Reviews for To Infinity
Massuser chapter 53 . 9/21
Still an amazing story! any word on future chapters?
Lordlexx chapter 26 . 8/29
What you've done to Miranda is totally unnecessary. The brainwashing is one thing but totally changing her appearance and then the rapey stuff to is just way to far and doesn't add anything to the story.
Huglord chapter 1 . 8/26
You better get your lovely self back yah hear?
jetjedi chapter 53 . 7/27
Please if you read this continue the story it's so good
sebastianhernandezdurazo chapter 53 . 6/29
This is one of the best written crossovers I've ever read, hopefully its author will one day continue this story, I'll be looking forward to it.
S290138 chapter 53 . 6/25
Author plz come back
LegoDoc chapter 49 . 6/1
someone watched the Expanse
Maximusowrath chapter 53 . 3/25
This will always be my favorite crossover in this section and it pains me that it may never be finished
Lord Macnaughton chapter 53 . 3/24
UNSC ships have never had energy shields until the pulled out of the hat Infinity showed up.

I must also applaud you for rightfully pointing out that one should vent the atmosphere inside the ship when preparing for combat so you dont experience explosive decompression and the crew should be in environmental suits.

With inertia dampeners turned off firing the engines is a major threat to the crew as you could easily exceed the human bodies tolerance.

Reapers have encountered advanced species before capable of destroying them in a single hit dont start with this “Reapers don't know how to lose” bull the Reapers win because they are patient they can wait bide their time the reason they Blitzkrieg in ME3 is due to the fact that the Protheans disrupted their plans and even then it wasnt exactly rushed they had already subverted the Batarian Hegemony and spent at least several weeks there before moving on to Earth. In the games we have seen evidence of reapers being destroyed in past cycles and the Protheans are more advanced than the current cycle but the Protheans say the species before them were even more advanced so yeah UNSC would not be that surprising to them.

Again correct the heat plume behind the ships main thrusters is very deadly.

The Reaper plasma beam went through the bridge shouldn't the crew have been vaporized? Or at the very least be suffering from heat or radiation burns?

While the introduction of the Rachni is intriguing it is too little too late.

I cannot recommend this story to fans of either Halo or Mass Effect as the author does not do justice to either universe.

The only thing harder than reading this story was you when writing it.
Lord Macnaughton chapter 52 . 3/24
I am glad that Wyn was offered a job and not shoehorned in I just hope she isn't a throw away character and will be used going forward.
Lord Macnaughton chapter 51 . 3/24
Why would a tanker fear a Geth Colossus? Just run it over lol.
Lord Macnaughton chapter 50 . 3/24
If Xen deserved death for causing the deaths of tens of thousands then the Arbiter deserves far worse.

Shepard admits that killing Xen is a war crime but many such acts have been conducted in this story without notice. Also Shepard can kinda kill whoever he wants as he is a Spectre.

Quarians cannot drink the same Alcohol as other species unless it is Turian and Humans can't drink Quarian/Turian alcohol.
Lord Macnaughton chapter 49 . 3/24
Enemy technological superiority ceases to matter when facing superior numbers you say there are 5,000 Geth Heretics and what 600 Reapers against roughly 33,000 Geth Warships of varying tonnage just going to assume the Super Dreadnaught is on the side of the Geth that means there is way more rounds coming the Reapers way which means the Geth will quickly win if they get 500 ships to team fire they will soon start destroying Reapers this is a fight they can win without external help. Reminds me of a Stellaris game I was playing I had sent a small detachement of ships to secure an unimportant system but didn't account for the wormhole I sent like 6 Battleships and one or two Titans along with a dozen cruisers making a grand total of about 20 ships everything was fine I took the system but then I noticed they were under attack I investigated and found a minor enemy force coming through the wormhole only a few corvettes and destroyers no problem my ships easily crush them that's when I saw another enemy fleet coming through the wormhole it was a Federation armada of 500 Corvettes the smallest and weakest ships in the game I was sitting there telling my ships to fire only problem is that while yes my ships were big beefy ships with high firepower they were slow firing just like UNSC/Elite ships and Corvettes are nimble small and fast firing as soon as the enemy armada came within range it was over I was swatting them out of the uh void but there were too many they were team firing on my ships and quickly destroyed my Cruisers fallowed by my Battleships and Titans.

With so many people on the Normandy life support would be a serious concern.

Again I say that keeping top secret files on systems connected to the Internet is dumb Cortana would not have been able to access Top secret files as those files would be ept on isolated system with no external access outside of direct manual access.

I will remind that Shepard would also test positive for Reaper Indoctrination along with Tali herself.

The evidence is not clear that Xen is working for the Reapers she could have figured out how to control them and the Reapers and Geth started escorting her ship because they came within the signals range.

Wow the Admiralty board say their sympathy goes to the Humans and Turians but nothing for the Batarians who are the closest of anyone to extinction.

Thessia was not lost to the Flood it was lost to the mentally insane Arbiter.

Only 3 homeworlds have been lost Thessia, Palavan, and Kar'Shan that still leaves Earth and the Volus, the Elcor, the Hanar, Salarians, Krogan, and Vorcha Homeworlds I would even go so far as to include the Drell so I would not say that Rannoch is one of the “Few” homeworlds left.

Why are the Allied fleets going to the Quarians aid when they are under imminent threat of the Flood invasion from Batarian Space and the Batarians are under the most threat of being eaten oh I see frack those guys right use the Protheans strategy of let the Flood busy itself by eating the rest of the Batarians to buy yourself more time yeah guess what that didn't work so great for the Protheans if you had included Javik in this story he would have pointed that out.

Are the Reapers in the Perseus Veil the Last of them because it sure feels like it.

