow assume that he is in charge of his school year..
As they say in the movies "but I AM the chosen one"...
Rixie96 chapter 89 . 7/1
Ugh, I get what Narcissa is doing but she just had to talk Graces out of it! My heart literally stopped when I saw that you updated! Out of all of the thirty stores I follow, this one will always be my favorite and the one I always check for. Thank you for this update! Sometimes I reread the whole story. I'm thankful you will continue writing this because if you went on a long hiatus I might literally go into some type of depression because I need to know the ending and fate of this tragic love story! Graces need to hurry the hell up and realize she loves Neville!
Anyways, Thank you for the update! Great chapter. Sorry for the rant.
trispectrum chapter 89 . 7/1
Very interesting to see Narcissa's views on things at the end. Will be interesting to see if they eventuate. Poor Neville if they do - he is continually being put through the ringer. Looking forward to the next chapter. Your story is very interesting poised. Very well done with this chapter.
Lil Miss Sunshine14 chapter 89 . 7/1
Be safe traveling. And it is always good to have your own creation, and I would love to read whatever you write. As for this story, I can feel the changes coming. Harry Potter is very prejudice and let's his hate rule his thinking. I really wish someone other than Neville would defend Graces. Ughhh, it's foolish of him to think that their family wouldn't be in danger with him deafeting Malfoy and co in battle. I blame dumbledore.
HTMLfreak chapter 1 . 7/1
God. Stop making me cry with all these feels.
lipglossandcigarettes chapter 89 . 7/1
Ugh... I can't take the anxiety of it much longer, then need to be together or not. The backwards and forwards is killing me.
infinateconstellations chapter 89 . 7/1
I'm still dying to know where Neville and graces end up in the end. You're going to be a great writer. Be sure to tell us how your writing goes!
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