Reviews for Angry Harry and the Seven
Guest chapter 87 . 5/6
I absolutely love this story. The ending is well done and, at the same time, both happy and sad! good job. Hope you write more!
WyrdSmith chapter 64 . 5/3
“... said Krum, broodily brooding.”
SarabWalia chapter 11 . 4/28
I want to continue reading, really I do.. but your Harry sounds like a well-off middle aged British man from the 60s and its so off-putting. How this is the most reviewed Haphne fanfic on here is beyond me.. y'all have some weird taste.
pir84lyf chapter 87 . 4/26
That was 87 chapters and a week well spent. Thoroughly enjoyed. That ending reminds me of the ending to BBCs Robin Hood series a bit. Tears brought. Thank you.
cccyrus chapter 20 . 4/20
Wow another pushover Harry wtf
cccyrus chapter 13 . 4/20
Pussy Potter defending the people who abused him lol stupid as fuck
cccyrus chapter 13 . 4/20
He defends the Dursley’s lol what a fucking pussy ass joke lol
Guest chapter 55 . 4/18
Ginny's move of bouncing off Harry wouldn't actually work that well after the first time because all Harry would have to do is change his momentum so it goes a little more into Ginny and he could easily knock her off her broom, and it still wouldn't be considered illegal because all he did was over turn. It would be a dick move but any good player would realize that he had the body weight advantage so he should use his body to bully her off course at all possible times. Great story though I just play hockey and kids used to use that strategy when against some one faster. It ended with alot of kids with their bells rung. Sorry for pin picking your story
Lolkar chapter 42 . 4/18
I hate when characters start behaving ooc, like not calling aurors when they figured out its Basilisk.
Lolkar chapter 41 . 4/18
Did Harry and co. got suddenly dumber? Why they didnt call DMLE to investigate petrified students? At the day of the sorting Amelia got there in 5 minutes after being called for less.
Lara chapter 87 . 4/14
Damn. You write a good end of life death scene.

This is your last work read for me. Thanks for your time and effort in this, I've enjoyed them.
Millie072 chapter 74 . 4/13
James was murdered before Lily, shouldn't she have been last to emerge?
WildOnionTops chapter 87 . 4/11
Loved this first time I read it, love it even more now.
GoatyFic chapter 87 . 4/10
A beautiful story. So well written... It was nice to see a Harry who took control of his own life and had more or less everything go right for him. morally incorruptible, well mannered and kind hearted. a favourite of mine
Romily chapter 39 . 4/10
I know it’s just a typo but stinking charm on the behind always makes me laugh.
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