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choirforlife25 chapter 9 . 2/19
This chapter was definitely worth the wait and man kyoka's comeback had me dying of laughter you have done a remarkable job with this whole story so far I shall wait as patiently as I can for the next chapter amazing story
Curious Anon chapter 9 . 2/18
Nice work, once again. Real quick question though- is there an update schedule for this, or is it just when you get inspiration? I'm assuming schedule since you updated three stories on one day, but I'd really like to know. Thanks, and keep up the good work.
Passing Thru chapter 9 . 2/18
Ya know, maybe, just maybe, Harribel and the other arrancar might be able to become "true fifty-fifty perfect hybrids" between Hollow and Shinigami such that they could manifest or dispel their mask remnants and/or hollow hole at will? But this will take time, and knowing how much you jam-pack into these chapters as well as how long it takes you to update, it will likely be quite some time yet before we see such things happen if we end up seeing them at all. Adios!
tanithlipsky chapter 9 . 2/16
wow. good chapter. the wow is a good thing.
shiranakutemokekko chapter 8 . 2/15
Ok. Things I DID like about this story (or it's first 7 chapters anyway):
1. No harem - I'm sick and tired of those.
2. Kyouka Suigetsu Hogyoku. Interesting. Unusual. Promising.
3. A bit of romance Harribell. Well done, indeed.
Now, the list of reasons I decided to stop reading after chapter 7:
1. The first and the biggest one. Too much teasing for my liking. They are Hollows and Shinigami, a hardened warriors who KILL on a regular basis. You can never be the same after something like that. They are DEFINETELY not a bunch of kids, who are only interested in opposite sex, teasing, flirting and other shit like that. And while I'm not against occasional teasing and blusing, there is just too much of it in this story for my liking. By the time I've started to read chapter 8, it actually feels like all of the characters have only half a brain and all they can think about is some primitive romance-related stuff.
2. The second and the closely related to the first one. Ichigo. While he's pretty canon, you don't see lots of what I described above in canon, thus you can easilly ignore it. But not here. Poor guy... Just leave him alone already... It's like he can only think about opposite sex, even in a midst of a battle. It's ridiculous.
3. The last and the least important. Ichigo is too weak. Seriously. He is a freak of nature from the very begining, then you give him Kyouka Suigetsu Hogyoku and what? Nothing. You keep saying he's going to be strong eventually... With what he ALREADY has, he can be pretty much of one the strongest characters in Bleach universe if no THE strongest. It'll take time, yes, but his fight with Byakuya was... honestly, it was lame.

Still, I would like to thank you for the story as I thoroughtly enjoyed the beggining of it. I guess it's just not what I was looking for. And sorry for my grammar ;)
chimera629 chapter 9 . 2/9
wow his mentor is unhana and so is yamamotoshes one of the biggest monsters in the ss
its funny ichigo badmouths nobles yet comes from a noble clan in the ss and his mom was a pureblood quincy
wonder when nel will pop up so she can have her chance
i knew mila was going to make a move on chad but it makes them admiting they like him and keep talking about a harem annoying though they technically are his harem
im surprised you can see her hallow hole when shes released and that he hasnt noticed hallows have no problem with nudity which is why her jealousy of him seeing yourichi was annoying
also since when could hallows have children and even if they could would they be gentically compatible ?
her not having a womb isnt even an issue if they could have kids since they can use gigia as a body to carry the child or other surrogate
about time shes trying to learn about her inner world know they just need to bring the others into in and start their bankai training
chimera629 chapter 8 . 2/9
wow your playing ichigo just as infuriatingly stupid,naive and dense as cannon good job.
how old are ichigos arrancar and reaper frineds/aquantances?
i notice they blame ichigo for all that happen and could go wrong and not the ss where the true fault lies and that nobody corrected him on it
really has no one heard of tpo and he just let that happen pathtic and wondering how her illusions effect ichigo and teir or bya theyve touched her blade
he has more than two women clamoring for him the fraccion like him and so do orihime to name a few though their being ignored though it looks like mila is going to go for chad now since haribel is blocking them form making a move on ichigo
this whole women beating on the guys for no good reason without retalition or being told off and the guys caving is getting annoying along with the jokes about age cause she knows for a fact that she old hell all of the real reapers and hallow are hundreds of years old and the rest arent even twenty
if theyre going to rebuild as king and queen hope they go with 14 squads to eqaul the ss
chimera629 chapter 7 . 2/9
wow these genius went to the first place they would be looked for even with their guts telling them its a bad idea
hmm i m glad their trying to deal with his naviety hell they havent even shown him hostage situations and its ridculous for him to beleave that aizen didnt get any of his behavior from the ss cause honestly to me he still acted the way reapers did he was just following his own vision instead of one laid out form him.
