Reviews for Fate Revelation Online
Guest chapter 79 . 6/22
Now. What happens next. I WANT TO KNOW !
Southerner chapter 79 . 6/21
I am intently glad to see this story continued. I have been waiting. My patience is now paying dividends.
VN-Novels chapter 78 . 6/13
Will you continue this until the next ones?((ALO&GGO))
doraemax chapter 79 . 6/6
I love it on how the Titled Players had even gained some sort of Legendary Status. This mostly applied to Shirou...on how he can even have his own 'Ranger's Quest'...huhuhu...

But, the demon-summoning thing... i wonder how Kayaba/Cardinal circumvent the spell like that. I'd questioned that, because i'd imagine a proper summoning like that would indeed call upon 'something' IRL. So, the possibilities of eldritch entities crashing and being realized inside the virtual world is there. As in, an outside entity emerging inside the game, outside the rule and control of Cardinal/Kayaba, with probably many many unintended consequences. What do you think?
KiroZen chapter 71 . 5/29
Let's hope he has a better leash for his darker impulses than what KOB had for him.
Guest chapter 79 . 5/29
Guest chapter 78 . 4/30
I forgot that people legitimately think that Shirou is an AI
Tocasiar chapter 23 . 4/25
Is that a fucking Dwarf(Goblin) Fortress reference?! If so, well done, I haven't laughed that hard in quite a while. Also very interesting implications.
aaa chapter 64 . 4/21
Those three really were made for each other, I couldn't stop laughing.
aaa chapter 48 . 4/21
Zolgen, Zouken, bugs, I see what you did there.
aaa chapter 10 . 4/20
This story is written like bad manga translation. Just because that's what the scanlations sound like doesn't mean you should be imitating it.
Malorn FairyTail chapter 79 . 4/16
Loved this story.
Guest chapter 79 . 4/8
Took me 6 hours to read this story. Good shit
Guest chapter 27 . 4/7
Let me guess...mechanical engineering major?

I like my science, physics and engineering. Really gives me a boner.
MarkedPariah chapter 43 . 3/22
I'm going to be honest I really like how you wrote this whole chapter. I have come back and re-read the last half of it at least 4 times at this point.
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