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Legionary Prime chapter 38 . 23h
Read this throughout the last two days and I have to say it’s one of the best mass effect crossovers I’ve read . Very well written and it’s not just a simple rewrite of me 3 but with halo characters . There are a tons of twists and turns that leaves me wanting more . This is what I like to see in a crossover story with mass effect . It’s likw a reverse of general rages stories which I like as well

Keep up the good work
AyeJimmy123 chapter 38 . 8/15
Guest chapter 38 . 8/12
Quick question we’ve already been through Omega. Will we get to see the other DLC’s like From Ashes, The Leviathan and the Citadel?
Starhammer chapter 9 . 8/11
i skipped a few parts of this because there was too much information to process, knock it down a notch
A13x chapter 38 . 8/9
Hey I just had an idea since we’re going to the Quarian arc or something how about we have some Quarians join the separatists cause I bet some are gonna have the time of their life exploring their ships and studying their technology, especially Daro’Xen.

Although that would probably cause rivalry with the Huragok now wouldn’t it and maybe the Unggoy or relate with them.

Also why i’m even suggesting this of them being discriminated by the galaxy and now along with the Asari because of Tevos not helping in the war effort so now they have one reason to join.

And also because when Xen said she wanted to return the Geth to the control of their rightful masters I would think she also wants to take control of the Gaurdians and be a part of the Mantle of Responsibility and gathers some followers to her cause
Guest chapter 1 . 8/8
Hey I just realized since you just took out Cerberus how is Shepard going to learn about Project Lazarus or EDI
Guest chapter 38 . 8/5
Quick question when The Reaper War is over will there still be more to the story or no like such as some UNSC members wanting to stay in this universe and this causing problems for the UNSC and maybe the Separatists too or what? Cause I bet some UNSC soldiers are bound to have bonded with the residents of this galaxy and don’t want to abandon them and this is just my opinion but I don’t the Reapers are the main threat anymore especially because of the revelation of The Flood and Forerunner existence in this universe
kalani.gapido chapter 38 . 8/2
Shadow Blade Shinobi chapter 38 . 8/1
Oh man I cant wait to see the reunion of Chief and the Arbiter this story is absolutely fantastic thank you
Guest chapter 38 . 7/31
By the way I think I remember in one of your earlier chapters about a certain spartan being paired up with someone if it’s the Chief who is he going to romance
Guest chapter 38 . 7/31
I love your story man I’m so excited for the next chapter and I’m gonna guess that’s Liara and the Chief or if it’s not I’m still excited
Guardian of the Inheritance chapter 38 . 7/27
Great job keep it up
Guest chapter 29 . 7/26
Ok, I’m done. I was really enjoying this at the start, but with things like Miranda being indoctrinated and EDI’s lack of body started raising red flags. The UNSC and Shangheli have had no notable impact on the story except saving some minor/oc characters. If anything, shit is worse. Everyone who is meant to die is dying and even more significant characters are being killed, what is the point?

The Thane assassination was just stupid. You expect me to believe that this master assassin, who despite being on his deathbed still went toe-to-toe with Kai Leng got shot in his bed? The Citadel was JUST attacked by Cerberus from both the inside and out. How could he sleep soundly and not be on alert? Miranda shouldn’t of had the drop on him, especially if he was in the same condition when he fought Kai.

Basically, story isn’t changing from main plot of ME3 and same characters dying and then some for no good reason besides shock value.
Blackberry Avar chapter 38 . 7/26
Where did they get a Spartan from? Can't wait for he next update!
Methos chapter 38 . 7/26
I'm really enjoying this story and hope that you can continue to post extra chapters.
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