Launching a ground force onto Rannoch to capture someone you believe to be Indoctrinated by the Reapers in order to bring them back for trial is dumb and a waste of time just bomb the compound from orbit she has nothing of value.

A “Bandolier” of grenades for the grenade launcher is unnecessary ME technology is far more advanced than UNSC the weapon itself produces the grenade as soon as you fire it just needs a thermal clip or allowed to cool down. You select what kind of grenades it produces.

There was no reason to have the Elites have jet packs but not ME crew as ME does have essentially Iron Man Suits.

A Biotic in ME would have nutritional injections or something instead of taking off their helmet to eat or drink.

OMG they launched a pointless ground assault to capture Xen when I told you to bomb them from orbit they lose how many people assaulting a heavily fortified position only to shoot their objective in the face when you could have just bombed them from orbit and saved all those lives you just lost.
Lord Macnaughton chapter 48 . 3/24
There was no reason to glass Thessia monitor the planet for Hive incursions and glass those areas and create safe zones for unaffected people the downside to this is it is a large dedication of resources which the Arbiter did not want to do so he did the “easier” thing and genocide a planet which makes him a mass murderer and no he is not justified he had alternatives and don't say everyone on the planet was affected by Flood spores the Arbiter himself along with many of his personnel including the asari woman did not have protection from the spores. Oh and all those school children so if they wern't affected then that means billions of innocent people across the planet were not affected making Thel Vadam a murderer worse than Hitler or Stalin.

The Arbiter glassing Thessia because he saw some Flood is the equivalent of someone seeing a spider so they burnt the house down.

You just said like a chapter ago that the Reaper war has only been going on for a few weeks that means a single month according to the human calendar and I'm assuming you started that count from when the Reapers left Batarian space and not when the Reapers started their invasion of the Batarian Hegemony. The Reapers simply do not work fast enough to have already killed 25 billion Turians the conquest of the Protheans took a century while its only been a month. Even with them leveling entire blocks the native population would be fighting back slowing down their advance combined with how people tend to spread out in the countryside makes finding and killing/harvesting people rather difficult especially if those people are not making themselves noticable meaning people living off the grid in the woods so the Allied forces retaking Turian space would not have encountered destroyed worlds with their entire population killed/harvested sure you could say the planet is all the way up to 90% killed but some people would be left alive making it important for Allied forces to send ground forces and liberate the planet. Not only are you having Turians ignore planets with turian lives at threat but you also say that only 2/3rds of Batarian space to be completely destroyed by Reapers and now Flood making them under the most direct threat meaning a strategic target. Does Allied command say they need to go and secure the last 1/3rd of Batarian space before they are all dead therefore performing asset denial to the enemy denying them “Biomass” as you reffer to Sapient lives no Allied command just writes off the Turian and Batarian worlds well you wave them off. I find your lack of care for Sapient life quite …. disturbing.

Turians admiral has no proof that Palavan is destroyed with its population dead for the reasons stated above. Have they lost all communication with Palavan? Now would have been a good time to state that but even if communication was lost proves nothing to have have any data from long range telescopes or stealth craft/probes? If the answer is no then one must assume that the fight for Palavan continues.

Oh yeah why did the Flood target Thessia? Saying they were targeting a high population planet is not good enough. If a gravemind is present in Batarian space then it knows it can grow and gain strength simply by going to Terminus planets which will increase its odds of surviving and spreading.

The reason Halo species are comforted by the Librarians presence was to to her manipulation of their species during Indexing so they would obey her and immediately identify her she is a calming motherly figure to them however the ME species do not have these alterations and would not be awed and calmed by her. Nor is the Librarian some kind of Galadriel figure Galadriel is a figure of grace, elegance, beauty, and most importantly wisdom she is a helpful guiding hand whereas the Librarian shows up does a minor info dump which the UNSC personnel could have done or even Cortana then reminds them to continue her fetch quest and then pops off somewhere she was literally useless.

The Arbiter White Knights and simps for the Librarian.

Also the Glassing of Thessia achieved the exact opposite of what the Arbiter wanted you said he wanted to get the Asari to join the war effort if he had lent a helping hand and saved the homeworld that would have been achieved but killing as you said Billions of civilians would not.

WTF man you just said that only 2/3rds of Batarian space has been destroed not all of it so why is Lasky saying that 75 billions are now all flood? Also why is Lasky even concerned with that figure if they believe the Batarian worlds have been completely consumed by flood they are still just ground forces just bomb them from orbit duh.

So Allied command just reviewed how even Reapers could be subverted by the Flood with the Logic Plague so why the Frack would they then two minutes later even contemplate the idea of getting the Geth to ally with them?

WTF why are Asari ships tagging along with the Arbiter to Omega should they not be defending their own space? Why would they go with a mass murdering enemy of their people? Are you mental?

You are mental as I state above Thessia was not a lost cause Arbiter is just a lazy Frack.

You motherfracker Vadum did “Unduly massacre hundreds of quarians conducting a peaceful research mission” don't lie about it.

It would be interesting if the quarians who are fixing the Jubilance were also planting explosives throughout the ship but I take it you won't do that.

The Reapers did not want to approach Kahje due to their Iron dome they would not have attacked the Migrant Fleet especially when they could let the Geth do the job for them this is dumb I have not yet read the scene but I feel you are doing this so the Elites can save the day.

You say that the “quarians on the planet tested positive for Indoctrination” this is wrong they tested positive for Indoctrination influence it takes a long time for Indoctrination to completely warp someones mind otherwise Shepard and Tali and her entire crew should also be killed as Tali and her crew were on the planet just as long as Xen's quarians.

Again I wonder why the Quarians don't just emergency FTL away from the Reapers.
JB-851 chapter 30 . 3/24
I'm loving the story however way too much exposition particularly in the description the Turian tank. It tends to take away from the narrative flow.
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