Reviews for Two Hearts and YouTube - A CaptainSparklez Fanfiction
Guest chapter 11 . 4/17
I almost didn't read the Epilogue, too... Dammit. Still an amazing story though!
Bobo chapter 1 . 3/27
awesome i read your last one and it was great
Guest chapter 11 . 3/25
cute story but you f***ed up the ending.
shadowalker21 chapter 1 . 3/20
omg,prob the best story i have read in a long work,nice wanted to keep reading ending,but amazing 1000 out of 10 nice job
Anika chapter 11 . 3/15
It was so happy but the epilogue gave me so many feels and I started to cry overall that was the best story I have read in a long time (I read everyday so that says something:) )
guest chapter 11 . 3/3
I loved it! Kind of a rushed marriage but overall amazin!:-D the end was so sad but its amazing that he loved her so much to kill himself to stay with her. :-C
Radford chapter 11 . 2/28
Well, that was depressing. :(
Radford chapter 6 . 2/28
Hi I am Radford(I know weird name. I get that a lot) and I enjoy these fanfic stories. I have been here since the first chapter of the first story(sorry I forgot the name) and honest have loved it. Keep this up. It's not just me who likes this, and, this is perhaps the most skillfully and creatively written fanfic I have ever read. Seriously loving it. Keep it up.
StarDust chapter 4 . 2/20
Chocolate always helps u calm down P
Guest chapter 11 . 2/13
Seriously? That's how you end this thing? I could have dealt with the cheesy wedding ending or even something about Chloe losing her ability to walk and having to learn how to continue on after such a devastating blow, but a double suicide is NOT the way to end a story like this. Neither Chloe nor Jordan had ever displayed any suicidal tendencies throughout the course of the tale, and you even made a point of Chloe saying that she knew that one day she would need help walking again, and that she was okay with it. You're obviously not a bad writer, because other than a few grammatical errors and typos throughout the story, your writing was very good. You put a lot of work into characterizing Chloe and giving her a personality that was strong enough to not be completely characterized by her relationship with Jordan. You even made Jordan feel realistic and relatable. Some of their relationship struggles seemed over the top and happened too frequently, but they never pulled me out of the story. Until now. You had a great working ending. Except for the abrupt time skip, the ending felt natural and a perfect cap to a great story. Ending it with a tragic double suicide is not entertaining nor is it a tear-jerker. To be kind, the ending was poorly written and added no substance to your story. It was abrupt and ruined any validity your story had previously established. With two paragraphs you took a story about two wonderful people and turned it into a meaningless collection of words meant only to grab a reaction from your audience by any means possible. That's just lazy writing at its worse. Congratulations, you've just destroyed your validity as a writer. I will not be returning to your stories.
Froyo chapter 11 . 1/31
Thank you for the stories, they were awesome but that epilogue though ); I know that you will probably not get this...but thanks again! I will be sure to follow you on Instagram wheres_the_dam_butterbeer
Finnthedog chapter 11 . 1/30
...*goes to medicine drawer* *overdoses* *dies* *cries* *dies again* *cries again* *rethinks life* *dies again*...
Guest chapter 1 . 1/28
Nice! I just got a Minecraft card code for FREE! :D
ShakemNBakem chapter 11 . 1/28
Please add another chapter saying that after Jordan sat with me I jumped up and scared the living day lights out of him. To make up for all those times he scared me. I screemed April Fools!
SmashCubeGaming chapter 11 . 1/22
This is by far the best thing I have read in a long time. I have read books and even full series that pale in comparison to this amazing story. Thank you so much for posting this it has been an absolute rollercoaster and I have enjoyed every second of it
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