Reviews for At Odds
Guest chapter 16 . 4/5
So cute ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Krusher chapter 8 . 4/1
Only Starfire and Blackfire have the ability to use Starbolts. They gained their powers from being experimented on by the Psions. They are pretty much meta-tamaranians.
Crystal Tempest chapter 16 . 12/25/2016
I wouldn't wan't this story any other it wasn't a fanfiction,it would be a great book to get you for reading this if you you.
Lover of A Good Story chapter 1 . 12/1/2016
Ugh, the thought of Raven being pounded by Robin made me want to vomit.
RPGPersona chapter 16 . 8/15/2016
Another great story comes to an end. I really do enjoy reading your stories, thanks for writing this.

Haha, poor Raven getting embarrassed as she learns that her lustful thoughts end up being broadcasted to Aeopie. Maybe the next time Aeopie's people try something fishy, Beast Boy and Raven can go at it and have Raven distract them with her lust.

This story wraps up will Halloween I see. A holiday dedicated to kids getting candy, no way that Aeopie was going to miss this. As I suspected, Raven is still a little possessive of Beast Boy. She is making sure Starfire and Beast Boy don't end up alone together, worried that Starfire might try something. I bet Raven still sleep by wrapping herself around Beast Boy to pin him down.

So a Tamaranian is the choice of Costume, it works. The team is letting Aeopie wander by herself, with supervision.

That is good, Aeopie is meeting new people her age and making friends. Well, those thieves picked the wrong kids to steal from. Aeopie stopped Raven before Rage scarred the thieves for life. Beast Boy on the other hand had full faith in Rage and trusted that she knew not to cross the line.

With Aeopie asleep and the couple alone, Raven knows what she wants to do now. This story ended with a bang. If those explosions become a trends, the entirety of Jump City is going to know when Raven is getting laid from now on.
RPGPersona chapter 15 . 8/15/2016
Must have been tough for Raven and Beast Boy to sleep with so many blankets covering them. The kidnapping really took a toll on Aeopie. Looks like it is back to Nevermore for her. Unfortunately, that means that Raven and Beast Boy will be sleeping separately. Raven is sure going to miss her body pillow and morning shower helper.

Here comes a plans. The fleet guarding the bombers is too large to fight directly. The best chance of success is to sneak into the Gordanian home world and use their weapons against them. This means Beast Boy is going on a solo mission. No one is happy about it, but there is no other suggestions.

Haha, Beast Boy to learn the Gordanian language and only Starfire knew it. Robin and Raven were not happy about that kiss. Hey look, the other kiss has come to light. Raven managed to remain surprising calm in the end. Starfire has more explaining to do to Robin, I assume Raven staying out of it is her way of getting back at Starfire.

The first phase of getting on the planet surface went smoothly. Things got more difficult from there. There were too many soldiers for Beast Boy to fight on his own. He ended up hiding inside a Gordanian body to heal. It did give him the good idea of creating a new bacteria to make the army too sick to fight. With most of the troops disabled, Beast Boy was able to get the DNA he needed and get to the missiles. He thought the next step through. He wasted a large number of missiles on nearby targets to force the fleet back. With the fleet disabled, he destroyed all the antimatter production with all the remaining missiles. Mission Accomplished.

Wow, Raven really, really, really missed Beast Boy. Gave Starfire and Aeopie a lot of money so they could be distracted at the mall. With some more privacy, it looks like Raven decided to make up for the missed 'showers' with interest. She was loud enough to force the remaining members of the team out of the tower. I wouldn't be surprised if Raven kept it going all day.
RPGPersona chapter 14 . 8/15/2016
It looks one good thing came from the Gordanian invasion. It gave the people courage to stand up to the villains. It makes me smile to see the people fight back instead and running and just letting the heroes do all the work. The best part is they are using strategy, not just charging in aimlessly.

The team is quite surprised to see their job being taken care of and that the villains are the one needing saving.

Here comes the Gordanian counterattack I was expecting.

First was an advance ship to recapture Aeopie. They almost got away. Good thing Raven can teleport. Man, Beast Boy really made a fool of the crew of that ship.

Here comes the bombardment fleet. Now would be a good time for a plan. Letting the fleet reach Earth would result in untold casualties.
RPGPersona chapter 13 . 8/14/2016
Looks like Raven possessively wrapping her arms and legs around Beast Boy is becoming a habit. She really doesn't want to let him go now that she has him. The morning 'showers' seem to be a daily occurrence as well. Raven is taking full advantage of having Beast Boy all to herself.

Aeopie is still being stubborn about sleeping in her own room. I assume she enjoys sleeping near people who care about her and each other. Beast Boy and Raven tried to negotiate, but being near the couple trumps everything else for Aeopie.

