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luissz chapter 8 . 10/25/2015
So happy to see you're doing more chapters, there was this air of finality to this chapter that was really worrying me. Other than that, wow! what a story. The characters, the interactions, the fights, the humor, the drama, it's all so smooth and so well done, I could easily imagine all of these scenes happening in the anime/manga. The relationship between Ichigo and Tier is just fantastic, you stayed true to their characters while also making a fun, engaging, and tender romance between them, well done. To say I'm excited for future chapters is an understatement, can't wait to see how Soul Society will react to all this, this'll be good.
mordreek chapter 8 . 10/25/2015
Yaaay! It returns, so glad to see the latest in the story that literally got me interested in Bleach fanfiction.

So, Kyoka can manifest and it seems like that is a sign that Ichigo is close to getting her bankai...veddy interesting.

Ooooh, not good, good feelings gone and all because of the tactless "father of the year." You'd think he'd have a little courtesy and not ruin a moment for his son...sorry I couldn't even write that with a straight face.

On the other hand, the impending verbal and maybe physical catfight on the offing by Yourichi and Kyoka/Tier can have only one reponse...CAAAAAAT FIIIIIIGHT! Just kidding but the teasing will be oh so delightful to read. You really do great banter in your stories.

I am firmly on Kyoka's side on this one to say the least. While I love Yourichi in Coming Back to Life, I will agree witih Kyoka that in this story, her ego takes much lower precedent than other situations.

I also approve of Tier having to work for her wielder, Kyoka wouldn't be herself if she didn't play hard to get.

*facepalm* Really Kisuke? I swear that man is a scion of Loki the way he brings forth chaos and mischief...POPCORN!

Phew, that was a near-crisis barely averted. Still, hard to argue with Kyoka about Kisuke, who is one of those characters like Yosho from Tenchi Muyo who are guilty of vast crimes of omission and neglect.

And now I have to cackle at Kisuke's nice innuendo and the way it actually managed to get Kyoka to start fantasizing about her man/wielder. Totally worth it!

Good point about Tier needing to be goaded to an extent in her relationship with Ichigo. The awkward mating dance was adorable but I really hope it finds resolution soon as that's something I despised from the canon, the way things did nothing but drag on.

Oooh burn! We need that ice cpt to make himself useful here. And I feel bad for Ichigo, he really has been overloaded in the info processing department...not to mention the lovely lady/eye candy department too.

...And good feelings gone once again, I swear the fact that Grimmjow is still alive baffles me as he is a clear and legitimate threat to all of them. He won't stop attacking, he has no boundaries or limits while doing so, and no regrets at his attempts or failures. Now is not the time to make like Spiderman and have a catch and release program: KILL THE BASTARD!

Then again, the ladies seem to have him well in hand...and NOT the way they want to have Ichigo hehehehe. If Kyoka did what I think she did, that is perhaps one of the few instances of brainwashing I have no issues with. He cannot be allowed to be free as his natural state, so he needs to be dealt with permanently in some fashion. Death or Bab 5 style rewrite works.

OH COME ON! Seriously, the proverbial cock-blocking of the moment for Ichigo and Kyoka is starting to get to me now. That being said, you are doing a magnificent job of building it up and timing the interuptions perfectly for maximum "Erk!".

Byakuya however, he really needs to learn tact and when to let go. He will get himself killed if he keeps it up. On the other hand, I am intrigued by the turmoil he is under as well as the hints of the choice he seems to be convinced to make.

This is clearly more than just Ichigo not giving up Kyoka and Hogyoku and standing by Tier and her faccion. What is that scarf-wearing putz up to? His clan are the historians, so undoing history would be related to his clan...

Ok, ONCE I'll agree with Byakuya and that Ichigo has the ability to make the British look prone to exaggeration. Talk about understating. He'd be terrible at paperwork as his superiors would have to pull teeth to try to get more than 10 words.

And then the somber golem has to go and put his leg all the way up to his thigh into his mouth to make it easier to digest the attatched foot. I've seen suicidal lemmings with better tact and instinct to live.

YES! A glorious GLORIOUS punch! Well deserved and dare I say it, taken. That was cathartic, not to mention Ichigo being protective of Tier and her girls. That is something I can easily empathize with there.

Oh for the love of Thor! Show an emotion man, please, for once actually act like something other than Nemu's cousin once removed!

