Reviews for Angry Harry and the Seven
Schnuff chapter 20 . 21h ago
I am re-reading this story (dunno if i finished reading it).
so far its interesting with a few flaws.
One of them is the constant bashing of Dumbledore.
Not the bashing but the way how he acts.
A person that for the last decades was into politics should
be a little more intelligent and not be outsmarted by an
even very smart schoolboy.
There is always the talk about how corrupt the ministry is.
So don't forget that Madame Bones is part of the ministry.
Just a little bit influence here and there and it would be
no problem to get her fired...influence that someone like
Dumbledore has.
Also him thinking about taking back control over Harry by
gaining his trust and than doing exact the opposite...

My next *complain* is ...omg why making the Potters
filthy rich? As i asked in so many other reviews before...
If you are rich and someone would try to harm you and
your family, wouldn't you use said money to protect them?
Hire an entire army to fight the foe? I would and than
hide in one of the houses outside the country...
Oh, and i am sure that someone already said it...MicroSoft first appearance on the stock market was 1986..
qwertypous chapter 20 . 2/24
i was hoping for numbers you know... love the pairing btw. it's my first review because this story deserve it and sorry no time to login maybe next chapter i can used it..
Faerie of Tara chapter 87 . 2/25
I never actually thought I'd finish this... It was so long! But I did and I'm so glad - the story was amazing! Great job :)
TorRae chapter 87 . 2/22
Perfect. I can't even describe how much I loved this. Thank you.
qwertypous chapter 21 . 2/24
the prank is really good but it would be much awesome if you make it a surprise for the readers too. the spoilers kind a lessen the quality of the prank
Specky Clarke chapter 62 . 2/24
Brilliant! One of the best 'Harry reactions' to being chosen I have read.
Skye chapter 87 . 2/21
I loved it. Thank you for a long wonderful read. I like Harry ship that aren't with Ginny the fan girl. Don't know what Rowling was thinking. Daphne is always a good choice as it allows Harry's obvious power and strength to be shown.
Specky Clarke chapter 48 . 2/22
An EXCELLENT story, expertly set out with a truly wonderful plot, well written and very easy to read, the sign of a talented author.
old guy chapter 87 . 2/20
old guy chapter 84 . 2/20
couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch. Poor Luna. Harry is just gonna have to marry her too to protect her and help give out some of those house names.
old guy chapter 82 . 2/20
I wonder if Harry can get by with expulsion and snapping his wand. Excellent scripting
old guy chapter 81 . 2/20
Sam and Tabitha Darren and Adam, Caballero...tooo cute
old guy chapter 80 . 2/20
okay, who throws the first curse?
old guy chapter 79 . 2/20
this was truly inspired
old guy chapter 77 . 2/20
wait until they find out the rest
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