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Wind Wolf 1701 chapter 11 . 10/17
Re-reading this story for the (?) time, I can but hope to see it continued some day. Thank you for the goodies. WW.
Reiki89 chapter 11 . 10/10
Please update. Your stories are great.
LadyKazi chapter 11 . 9/16
i would quite like more. I find I can get lost in the world that you've created here. And while it is not the reality I am custom to from JK Rowling's books it does however create its own little world with familiar characters tweaked just enough that they have the changes needed but not enough that they're unrecognizable. it's hard to take already created and shaped characters and move them to an alternate reality or even to alter their own reality when a person is already used to it but I find that you've done quite well.
excessivelyperky chapter 10 . 9/8
Harry is being sensible! (faints) He's right, going to see Sirius under such shaky circumstances-well, Sirius probably is being persuaded that if only Harry can be sat on long enough that he'll come to his right mind, and possibly be persuaded to lure Snape into a trap.

It's nice that Lucius and Hermione are so supportive, though.

And really, would it have hurt to put up a few wards? Then again, both of them were probably exhausted with keeping their secret.
dhamann7878 chapter 11 . 8/27
excellent story and one that deserves to be completed,
excessivelyperky chapter 9 . 7/3
Another delightful chapter. I think Harry is underestimating himself-he's certainly as bound to Snape as Snape is to him. And Hermione will end up running the WW and almost everyone will think it's someone else.
Moi chapter 11 . 6/25
I so wish you would finish this one! I love it! I can't count how many times I've reread it by now!
shera98 chapter 11 . 5/9
I am loving this story. I like this version of Harry, but I'm curious if his feelings for Severus have developed into love or if they will. I do hope you continue this someday.
GuiltyPleasures chapter 11 . 4/19
I really wish you'd finish this one! It's really, really great! Definitely one of my favorite Snarry's EVER! :-)
excessivelyperky chapter 8 . 3/20
I can see all sorts of possible abuses of these reforms (let's ask the Asatru people about their opinion of the use of blood eagles in wartime), but things do seem to being going well, for now.

One can only hope that the Aurors are contacting the Muggle authorities about any Muggle children in the same household as abused magical ones. I hope.

And Squibs might prefer to be treated as equals in the Muggle world than be pensioners and Obvious Inferiors in the magical one. I bet some of them bolt as soon as they possibly can.
arynwy chapter 11 . 9/6/2016
It really would be fabulous to see Sirius' response to the paper and the fact that Severus will come up clean when questioned about his prior involvement with Harry. Harry should have sent him a dog house as a gift when Severus received the summons, LOL!

It always did bother me that Dumbledore had done so very much of nothing with regard to forwarding the rights of Muggleborn, werewolves and the others that he claimed to champion in the series. He'd really had plenty of time and political capital at one point to have done so.
excessivelyperky chapter 7 . 6/29/2016
It does sound like the marriage between Lucius and Narcissa left something to be desired-but that he and Hermione are making up for lost time. Besides, all intellectual girls love horses! (just ask Lisa Simpson).

Poor Ron. He should have remembered what happened to Marietta Edgecombe, and Hermione barely knew the girl. Why do I feel that canaries are in his future?

And I am so glad that Harry rescued Snape (and allowed Snape to finish off his assailant. You know, the burn paste smelled funny for the next couple of weeks...).

Luna's wonderful. I bet she ends up running the paper once her father is gone.
Anonymous chapter 11 . 6/13/2016
This fic is so good. Please don't leave up here!
excessivelyperky chapter 6 . 5/30/2016
I can't decide if Hermione ought to do something terrible to Ron or write him a thank-you letter. Oh, I know! A letter thanking him along with a vivid description of why she's enjoying her married life so much ought to be just the thing.

As for Harry, his mother was Dorea Black (per the family tree at Grimmauld Place, I believe) and his godfather was Sirius Black. That ought to make sense even to Dumbledore.

As for blood adoption being revived, perhaps Harry ought to do a little more research and find out why it was banned in the first place? Perhaps keeping the same old genes in play is not such a good idea. But at least so many orphans will find a family, and a place, and those not inclined towards standard reproduction still remain in the Wizarding World.

As for the poor selling their children...from a genetic point of view it makes sense. But how long till Molly Weasley tries to put Harry's head on a stick for just suggesting it? And perhaps the poor have more children because they have fewer pureblood genes in them, too.
excessivelyperky chapter 5 . 5/17/2016
One thing that Harry and Hermione are still not realizing about Dumbledore is that he has successfully indoctrinated Gryffindors into believing that whatever a Gryffindor is right, especially if they somehow harm a Slytherin in the process-and that Slytherin is always evil, so hurting one is a *good* thing. But it would take a lot for either one to examine their premises to that extent. Fortunately, Harry can see past that to some extent, or he wouldn't be in bed with Snape. Plus, at some point Harry is likely to realize that he is human enough to love, no matter how he denies it-Snape loving him will be the first total love he's experience since his parents died, and eventually that will reach him.

Hermione is quite sensible, but doesn't examine her premises enough, either-just ask Marietta Edgecombe what she thinks of self-righteous Gryffindors, though Hermione has of course forgotten her existence. But there's another problem. Blood adoption simply repeats the genetic errors causing the problems with inbreeding, and frankly, perpetuates them. Maybe that's one of the reasons it was abandoned in the first place.

Ron's dead meat-he'll be lucky if he doesn't have canaries flying out of his mouth (having entered him somewhere else).
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