...Ok, all my previous gripes about Byakuya can be summed with a Gibs smack to the head and left at that. What he just did takes balls, especially aligning his entire clan with Ichigo out of the blue like that. If the SS continues to go after Ichigo...The Kuchiki clan would be at war with the rest of them.

So Toshiro is siding with Ichigo too? Hehehehe, the old codger just made life all the more interesting for him if he pushes to attack Ichigo and Tier's group. I almost want him to just to see the old man lose everything for his treachery.

And yeah, the Soul Society was more than willing to throw him to the wolves rather than give Ichigo the chance he earned. Regardless of how much they had been hurt by Aizen in the past, they could have figured out Ichigo was on the level without stabbing him in the back and attacking him. On the other hand, he got to meet Tier this way, so it all worked out in the end. And Kyoka sums it up well too, love the mutual protectiveness in this chapter.

Ok, the whole "mess with him bit" lasted a lot longer than the humor does, making it feel awkward and rather mean spirited. Heck, Tier and Tiburon do a good job of distracting from it but when it turns back to humiliation it kills the warm fuzzies the pair generated.

I think a big part of it is that Kyoka was in the wrong and Ichigo needed to shock her out of her funk, whereas this just feels like spiteful revenge. Not to mention that the only people that knew about what Ichigo said were Byakuya, who gossips about as much as he makes jokes and exactly how is what Kyoka doing here reasonable, even, or healthy for that matter. She's basically training him to not stand up to her and just take w/e she decides to dish out/do to him regardless of the validity. It feels like she is putting her ego first instead of their relationship.

I find myself disappointed by Kyoka, and hope that she can redeem herself later in the chapter or story...else this will just be Ichigo trading the abuse he had to put up with from Rukia for Kyoka. He's already internalized it with deciding he "crossed a hard line." he was fighting for his and others lives...HE SHOULDN'T HAVE HAD TO BEG A PART OF HIS SOUL FOR HELP! Regardless of the legitimate emotional issues involved, Kyoka was close to abandoning him to die and now she's demanding her ego be stroked with flattery.

Have to admit that the 2 different Yoruichis in this and Coming back to life are very interesting to read in their reactions and personalities. They might be similar but there are noticeable differences, namely this one is a LOT more catty.

Ok fiiiine, I can accept Kyoka and Hogyoku intended no malice in their little...display, I just find there is something repugnant about how Ichigo was made helpless to do anything while it happened. Still, she does have a point about how rigid he is and shock being a good way of jolting him out of a rut. And she does seem to care more about making him see himself as she sees him rather than changing him, which is huge in my opinion.

Amusing as it was seeing Rukia and Renji drown in the waters of denial, and Byakuya promising much less alone time for the same, I have to credit Tier with good timing on shifting the focus...with smooching! Now if that isn't a huge step for her, nothing is.

This scene reminds of me Astrid and Hiccup from how to train your dragon to be honest. Awkward and innocent love and punches/promises of retribution. Nice to see their situation reach some resolution, it was rapidly approaching the breaking point there.

Then the moment dies...along with any hope of Kisuke reaching old age. You'd think after all their years together he'd know better than to tempt fate like that. A good bit of comedy and very fitting with all 3 of them trying to out-brag the others.

Oh boy, and the ragging begins again. Ichigo really cannot get a break can he? And I can sympathize with his inability to verbalize. It always seems easier in one's head. And Kyoka earns brownie points with helping him out there. He was REALLY floundering.

I just fail to see how it's HIS fault, it's reaching the point that regardless of how lacking in malice it might be, the way everyone is treating Ichigo makes me want to yell at them, "ENOUGH! GIVE THE GUY A FUCKING GODDAMN BREAK FOR ONCE!" Which is proven by the way everyone tries to shut him down for daring to do something other than what they think is a good idea.

Ok, Kyoka did good. She and Ichigo really do go well together, with the way she went to defend him from being pressured into changing his mind. And the way she lets Tier know there won't be challenges intrigues me. Kyoka doth indeed need the last word.

Huh, Chad staying I didn't see coming. Makes sense though as he is the most loyal and stable of Ichigo's friends. Wonder which of the arrancars will decide they want some...salsa in their life with him around hehehe.

YES! Tier that was beautiful, oh well timed and even more well played. Her fraccion are more or less a broken record, saying things along the same vein but Tier got him good! I have to admit I have a fondness for the dry, subtle humor.

