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Anonymous chapter 57 . 6/20/2015
Hey there, I'm sorry that people have been rude and forcing updates out of you. To be honest, I always wish you updated faster, but reading your notes before and after chapters, I understand and patiently await another chapter. Kind of like delayed gratification: you always make the wait worth it.
This is the first time I've ever commented on your story, and the reason why I finally am is to comment on a quote Percy said: "Ask for the world, and I'd give you the moon to go along with it." I just wanted to tell you that I love that he said that, and I love the quote so much! Also, I don't comment because I know you're looking for feedback on your writing, and I have none to give (sorry!).
Thank you for an amazing chapter, and I look forward to your upcoming chapters!
hiatusfangirl1999 chapter 57 . 6/20/2015
Omg I love this! I almost thought it was the last chapter already with all the goodbyes and stuff haha but thank goodness there's three more!

Also, did you write a more detaile version of the sex scene? Coz if you did, I can't find the link to your blog in your page anymore 0-0 haha but other than that I loved the roof dancing scene! Made me feel like a bit if high school musical without the rain and the singing :P LOL

Thank you so much for the update!
HimekoUchia chapter 57 . 6/20/2015

No prom for Nico XD I'm sure Jason would be prom king for sure XD
Nico understands the attraction women ( Eros) have to cute people. Run while you can, Nico.

Lol Nico your sex deprivation this past week is showing XD Or maybe Jason is just so hot.
Grace sibing goodbyes X( Jason is a big boy now. Don't need his big sister anymore. And Thalia Zoe always makes me happy XD

I'm glad Juniper is coming. She is such a sweetheart. I hope she survives the asshole Lost Kids in Berlin XD
And I'm always glad Beckelina (?) will be around. Those two are so sweet. I can't wait for them to be married XD I'm sure the Lost Kids would make the best wedding toasts ever! Especially if they were drunk
Castellan brothers: "We are glad that they are getting married! Marriage leads to anger and anger means more angry revenge sex with us ahahaha!"
*everyone groans except for the Stoll brothers*
*Eros pulls them away from the mic* Stop embarrassing yourselves you idiots people associate me with you now.

aaaa I remember the days of curious Nico. Good times... Good times... Now he is more subtle about it XD
Wow Silena's mom was a bitch. What a conceited, selfish and horrible woman.

You know, it's still very messed up, what Percy does to the Lost Kids. but in their relative world, I guess he's the good Mafioso and does what he can. It's not like he has much freedom of choice in that matter either.
I can't blame the Lost Kids for being pissed when Nico arrived anymore, now that I know them better. He was protected and kept away from the top floor and they didn't get the choice. And when Nico wanted to work there? Probably wanted to slap some sense into him.
Sometimes I still want to hate Percy but his good side wins over most of the time XD

Wow Silena's scary. But Nico made the right call. No need to become a killer in this messed up world, even if the person being killed is horrible.

Percy must have had a mini heart attack when he saw Nico there XD
yes Percico couple fights are normal.
Percy? Apologizing? See, this is why I can't help liking this man XD At least Percy is starting to understand relationships. And Nico is learning too.

Uni in England? Good choice XD Nico might love it there. Except for the weather.
Percy is indeed a sweetheart in such a messed up context. He's so genuine.
The PROM DANCE urg that's cute. Good move, Percy. Good move. gosh good thing they didn't go to prom together though. I imagine they might get thrown out for PDA. Or have to have a quick one in the bathroom because they wouldn't be able to keep their hands off of each other in those tuxes XD

Nico you need a cuddle buddy for your nightmares. It helps.
Nico had a sad childhood :( that sucks.
But Percy my goodness what a sad little boy.

THE PHOTO now Percy that is a sweet move. You cute little lover. Good boyfriend moves man.
Nico really did make him relieve bad memories then. And he, like Luke, tried so hard to protect a kid they didn't want to disappoint X(. Sweet men.

I imagine Kronos's father must be an awful man to have such a shitty offspring. He couldn't have inherited all of that from Gaea. She doesn't seem sadistic. Just cruelly pragmatic. Kronos is a butt though. And not the nice kind.

Percy you romantic sod. Next thing you know he is gonna be throwing Dothraki pet names at Nico.
Nico: Aw my bf is a sweety. Now take your pants off.

Woo Nico you have a very skilled boyfriend.
Nico: *melts*
Percy: You thirsty little boy

Cuddle buddies. Yes.