Beast Boy sure is loaded. Raven won't have to worry about living in poverty if she stays with Beast Boy. That roller coaster of emotion from Raven. First being nervous that Starfire was pregnant, possibly with Beast Boy's child I assume. Can't see why see would be nervous otherwise. Her relief at Starfire not being pregnant was cut short when Starfire said that Beast Boy get mate with female Tamaranians if he took their form. Beast Boy shuts down that possibility. I guess Raven was worried he might be asked to mate with females for the sake of diversifying DNA.

The conversation did bring up the topic of alternative ways to get pregnant. This is good news for Starfire, since it mean she could have a child without having to get intimate with someone other than Robin. Beast Boy also promises to look into things to see if Raven and him could have a child. For now though, Raven is content with the happiness she was able to obtain.

Now we get to see Aeopie's mother. It brings the sad truth that Aeopie will have to go home and leave the couple behind, but her now she is with them. They also get some confirmation about Aeopie's diet and what she needs. The good news is that Aeopie's mother helped Raven put her foot down on Aeopie sleeping in her own room. Once that happens, Raven will be free to wrap her arms and legs around Beast Boy while awake in her bedroom.

Beast Boy gets philosophical at the end describing how Aeopie's people live their lives and interact with the universe. It is sad that one bad experience led to complete isolation on their part.
RPGPersona chapter 12 . 8/14/2016
I see the whole shower thing and the 'I need a new apartment' is going to be a running joke. So sweet, just seeing them enjoying breakfast like a happy family.

Another premonition? Raven has learned not to ignored them and heads straight for Nevermore. Happy seems pretty much recovered now, and it seems she greatly enjoys Raven's 'showers'. Timid is not quite there, but is recovering nicely. SO Knowledge advice this time is to trust Beast Boy to survive and take care of Aeopie. Are the Gordanians attacking already?

Well, there goes the door, as if Raven and Beast Boy didn't have enough trouble with privacy. I see, so Starfire's people seem to be more fertile now. That is indeed news to celebrate. Interesting theory that the hope that Beast Boy brought Tamaran is what allowed this to happen.

Time for a celebration after all this. It is going to be quite the party is 400 Tamaranians attending. So the premonition cause is revealed. Aeopie's people have come to enact the law on her, taking over the Tamaranians in the process. Beast Boy went completely savage there, once Raven took Aeopie to safety. He did make sure not to hurt the Tamaranians, but held nothing back against the ship.

Raven had to think like Beast Boy, but she was able to avoid the hunt by hiding in her mind. Her emotions sealed the entrace and kicked out those who followed. Unfortunately, this made Aeopie's people think that she was dead, which is the same conclusion Beast Boy came to.

Sorta scary to think about the kind of damage Beast Boy can inflict on a world if he chooses to. Good thing Raven arrived in time to make sure he didn't do anything rash. Hopefully Aeopie will be safe now, and eventually be able to go home.

Of course the only important thing for Raven about where to sleep is if they an have 'showers'. Rolls eyes.
RPGPersona chapter 11 . 8/14/2016
Both Beast Boy and Raven are quite happy with the current arrangements. Raven must still have some fears about Beast Boy leaving her if the way she is clamping is any indication. While having Raven so close to him is waking him up, Beast Boy current thoughts are on her well being. Making sure she is eating properly again, and letting her sleep in to recuperate from her exhaustion from yesterday.

It took Raven a minute to process what was going on after waking up. I see it was Starfire's advice to not wait but instead seize the moment that caused Raven to make propose the joint shower. Raven certainly isn't complaining about the results. Wow, Raven is certainly making up for lost time in terms of feeding her lust. Wanting to go for another round and wishing she had a bigger apartment so they could go a round in the bed. Raven is certainly basking in the level of intimacy she never had sharing Robin.

So Aeopie needs more sugar than humans, which is why her food was in cake form. The cake on the ship had additional nutrients she needs. Looks like once things are settled some adjusted are going to be needed for Aeopie's diet. Meeting at Raven's house, that means it is time for Robin and Cyborg to talk with Beast Boy for the first time since the incident.

Lots of apologies, but Beast Boy has already gotten over it, so it is all good. Jump City seems to be recovering and there are no more robots to fight against at the moment. There is still the matter of the ships orbiting the planet to deal with.

I see Beast Boy is close enough to Aeopie to go into protective animal mode. He doesn't want Aeopie's secret to get out and doesn't appreciate Cyborg scanning her. Raven is also warming up to her and gets a little protective as well. The Gordanians must be worried if there are making an ultimatum to recover Aeopie. Now things are a bit more desperate. They need a plan for this. Robin was getting ready to go obsessive again. Beast Boy was having none of that and inked him. Beast Boy apologize afterwards, for over reacting.

