Reviews for Angry Harry and the Seven
dherea671 chapter 87 . 9/29
Really great story! Love that it involved multiple houses, multiple lead characters, rare pairs and had a great storyline. I really enjoyed it. Thank you!
Lauraf68 chapter 87 . 9/28
Thank you for a wonderful story!
HenricusDux chapter 38 . 9/17
As so many other reviewers already stated: A very promising story just went down the drain.
Railroading into regurgitated canon, after such a satisfying first year. Sadly, your abandoning of all logic also marks the End of reading this fic.
HPfan80 chapter 1 . 9/7
I want to tell you that dumbledore is dalsel
djlawer11 chapter 3 . 9/4
Wow. Cant read anymore further, this book is so fucking clichée and cringe! 11 years old harry is too ooc, and too stiff in the ass.. bad book
Spielar chapter 87 . 9/3
This was a truly wonderful story and had a beautiful ending.
ethanrileyarcher chapter 87 . 8/30
One of the few fanfictions that have such a good story of friends and a beautiful ending. I offer my thanks to the author or a time well enjoyed reading this.
Chrisman909 chapter 87 . 8/26
What a wonderful story with a beautiful ending. Thank you
mackiechandler chapter 1 . 8/24
This is great. The opening is what I always hope for in a fan fiction, an opening where Harry expresses rage for his betrayal and abuse and does his best to let everyone know what has been done to him. I realize abused children are not forthcoming with the truth because they do not trust adults, but once an abused child feels acceptance by someone, the volcano can blow and continue to spit out lava. Thank you for an excellent story
Keronshara chapter 87 . 8/24
I was hoping you would have put something in the story about what effect having the betrothal contract signed in blood did since you had Harry ask some people to look in to it.

This was a very enjoyable tale. I especially enjoyed the witty, snarky, and sarcastic remarks that the characters were always making. (I was very lucky to never be drinking/eating anything when I read any of those hilarious scenes, otherwise you'd be hearing my whining right now for not including laughter hazard warnings in your chapter headings.)
Keronshara chapter 85 . 8/24
I think Harry's "shovel talks" should be more a long the lines of Astoria, and his female friends, is a very dangerous witch. If a boy every hurts her, Harry's job will be to just shovel up the pieces and bury what ever is left when she is done with the boy/corpse.
Keronshara chapter 82 . 8/23
Ding-dong the wizard's dead, the wicked wizard! Ding-dong the wicked wizard's dead! Albus Dumbledore dying "off-page", and probably undiscovered for several days, suits him.
Keronshara chapter 79 . 8/23
Harry & Blaise were very mean to those prefects (extremely hilarious) but picking on those self-important idiots, who clearly lacked wits, was unfair to those unarmed (unwitting has the wrong meaning - unbrained?) students. I really wish you didn't have Malfoy sent home early, so that we missed him trying to demand entrance. (I don't want to have to wait for this scene to happen at the beginning of the next school year, because Malfoy might wise up after hearing others' accounts & having all his family's debts called in.) I wonder how many trips it will take before prefects/head students stopped demanding to be let into the owners' private carriage.
Keronshara chapter 74 . 8/23
You are just copying and posting Voldemort's speech from the book, but the problem is that you have changed several important things so that parts of Voldemort's speech don't work.
Voldemort said his most faithful servant had rejoined his service & "is even now" at Hogwarts and was the one who made sure that Harry touched the Triwizard Cup first, but Crouch Junior was discovered to be impersonating Moody & arrested before Christmas.
Quirrellmort & Harry never physically touched (Quirrell was killed when the soul piece in Harry's scar was expelled and joined with the soul piece in Quirrell and was then expelled from Quirrell, which happened on September 1 during Harry's aborted original sorting), so Harry & Voldemort have no idea that Voldemort couldn't touch Harry, nor would Voldemort know anything about Lily's protections that were left on Harry.
Quirrell (didn't get possessed until after his failure) only attempted to steal the stone while it was at Gringotts. Quirrellmort had made no other attempts on the stone, because Quirrell died & Voldemort's spirit was expelled on the first day of term.
Any protections on Privet Drive failed when Harry said that place was not his home and the fact that he hasn't stepped on Privet Drive for 3 years. Voldemort would know that Harry hasn't lived at Privet Drive for years, because Wormtail would have learned this information as Scabbers since this was front headline knews during Ron's 1st Year (Scabbers was unmasked & captured before 3rd Year).

You used the mistyped Brother Wands Scene from the 1st Edition of Book 4 in which the scene incorrectly had James come out of Voldemort's wand before Lily instead of after (all later editions were corrected, so that 1st Edition would probably be rare & valuable since it has a different scene).
Keronshara chapter 70 . 8/23
Albus Dumbledore can't act in loco parentis for any Hogwarts' student because the Wizengamot stripped him of the power to ever have any guardianship powers of a minor, including acting in loco parentis through his position as Headmaster, after the trial dealing with his poor handling as magical guardian of Harry Potter.
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