American graduation seems so fun and fancy with the caps and gowns XD Here we just sit outside the school crying and at 10am the principal comes in with 4 huge posters with our fates written on the and sticks them up on the main entrance windows so that we can check to see if we passed with honorable mentions XD

The Stolls, Eros and Leo are the worst XD The embarrassing cousins you never wanted. I cringed for Nico.

Bianca and Percy have an "understanding"? I have a feeling this involved lots of fear on Percy's part. And some smiley threats from big sister.
"If you make Nico cry I will make you cry :) :)"

Apollo and Artemis :( :( :( Oh Apollo, I'm sure Artemis would be so happy to see you again no matter what.

Luke you are already becoming a jealous boyfriend and you aren't even dating yet XD Scared that Octavian is gonna tell Eros embarrassing stories about you or is gonna give Eros baby pictures of you?
Actually, that is a legitimate fear. Be very scared.

I love that Octavian and Eros get along XD Inside Octavian must be like "Oh god not another little shit he's obsessed with protecting... Oh wait, this kid is such a cute little demon. nvm good luck Luke I approve"
Eros petting Luke on the head omg XD "there there good puppy don't get angry"

ahaha Octavian and Nico basically treat Lukeros like they're already dating. Luke certainly acts that way. Eros seems to be more chill about it XD "lol yeah we're together but he just doesn't know it yet. Gonna move in with the bae soon *heart heart*"

I'm glad Clarisse is coming she was awesome. And that she got promoted. I will miss all those staying in the US.

Nico would make a wonderful bartender slash advice guru. He connects with people so well.

Nooooo Hazel and Nico siblinghood is breaking up :( Their moments are always so cute and mushy and touching.
I hope all the lost kids do well for themselves. Even Drew. I hope she can one day build a castle out of all the jewelry she received from customers.

Wow Eros stayed in the US a long time XD I wonder why.

Wow see Eros already has plans to make Luke move in. Just kick Zephyros out no problem dude XD I'm sure Octavian could learn to get along with an Italian yoga teacher Lost Kid XD
Eros isn't even denying his massively obvious unofficial relationship XD Though sharing a suit might end up with them and everyone in their corridor having really serious sleeping problems XD

Chiron was cool. I will miss him. and GANYMEDE my baby I will miss you so much. Every time he calls Nico "cutie" it just makes me awwww.

Luke you jealous shit XD Good aim. I can imagine him just standing there glaring like an ass the whole time
"you traitor you let Aphrodite maul me you are a terrible bae and... BAE NO WHAT U DOING? Ganymede you tall good looking man NO leave my bae alone omg get your own bae! do you know how many absolutely *cough* HORRIBLE cuddle sessions I had to SUFFER THROUGH to make bae my bae? omg no fucking way back off"

Luke's insult game is inversely proportional to the size of his crush on Eros.

Eros acts like the annoying teasing husband in the relationship XD You know, these two act exactly like my cousin and her husband its crazy XD

Holy shit can these two get married already come on.

Lol Nico is such a hardass. And now Dionysus needs him to stay in the job oh the beauty of karma.
True, we really don't know much about Nico. He was a sweet innocent boy before, but this scary silver tongued threatening Nico had to be ruminating somewhere.
I liked Dionysus really XD I will miss his annoying ass.

Aw Annabeth. I'm reeeaaaallly glad they're separating on a lighter note. maybe she saw how Percy was like when Nico was taken from him and decided that she was not suicidal enough to get between them. I'm glad she is conceding for now.
Nico is such a bitch to her XD understandable. Wouldn't trust her either. Maybe the dictionary is filled with inappropriate words so that he embarrasses himself. Or maybe it's filled with nude photos of women.

Whaaaat is Nico scheming? He's getting really good at this game of thrones XD I'm worried.

Sibling goodbyes are so sad. I will miss you as well, Bianca. Daedalus. And Persephone.

YEESSS I APPROVE OF APOLLO GOING OFF ON A QUEST OF REDISCOVERY he needs to find peace with himself and his past. Robert was one step of it, but seeing his sister again would do him some good.

Yeah you should be sorry for what you did to Nico. But you've grown, little grasshopper, and I hope you find happiness.
Oh no Esperanza is not going D: D: how sad for Leo. But I guess its time to lead a separate life.

Apollo you need 1000 hugs.

I hope all the Lost Kids going their own way lead a happy life. My goodness if it were me there I would be crying XD

My goodness Eros must be that one happy irritating guy on your off days. Luke is so sweet to him though. He is nowhere near as patient with anyone else XD
lol Luke is totally gonna move in because that means premium booty access.
So much smirking and glaring XD these two's relationship is basically "who can be the biggest ass in the relationship while simultaneously being the cutest"

Oh no they are also a scheming married couple. C'mon and join Percico in the corner.