why hasnt he brought up their second release or had them work on their inner world to get stronger since he should know by know helping people protect themselves along with you is the best protection or at lest be learning it instead of being as selfish as he is cause hes soft on the inside
its ridiculous how easily distracted he is with all his fighting experinece and dissappointed that teir and her fraction are being soft since they know for a fact the ss wants them dead yet their fighting to knock them out like its a match instead of for their lives
Blind sharingan chapter 9 . 2/8
Are you doing the hell arc if so can you make it so ichigo keeps the amour or a lest make so it affects his spirits in some way. But so far it is a great fic
chimera629 chapter 6 . 2/8
wtf he can accept hallows and others with hallow power but not his own inner hallow just ridiculous and the way he ignores the fact that his inner hallow always helped him and when he was having problems it was becuase of him trying to fight or contain it.
is no one even going to acknowledge the fact that if ichigo isnt being a dumbass they couldnt kill him as easily as their acting and the fact he beat a guy who handed all of them their ass.
why did the hogoyku absorb his hallow power instead of letting him like it said he needs to do and why is it showing itself in his chest,and does anyone else find it weird that without his instinct hes actually noticing the hot women around him?
why did he attack the guy when he knows it was kyoka who should him that scene and why havent they asked what he'll do when his friends and family are threatened or taken hostage?
man he isnt using the word pervert right hes just a prude.
cant wait for him and hopefully the girls when he tell them to start bankai training
how long has it been since hes been with them cause it doesnt seem all that long for them to be falling for each other espcieally since hallows dont have kids that i know of
chimera629 chapter 5 . 2/8
you dont have to respect you boss and shes dumb for beleaving he wouldnt just follow order after what happend to her and the just following order excuse their using doesnt fly after what just happend with aizen and knowing human history
they dont even care that they maybe starting another war and splitting their ranks
are they really so stupid to imagine the ss wouldnt use the twins agianst them who they still havent told anything the dumbasses
why didnt they contact the visard and when did hogyoko become a man ?
its something they recongnise the hallow as part of him and he doesnt and what do you mean human power and a mystery when they should know what quincy power is and the myster should be fullbringer yet i bet its the other way around
really hes acting like he has to protect her knowing how strong and skilled she would be as the third espada also surprised hes scarred as i dont remember orihime or his regeneration or healing kido leaving scars unless its extreme case
they say delishions of good hood if theyre going to give the power he had plus evergrowing power he will become god level hope he adds something to the desert and start the girls on their second relase and kyoka as well
i hope they can work on his naviety cause hes hole reason for wanting to protect is ridiculous and part of the reason his mom died if he wouldnt have tried to save the girl his mom would most likely be alive and he wouldnt might feel the need to protect as much as his mom wouldnt have got killed by a monster saving him.
chimera629 chapter 4 . 2/8
glad some of them acknowledge the commnader was wrong even if they were too scared to come right out and say it and really your still going by the laws that led to this and many other horrible events to be your guide. also matters little if theyre going to obey anyway and find it funny he talking about seeing reason
as he's not part of your group why would he be under your laws that have cause this and several bad situations and didnt nobody pay attention to the fact the he basically said he wont allow powerful people to exist who dont serve the ss
wonder if they can help him with kido and if hogyoku will make a blade for him to use
her training isnt worse than the zangetsus and he should be used to attractive nearly naked women
has he never been to the beach saw porn his countrys famous for been seen women outside school
chimera629 chapter 3 . 2/8
it funny hes talking about trust yet completely ignored that even though the hallow was an ahole he didnt hid anything like the old man he trusted and never questioned
is he going to tell them about the second release and will ishin tell the twin the truth finally
chimera629 chapter 2 . 2/8
yet his hallow and quincy dissapeared as well and in the first place his powers have always been visard/arrancar since theyve always been fused and if it took the sr power he should still have the hallow.
though hate his method aizen wasnt wrong about the ss
really the ladies are stupid and so is he they all should have known how the ss would react they should have waited till he was in the human world or the ladies should have supressed it so it looked like he lost his powers all dumbasses
ungreatfull bastards all of them completely ignoring it was the actions of the ss that turned him not the stone or his sword and that his power still came from thiem
Crimson Reiter chapter 9 . 2/5
huh. Un verdadero gusto llegar a conocerte, Tiburón!
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