Reviews for Partners
Guest chapter 23 . 5/14
Holy shit I cried so fucking hard! T_T
This was the first SNK fic that made me cried so hard that mom thought there was a whale in the house. I totally love the ending! And oh, you even named their daughter after Eren's mom. And that put me to tears. This fic is totally AWESOME!
-Elouise B.
chi chapter 23 . 5/10
Awesome i love it
xUchihaPrincessx chapter 23 . 5/6
So freaking sweet. And the song 'Shelter' :3 So cute. I read it on my day off—the whole thing—and it's amazing! Thanks for sharing!
Rushi no Ryuu chapter 23 . 5/4
Oh my gosh, that was beautiful. I'm in live with college AU' s and this one was perfect. I like your writing style, as well as the plotting of the story, the way you portrayed the characters, and I especially enjoyed how fun and humor went side by side with darker themes.
Have a great day !
Whatislifeanyway chapter 6 . 4/25
I freakin' love this, okay?
Haikcutie chapter 23 . 4/24
I remember this fanfic. (And still remember the end too. So fucking adorable from start to finish!)
It was the first Ereri fanfic I ever read and goddamn, I still love it so much. I searched ages for this and was constantly devastated when I couldn't find it. Now I'll always have the link saved.
This was such an amazing and great story. I just want to cry at how everyone interacts so perfectly. The characters fit so well, and your humor completed it. Just thank you for making such an awesome story!
(I'm sharing this story with my friend and can't wait for her to read this so we can fangirl together 3 )
Also looking forward to starting Fairy Tales
All the love,
Haikcutie :3
Anonymous chapter 23 . 4/21
Shatteredoll chapter 6 . 4/21
Hehehe Levi...just. Thank you.
Cutie-Pie-Angel chapter 23 . 4/5
That was a wonderful story, thank you very much for it :)
Amanda 0095 chapter 23 . 3/23
This story was so sweet and cute! I loved it! Thanks for sharing this story.
glowingxstars chapter 1 . 2/17
Back on Chapter 1- OOPS. Just really wanted to say all 23 chapters have been a blast and there wasn't a day when I stopped reading it when I started. This story is AMAZE beans. Made my heart all doki doki and shit. 3 I love how Eren and Levi develop their relationship over time. It's AMAZING. Thank you for sure a wonderful and awesome read.
Bob chapter 1 . 2/6
Awesome fanfic! I love it so far
Saddith chapter 23 . 2/5
Thank you for this! :)
Tape123 chapter 23 . 2/5
Just finished reading the whole story.
It was fantastic! I couldn't stop reading and I'm so sad it eventually finished. The ending was lovely though and made a smile.

Thank you for writing such a great story. Hope to see more in the future :)
Kiri Natsumi-Tetsuya chapter 23 . 1/29
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