Octavian would make an amazing lawyer, if that's what he wants to do. He's so smart, he could do lots of good. And How to Get Away with Murder has given me a whole new perspective on law XD

Octavian sitting next to Luke and Eros "Holy shit its time for me to move out I can't with these two nerds anymore"

Woo Rachel is the best. XD Ginger power.

The ending of the chapter makes me a little emotional X) Starting a new home somewhere new.

LOVED the chapter! My brain woke me up at 6:30 am this morning and I was like... "why am I even awake at this ungodly hour and then I remembered. Right. I wanted to read the chapter before Spanish my goodness why brain why"
So long. So amazing. So many feels.

Great work as usual! These ending chapters are really great so far. Can't wait for the rest!
(and my friend loved the chapter too she binged it before her historygeography orals XD) chapter 57 . 6/20/2015
Thank you so much for the happy closing! I've been reading, watching and even witnessing too many sad endings that mostly leave me angry and frustrated at the way of life, at times even life itself. This is helping me heal myself in many ways I thought impossible. Thank you! I look forward to your next update but strangely not for the story to end. Hehe.
theboringdolphin chapter 57 . 6/19/2015
I expected something like that when it involved Silena's past, since Aphrodite/Venus is known to be very vain. I'm really glad that we finally know all of the lost kids stories, it feels like the mystery has finally unfolded. I'm super happy Percy and Nico made up, this chapter was so fluffy! It melted my heart like propane melts steel beams. Anyway, the goodbyes were sad, and the talk between Nico and Dionysus was interesting.
Percy and Nico sharing some of their past with each other; because I have a feeling that they haven't said it all, was very sweet and it sort of made their trust much more stronger. I loved hearing Percy talk about his mom.
Annabeth waving a white flag was very much appreciated and I'm glad there were no harsh feelings, well, not so much so. She was smart I'll give her that.
This chapter was amazing, and I'll be awaiting patiently for the next one. Take your time, relax and ignore those people who keep asking for an update right after you just finished updating, I know it must not be easy but try to pay those people no mind.
I hope I'm not sounding accusing? For lack of a better word, but I know you said you weren't going to go back and finish your old stories but have you ever considered giving them away to someone else? Someone who would be interested in finishing those stories? I'm mostly concerned with Shadows of an Empire (which I know you said was well over) and House Of The Wicked, but its just, those stories were very far along and just getting to the climax. It would have been nice to see how they would have played out. You have a lot of things going on right now, I understand and know that you have other projects you want to work on. Not to mention, I'm guessing (correct me if I'm wrong, I don't mean this in a bad way) that the Percico ship is well and done for you. So maybe, you could, if you want (again this just a suggestion, you don't have to listen to me) give at least those two stories away to someone who can finish them? Someone who wants to finish them, someone who loves the Percico ship a lot to finish them? Because I'm sure a lot of people were excited to see how those two stories would have played out and it just seems like such a shame to just leave them unfinished. You created these amazing worlds and it would have been amazing to see the end of the journey.
Hope you don't get harassed again, and I hope things are going smoothly for you. Sorry for the long review and sorry if it seems like I'm badgering you to continue stories you don't want to or are done with. Thank you for the amazing chapter and update when you can.
RebelAngel91210 chapter 57 . 6/19/2015
I enjoyed the fluffiness of this chapter and Nico and Percy making up. I kinda expected Annabeth to do something bad to Nico, but was pleasantly surprised that she ended things so nicely with Nico. I like your use of french, it made me smile when Eros said "mon petit cho" because that's what my mom (who is french) would call me when I was a kid.
Riilustra -Your Sweetest SIN chapter 57 . 6/19/2015
I feel so bad for not reviewing your recent chapters, I'm so sorry please forgive me; I'm such a horrible reader :( I don't even review for you; I shouldn't be reading the chapters if I don't leave a review for them..but will change! no worry I will review for your closing chapters; I promise! I think I reviewed one time but that was wayyy back then I can't remember but yea. :/

Did you intended to kill me with all that fluff in the chapter? I would've died at the movie theaters with lots of people seeing me fangirl to death, (I was reading the chapter instead of watching the movie; don't judge me; I have my priorities.. the chapter was just higher than Chris Pratt at the moment ;) ..), but the dancing on the roof top was just so damn adorable to read! The picture in Percy's pocket watch changing from his mother to Nico was just another jab to my wittle heart! To top it all off, was when Percy told Nico more about himself and everything! Then to add to all this, was Nico's graduation and the goodbyes to the Lost Kids who decided to stay! Then Apollo going to finally confront his sister, I hope that goes well for him; he needs to confront her and let her know her brother is still alive. Nico the advice giver! The couples in here where some I wouldn't have even considered before reading the fic let's just say you made me sail some more ships in the fandom. Man, I love you! I love this fic! I love this fandom! You made me a happy fangirl today, sir! I appreciate everything you do for the Percico fandom and others!

