Reviews for Angry Harry and the Seven
Albionia chapter 18 . 18h
Brilliant chapter, superb :). Oh an funny re the dummy (what we brits call a 'pacificer').
AnotherMerlinFan chapter 87 . 5/2
What an amazong story! I truly enjoyed reading it. Only remark is that some of the seven, for example Hannah, were a little bland. Great job though!
SortingHat chapter 10 . 4/29
What do you suppose the sorting ceremony was like on September 1st 1859 when the Carrington Solar Flare hit earth creating the worse geomagnetic storm known to date?

All over the Northern Hemisphere telegraph systems failed and in many cases shocked operators with sparks shooting out setting telegraph paper on fire.

In the Rocky Mountains miners were woken up by the bright auroras and went to work thinking it was morning only to find nobody there and in the NE USA one could read a newspaper without artificial lighting.

The Northern Lights were seen all the way down to Cuba and Hawaii latitudes.

I bet the magic field was severely disrupted as the peak of the solar energy hit earth during the time of the Sorting Ceremony and thru the night. I wonder if sparks would shoot out of wands randomly and spells would randomly fail or be too powerful as the rate of magic would rise and drop dramatically during the peak of the flares making magic unusable.
SortingHat chapter 9 . 4/29
Where was Harry's trunk anyways when Twinkly got it? I mean Tinky. Tinky sounds like what you do on the potty.
SortingHat chapter 6 . 4/29
I just want to point out that the *White* people thing is only half the truth. What they don't tell you but you can find in older history books that is not rewritten to be politically correct is these *names* like *Gollywog* or whatever you said a lot of it comes from blacks or other immigration that DOES do illegal stuff so the innocent often get swept with the guilty ones.

And that's not just an American issue either.

Any country that has out of control immigration both legal and illegals coming across their border crime ALWAYS goes up.

It's not a modern day phenomena but it's worse now because of a large amounts of *fence hoppers* where due to it being unchecked terrorists and drug lords who buy/sell fire arms also shadow along often without the *fence hoppers* knowing it or they do know it but take the risk anyways.

Personally I think Mexico should be bought out and become the USA despite the risks associated with it in order to stop the crap since otherwise people will continue to scream racist any time someone thinks about taking the border situation seriously and living standards will suddenly surge.

The immigration that DOES have hard working decent families do it lawfully. They themselves frown upon those of their own ethic background who hop fences to skirt around health screening and documentation.

Greedy work companies sadly want these bozos for cheap labor so they don't have to pay health benefits and would fire an honest person who does their job correctly,
SortingHat chapter 3 . 4/28
Most places check out time is usually 11:00.
SortingHat chapter 2 . 4/28
It would be more interesting instead of taking the Hogwarts Express due to the amount of distrust of certain Wizards Harry decided to either walk the tracks to Hogwarts on a different date either earlier or later or *steals* a car then drive as much of the backroads as close as possible to Hogwarts before walking in.
SortingHat chapter 1 . 4/28
Did you know that some states in the USA libraries have a *passport* system where you can get a limited library card from a far away library in you're state if you are approved so you can visit other libraries outside of the *system*.

Most libraries also have an *inter library loan* where you can either order or go to a library within a list of counties and check out books using you're regular library card and drop the books off at any of the libraries shown on the back of you're card. Even if the library isn't the one you got the book from.
SortingHat chapter 1 . 4/28
*Quote from Night of the Living Museum* Does Dum Dum want some gum gum?
MrsFH chapter 87 . 4/30
What a fabulous novel! Thank you so much for sharing it. Without a doubt, one of the best long-form fan-fic stories EVER.
kahuffstix chapter 87 . 4/29
This is simply a work of art. It was so much fun. I'd like to know how you know so many quotes. I loved seeing them. 87 chapters and I was interested the whole time.

dazandi chapter 87 . 4/28
I loved it! You are my new favourite author and this is my new favourite fic!
INQ8448 chapter 87 . 4/27
The feels are strong with this one... I almost didn't read the last chapter. That was hard. Well written :)
Digitize27 chapter 74 . 4/26
You've been a little blinded by canon in this chapter (compared to what you've established as changed in this fic).
Goyle should not be among the death eaters as he was apprehended during the world cup.
Why would Voldemort believe the philosopher's stone was destroyed? It wasn't even mentioned in this story before now, Quirrel didn't even get close.
Lily should have emerged from the wand before James, she died after him. (Yes I know this was in the book too, but it was later rectified in re-prints as an error on Rowling's part)
Digitize27 chapter 71 . 4/26
You talked about the minister usurping Marchbank's position in the trial as though he were still Fudge, did you forget you had the man replaced already?
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