Left with no choice once Starfire recognizes Aeopie's race, Beast Boy explains everything. Now the team needs to come up with a plan, one that doesn't involve sacrificing Starfire's people. They did come up with a good one, Hijack a freighter to get clos enough for Raven to teleport in Starfire's troops. It will take a toll on Raven's stamina, but it is the safest plan.

Things are looking pretty good. The current threat is dealt with, the only one that remains is a bomber ship arriving. For now, the heroes can relax a bit.

Wow, Raven sure is willing to indulge in her urges now that Beast Boy and her are a couple. At this rate, Raven's water bill will be through the roof. Well, it is good to see them so happy together.
RPGPersona chapter 10 . 8/14/2016
Beast Boy wants to make sure Raven is okay, but can't bring himself to get to close to her. He still thinks that Raven is with Robin and has feeling for him.

Starfire begins to fill in Beast Boy about some changes here. Starting with the fact that Raven is no longer part of a polygamy with Starfire and Robin. She also lets Beast Boy know that Raven never healed her eyes after the fight. Beast Boy is quite shocked to hear that Raven is punishing herself like that, and shares Starfire's hope that Raven will fully heal herself.

So I assume the schematics of the robots were extracted from the stolen ship. It certainly helps the situation, and allows the Tamaranian soldiers to fight back more effectively.

Beast Boy is still unsure if he can rejoin the Titans after what has happened, even if it was a misunderstanding. I share Starfire's hope that Beast Boy will come home. He shouldn't have to wander alone, though I suppose he is not alone anymore with Aeopie.

Aeopie decides to break through the gloom by asking to play checkers. A good idea.

So the ships are not equipped to bombard the planet, that is good to know.

Never thought about the shower like that until Raven went through the logic. Raven is correct, taking a shower and delaying the start of the fight saved her life. Raven is now awake. Here the highly anticipated reunion. The first thing Raven notices is that Beast Boy doesn't sound angry.

Raven is so scared that Beast Boy might leave again that she doesn't want to heal her eyes, since she would need to close them to do it. Beast Boy isn't going to take no for an answer, not wanting Raven to hold onto an injury he caused.

The first thing Beast Boy does is cook for Raven, seeing how she looks like she needs food. This gives Aeopie and Raven a chance to introduce themselves. Aeopie and Raven seem to be hitting it off rather well. Well enough that Aeopie formally apologized and informed Raven that her powers are what caused the misunderstanding to escalate to what it did. Luckily, Raven was able to control her anger and direct it to the true cause, and not hurt Aeopie.

Raven wants confirmation that Beast Boy is not angry at her anymore, even after seeing him act like his old self. It really shows how much the fight effected her. Ah hindsight, where Raven learned that a book is an object, and while it can hold sentimental value, isn't as important of the bond shared between people. With Raven so unsure of how to express her feelings, Aeopie takes matter into her own hands.

That is one way to make the situation awkward. Tell Beast Boy that Raven wants him to look at her with love and that she wants to become one with him. Well, both Raven Beast Boy would both stunned and embarrassed by Aeopie's statement. Haha, Aeopie didn't even look into her mind. Raven was thinking those thoughts so loudly that Aeopie couldn't help but hear them.

Looks like it is some time for girl talk. Once Beast Boy goes off for tea, the first thing Raven asks Aeopie is what Beast Boy think of her. I can't help but chuckle at that. Aeopie can't read his mind, so she can only tell Raven what she has observed, like Beast Boy being worried about Raven when they reunited with Starfire. It is amusing seeing Raven flustered as her thoughts get projected to Aeopie. It looks like they have come to an understanding though, with Raven realizing the burden of Aeopie's powers.

Haha, Aeopie is tired of the two of them beating around the bush and asks Beast Boy what he thinks of Raven. Raven of course is scared and embarrassed about what could happen. Beast Boy gives a nice speech about what he likes about Raven. Seeing that Raven is no being very responsive, Aeopie answers back for her and tells Beast Boy what Raven likes about him.

And here comes the Cyblock call. Well it does give the pair a chance to think things over. It also looks like the talk with Beast Boy is having a positive effect of Raven, as both Happy and Timid seems to be growing stronger again.

I see Raven decided to make the first move and start a relationship with Beast Boy with a bang in the shower. How nice, both Raven and Beast Boy feel at peace together in each others arms. Aeopie, allows those feeling wash over her to give her a peaceful sleep as well.
RPGPersona chapter 9 . 8/12/2016
Well, Beast Boy got a new experience on Tamaran. He got to experience the same activities as Robin when he was with both Raven and Starfire.