Yes, after reading your opening author's note made me very irritated that people don't have patience! I mean you have a life! You have to work! You have to have time off to just relax! and when I went to look at the reviews I was disappointed that people are that despite for an update they'll say things like that! then again after I reread it I got me thinking; "maybe I'm one if those reviewers" and I just couldn't read the chapter because I was so angry and sad at the same time. I was happy that I finally calmed down and realize that I have review; I owe that much to you.

Don't let those reviewers get in your way to relax, you earn yourself time off; loyal readers would wait months for an update that is edited and perfected than and update that is fast with many mistakes! I am a loyal reader to you (and many other writers on here) I waited almost a whole year for an update for a story I really liked and I wasn't disappointed (besides from the cliffhanger he left for me) it was well written and everything; I think I can wait months for you too! :D

Okay, I think I should stop here if I don't I'll just ramble on and stuff..things. lol have a good day and thank you for bestowing upon me another update, ha ha ha... Lol

In the meantime, review you later ;D (I might go look at some of your works later and I would love to read your book too; maybe I'll look for that too).
MsWharton chapter 57 . 6/19/2015
I'm glad Percy and Nico gained some closure and made up and I don't maybe I'm jumping to conclusion but I think with what Percy was telling Nico, that was his way of explaining to Nico that he loved him, instead of directly saying such. I like Eros, Octavian and Luke's development and honestly I wouldn't be surprised that this story received a dark ending. It wouldn't be right if it didn't, I mean I'm glad this chapter had a lot of fluff and light moments and at first I thought this was a great chapter to end it all I realized that it just wouldn't fit especially with everything that ha happened. I've also read some of the comments and idk why the hell they're acting that way. Reading those comments even make me feel uncomfortable so I can't even imagine how you're feeling. Take well hun
catauragay chapter 57 . 6/19/2015
Oh yay: Percy and Nico made up!
Eros and Luke are cute together, as usual. :3
It's kind of sad that Thalia and Jason are going to separate, especially since they care about each other so much. Same with Bianca and Nico.
Nico going to college in England is actually a pretty clever idea.
In short, I'm sad for the friends and siblings who are separating, but happy for the couples who are ending up together. I'm happy for everyone who is achieving happiness.
Apex Calibre chapter 57 . 6/19/2015
Yeah something bad is definitely gonna happen to's too peaceful
Shinee's Hypeman chapter 57 . 6/19/2015
You know this is quite honestly the best Percy/Nico story I've read on this site... It's really really well written and I have enjoyed reading every second of it, sad to see it coming to an end but all good things must end right? Lol looking forward to the next update
Paradigm of Writing chapter 57 . 6/19/2015
I truly felt heartbroken with this chapter. I didn't start reading it till probably early Feb, so I'm very late with the upbringing of this story. I wanted to comment, since I rarely often do on how lovely this fic has become. I observe how you write romance, and I'm baffled by how amazing it is.

Nico and Percy's relationship is unbelievably realistic and is one of the primary reasons why I come back. Like I said, I felt heartbroken with all the goodbyes. I'm glad Annabeth and Nico made up, and it's just one little checkbox I can let rest. You've turned this ensemble cast of characters into a family for me. It's a little part of my brain that I think about. How I wish to write like this one day, to get attached to characters that I form differently.

You continue what you do best, and that is write stories. Personally, the updating is fine as it is. As a fellow writer, I understand the annoyance you may get from this (or hatred should I choose to be blunt), but don't succumb to what others wish of you. That let's them have an upper hand and essentially you might've just been bullied. You take as much time as you need with these last three chapters. Kronos knows I won't be able to handle them. Keep up the wonderful work and know you've got a fan who'll support all your future decisions. Happy writing!

~ Paradigm
DaughterofWar chapter 56 . 6/19/2015
guest chapter 1 . 6/17/2015
Okay.. that was amazing. . Took me three days to finish all 56 chapters and I am in love with Percy... please update..
DaughterofWar chapter 56 . 6/7/2015
PLEASE PLEASE update your story
I know you're probably really busy but PLEASE do update...
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