Hrmm, sensible to give Kisuke a minder while still letting him explore. None of Tier and Ichigo's group would really be suited for figuring out what exactly the hollow mad scientist and Aizen left lying around.

Good, talking is good. Real communication is the only way those two'll work. They really need to spell out everything to each other, at least at first while they're still getting to know each other.

...Waitwaitwait, did Grimmjow just say something on point and insightful about Ichigo and Tier? Holy shit if I weren't sitting I'd be floored. On the other hand it does
slydino chapter 8 . 10/23/2015
Wonderful story. Love how well you portray the characters and actually took the time to build up Ichigo and Tier's romance rather than slap them together and bam they're head over heels for each other. Great job and keep up the good work. Can't wait for the next chapter.
atchoum35 chapter 8 . 10/22/2015
Good chapter thanks for the uptdate and for your work, i can t wait to see what will be the futur chapter, thanks and congratulations
Carlmike94 chapter 8 . 10/20/2015
A new update! And a really long one at that!
And the best part? It's really good! Sure it didn't have much action, but it wasn't really necessary. There where quite a lot that needed to be cleared up and such
fanfictionsfan chapter 8 . 10/19/2015
I really enjoyed how this chapter turned out. The character interaction was very enjoyable and the relationship developement was was good. Keep up the good work!
Dragon and Sword Master chapter 8 . 10/19/2015
I have to admit that this feels like a good way to end a story arc, if you could call it that? Still though, it's about damn time that Ichigo and Tier finally got their heads out of their butts and finally take their Zanpakuto's advice. *nods*
McGeezel chapter 8 . 10/19/2015
not a lot of action but a lot of things got aired. now that sides are chosen and feelings are confessed I feel the story can move on. I liked the chapter over all, if was very entertaining. thanks for the update
Torturer-of-Souls chapter 8 . 10/19/2015
Logically, a regression in the relationship between Kyoka, Hogyoku and Ichigo is all but certain. In fact, that humiliation scene is quite a stretch at this point. Psychologically, Kyoka and Hogyoku would still have a fear of rejection, and ridiculing him in front of so many people whose opinions mean so much to him could trigger that, leading to them being timid and submissive in their interactions in the near future.
Guest chapter 8 . 10/18/2015
This is by far my second favorite Ichigo/Tai stories! I hope you will up date soon.
Erudik chapter 8 . 10/18/2015
I've passed up this story for months because of the pairing, but you made it work beautifully. Your writing style is the perfect kind of mixture I search for. I can't wait to read what comes next. .
Bleached Guest chapter 8 . 10/16/2015
While the awkward humor of misunderstanding throughout the first half of this chapter could be considered equal parts amusing and off-putting for many readers, I feel as though the interspersed moments of seriousness that became more concentrated towards the end made this chapter balanced and worth reading.

It will certainly be interesting and exciting to see what the future holds indeed, though for additional reasons besides the development of Ichigo and Kyoka/Tier's relationships. Threat-wise, there is Yamamoto's reaction along with any other villainous threats that show up (namely movie/filler/video-game/Thousand-Year-Blood-War ones). On the less-threatening but still yet interesting side of things, there is Chad, Grimmjow, Tier's fracciones, and even other Arrancar survivors like Nelliel and her fracciones. What kinds of relationships will form among these people?

Only time will tell, but I will say that you should feel free to take as much time as you want to deliver future chapters of a quality even more worth waiting for!
scifi11 chapter 8 . 10/18/2015
Great chapter. I like the development between Tier and Ichigo as there was too much tip toeing in the previous chapters. Continue the good work!
Zanthraxone chapter 8 . 10/18/2015
What a great and fantastic chapter and update. I am happy to see some new action in A Different Path. I think you did a great job and I really liked the interaction between everyone. Kyoka however I do believe does need a bit of payback from Ichigo due to his spanking lol I mean really?
Anyway fantastic chapter and I look forward to seeing more updates in the future.
Good luck
insomniac1970 chapter 8 . 10/18/2015
Hooray for awkward love stories! This was a nice chapter and the fluff made me really happy. I think that Ichigo was given the ancient Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times." He always seems to be ground zero in any crapstorm that blows up. I like the pairing. I like the story. Please keep up the good work! Cheers!
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