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UNLIMITED FOOD WORKS chapter 1 . 7/22
ive already lost interesr
swiftrabbit chapter 43 . 7/18
Here I am, back again!

Just thinking, did Shirou get a unique item for getting the last hit bonus from Kari-Ya? I know he wasn't the actual 5F Boss, but maybe such a formidable enemy could have dropped something that would be relevant to Shirou later on, but not have been needed since he had other options. Or maybe something to do with Lancelot, like his armor or quests themed around fairies and lakes and dragons and saving damsels that have popped up all the time throughout the rest of the story, but in the background, with Shirou by himself. Knowing him he might be annoyed that he kept saving women NPCs without realizing they weren't players and not mention it to anyone until it happens again in front of others. I can just imagine the conversation;

Shirou-embarrassed at first-"I keep saving these women not knowing until after they are not real players... doesn't matter, they could have been real and that is what is important."

Kirito-"Yeah, that damsel in distress acted really lifelike. The simulation is getting better and better. She even had a player icon over her head, though now that I say that it was a bit different than normal. When did this start happening?"

Shirou-"Right after defeating Kari-Ya the Fetterd, I didn't get a bonus drop, but a message that said a woman named Nimue was in danger on the first floor by a lake. It asked if I could help. Today, this one was named Gwen."

Argo-"All of these damsels you've saved had a version of Guinevere or Nimue as their name? And it always starts or ends by a lake? Sounds like the game is making you out to be some type of Lancelot."

Kirito-"And that is why you couldn't be found for a few days after that... I'll never forget that fight.."

Argo-"I wasn't there, but I found out what happened... Shirou, maybe your not that far off from Lancelot already, ne?"

Shirou-"No, the Knight of the Lake was considered to be the best knight of his generation for good reason. (A self-depreciating smile) Thank you Argo, but I'm not at his level."

Kirito-"How strong do you believe Lancelot to have been?"

Shirou-"I had to use a reinforced katana, that knight would have won with only a branch."

Something like that :)

Read ya later!
Guest chapter 57 . 7/16
Could the system bonus mentioned in this chapter be their origins?
King of Fans chapter 1 . 7/16
Good start. can't wait to see what you do.
Q: Will Shiro have his unlimited blade work, and/or make legendary weapons for his friends?
Q: will we see waver? considering he is a gamer.
Q: Will we see a servants being summoned? Considering in it is possible to summon one into the virtual world, shown in fate Extra.
I would love to see saber and shiro considering that romans can give Shiro and Asuna a run for there money. Plus seeing the king of knight in a world in a world of swords seems almost perfect. As for the Berserker it will be so cool and funny. Seeing him tare his way throw the enemy and peoples reaction to him. They will think a Jungian boss made it into a safe zone and others realizing that someone like him exist in real life. Not to mention him in a casual setting.
p.s Is it wired that I loved the sense with there were so funny and satisfying considering. considering Ilya is technically the older sibling and seeing it gives me a Full metal alchemist fill to it. Which is always a good thing.
As for Ilya's avatar I find it sweet, cool, and strangely fitting. Imaging a her fighting like her former servant, seeing how much she missis Hercules, and the fact that her avatar suited he personality more then the avatar at the end is a little bit of a let down. (If you do a mini chapter where she kept that form Will be greatly appreciated).
SaberPrototype chapter 74 . 7/5
Update Plzzz
Chrome Cheetah chapter 74 . 6/28
I still don't get these little omakes but can't wait for more!
Im a guest chapter 74 . 5/31
Truly the destiny of a king is a lonely one...
Im a guest chapter 71 . 5/31
Wait...Kuradeel is actually dank as fuck. I like it.
Im a guest chapter 48 . 5/31
I think you mean 6 boss?
Im a guest chapter 35 . 5/31
I thought he already learn tracing
Im a guest chapter 32 . 5/31
I wonder what the last hit reward is. It was never told before.
harmless bystander chapter 74 . 5/28
Just got finished binge-reading this fic over two days. So I'm sorry, but you'll be receiving 74 chapters worth of thoughts in one post, and not particularly organized, either. First of all: Kirito: Master of The Weaponized Bishie Sparkle (this joke no longer applies as of the latest chapters, because his magecraft has changed, but it still needs to be made).
About Kayaba's master plan, its still too early in the story to tell what it is, but some of the consequences of his actions, intended or not, endgame or not, are that:
1) Kayaba is artificially creating an army of magic-users that can overthrow the Clock Tower. He doesnt even need to pull any (more) strings, that confrontation will inevitably come to a head when the [game] is done and he realizes them. The Clock Tower, once it learns that they know magecraft, will attempt to silence them, only to be met with a group of well-organized, united, combat magic wielding group of fighters thousands strong, while the Clock Tower itself is a group of loosely affiliated, mistrustful, self-serving researchers that is probably at best as numerous as the players themselves. Dunno how Shirou and Illya haven't noticed it yet, but unless Schweinorg or one of the [Magic] users, get involved, the odds are actually in the favor of the players. That is, ignoring the side-effects of prolonged comma, and assuming Kayaba can, and actually will, activate the player's magic circuits IRL.
2) Aincrad is the perfect (virtual) environment to watch Magics be discovered. Due to the fact it only has 10,000 live souls, the soul density is higher than the real world, and the low technology level that makes more things [impossible] makes Magic more easily achievable.
About Shirou, there is actually no benefit to not telling anyone that there is a high chance the Clock Tower will hunt them when (if) they're out. That said, spreading it around will only cause panic. The best solution would be to reach out to Diabel, and other trustworthy front-liners.
About Illya, I'd really like an interaction when the BSM oldest members talk about what they plan to so once they're out and Illya snaps and then leaves, forcing Shirou to explain Illya has a [health condition] that means she's going to die soon, and likely isn't living past the game. That will throw another factor in Kiroto and Argo's (and now Asuna's) calculations as to who (or what) Illyia is IRL.
As for Kirito, he's moaning about being weak now but since he's learning "mathemagic" directly from Kayaba's character avatar, it is guaranteed he will eventually receive a Title, because learning to magically manipulate numbers on a setting where everything is controlled by numbers is so broken it's right up there with Shirou and Illya. Bonus points if he finds a sidequest to learn the memory partition and thought acceleration techniques of the [Atlas] alchemists to become a human computer.
About the other [Rare Element Users] of the BSM, that has the potential for infinite badassery in the form of a Fairy Tail-style guild. Composed of a ragtag bunch of (overpowered) chaotic misfits, united mostly by a feeling and Illya's iron will, standing on the front-lines together with the other, organized and themed guilds, and nevertheless kicing as much or more ass than them, like a battalion of norse berserkers in the middle of an army. Though we never did learn Rosalia's [Element].
Will the players ever unlock a quest to learn their [Origin]?
And will Shirou ever learn there is a [Sakura] NPC in the game and attempt to save her? Probably not, if Illya can stop it.
Does everyone who soloes a Boss get a Title?
There's probably more, but off the top of my head, this is it. I'll PM you with the rest later, if it isn't too much of a bother for you.
makopaulo chapter 72 . 5/16
You can use a sword as a mace without using gloves, so long as have a strong grip to avoid sliding the blade against your palm and fingers.

Here's a video that explains : watch?vvwuQPfvSSlo
Guest chapter 65 . 5/8
You just didn't know what a [chair 1] would do didn't you?
You just didn't know.
Guest chapter 62 . 5/8
The dreaded third transformation

Now, let's just hope there is no balance breaker / over charge mode available to him...
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