Feeling the same premonition again, Raven dived into her mind, not wanting to make the same mistake twice. While Happy's and Timid's realms are still in horrible shape, Knowledge seems optimistic that things are slowly turning around. Knowledge also make sure that Raven wasn't ready to give up, making sure she would fight to live another day and not just die.

That was a good plan. Lure the robots into one spot and blast it with heavy fire. Too bad the number of robots means the fight is far from over. With the safety of the Earth on the line, even the likes of Dr. Light are fighting for the safety of their home.

Starfire with the perfect timing. Just when it looked like Raven was finished, Starfire showed up with reinforcements and beat back the robots.

The others know Beast Boy is okay now and on his way. Haha, that awkward moment when Starfire brought the conversation to Beast Boy bedding two Tamaranians. Raven is looking a bit more hopeful.

Beast Boy is here, and he made sure a ship planning to attack the city was stopped. I guess next chapter will be the reunion.
RPGPersona chapter 8 . 8/12/2016
So we get the full story on how Aeopie was used by the Gordanians. She was used to rile up the Titan's emotions and help with them breaking up. It is nice to know that despite the mental order to kill, none of the others wanted to obey that order. With the whole situation known now, Beast Boy is ready to head back and help save his world.

Things are getting even worse back on Earth, with the Gordanians giving more cruel rules and orders. The Titans are preparing for a last stand. Lets hope that it will be effective.

Lucky, Beast Boy is in range of Tamaran and Starfire is currently there. Of course, the other soldiers shot first and asked questions later with a Gordanian ship approaching, but Starfire appeared and was able to clear up the misunderstanding.

Speaking of misunderstandings, Beast Boy is ready to put what happened between him and the team behind him as well. Starfire is quite happy that her friend isn't mad at her anymore. Let things slip a bit there by asking about Raven first.

Well, that was fortunate. Beast Boy was able to give something back to Tamaran. He was able to morph into algae and help give Starfire's home planet a second chance. It must have been hard adapting that alien algae form to take in characteristics of other forms. Starfire was so grateful this time that she gave him a full on kiss. While not telling Robin is a good idea, Raven should probably be included on that list as well.
RPGPersona chapter 7 . 8/12/2016
While The Titans are dealing with an Alien take over, Beast Boy is having Babysitting adventures in space. Sort of funny if you think about it.

It looks like Aeopie is warming up to Beast Boy. They are now passing the time playing games and such. Knowing about Aeopie's powers makes the bit with Beast Boy transforming for her more interesting. Makes you wonder if she used her powers on him for that.

Aeopie's reluctance to go near civilization appears to stem from the fact that others will be scared of her. There is more here then meets the eye. Poor Aeopie, we still don't know exactly what happened to her that caused her to break the law.

Things are pretty bad back on Earth. A large portion of the population has be subjugated, with superheroes having their powers/abilities countered. For now all they can do is plan. Raven in particular seems to be worried about Beast Boy. Hard to say if he is safe or not lost in space. The team has easily come to the conclusion that the villains are alien in nature due to them not knowing how to handle humans, though that doesn't help them counter the robots.

It appears that Starfire is leaving now. With the situation dire for her people, she needs to go back to them to hopefully help find a new home planet where they can start again. The world seems to be crumbling around Raven. Robin must have taken the news hard as well.

That was a close call from Beast Boy. He got some new alien forms, but almost dies in the process. Just when I thought Aeopie was warming up to Beast Boy, she tried to kill him. Aeopie has a negative outlook that even surpasses Raven, still thinking that Beast Boy wants to kill her.

So we get some backstory on her people. They have mental powers. One time during when they were invaded, her people as one used their power to push the invaders back and have them repay blood with blood. Unfortunately. the orders staked and the invader ended up committing genocide on their own race. We finally learned what the law punishable by death is, killing. This begs the question of how Aeopie broke this law.
RPGPersona chapter 6 . 8/11/2016
So Raven learned that Beast Boy had some female companionship during his stay in Gotham. There was a bite of jealous before she calmed herself and was happy that the betrayal didn't sour Beast Boy on forming bonds.

So the damage that added up was just too much, and the Titans are forced to surrender.

Assuming the silver machine is the same as the Titans have been fighting, does this mean the Gordanians are behind the attacks. The attack seem more subtle then I would have thought.

Of course Beast Boy would find a way to get trapped on the ship. Some clever thinking on his part allowed him to force the Gordanians to abandon ship. I am surprised that the girl survived when he made the ship toxic.

Lucky for him she knows how to fly the ship. It appears she broke a law of her people that will get her executed. I wonder what it was? Well, with Aeopie not wanted to go home or to Earth, it appears that Beast Boy is going to be exploring random planets for unique wildlife.
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