Reviews for The Infinity Effect
shattered heavens chapter 16 . 4h ago
This is one of the best story i have read so far, I look forward to the next update. Keep up the good work.
SPARTAN-626 chapter 16 . 2/26
Awesome work as always man nice work. Love the action here and a surprise with Miranda. Hopefully she'll live, be freed and redeem herself with fighting Cerberus and the Reapers. Keep up the great work man.
Chronus1326 chapter 16 . 2/25
This story and the quality of writing is so good that I just went back and read the whole thing from the beginning again! I do wonder what the Sangheli have been doing. I love the part about Guardians of the Reclaimers, Knights of the Mantle, I hope Thel gets the chance to introduce the Sangheli in that manner to the Citadel council. And what's Tevos up to? I'd also like to hear about the Quarians and the geth, does legion join the team?
Guest chapter 16 . 2/23
Bryce F chapter 16 . 2/22
Fantasitc chapter, excellent way to end the Battle of the Citadel. Can't wait to see how their presence on the Citadel goes over with the populace.
The Sithspawn chapter 16 . 2/21
Oooh, so Miranda's indoctrinated now? Interesting development, certainly explains why she's been acting so OOC in other chapters.

Can't wait to see what happens next, so please update again soon please!:D:D:D
Guest chapter 1 . 2/19
Howsit lad. First off I like this story and the direction that you've taken it so far. But now the criticism comes. Youve got to get a better beta reader or learn to read your passages more thoroughly, the grammer in you chapters is appalling at some places, however its not hard to salvage it. I bring it up because you take well over a month to put out a product, so the least you could do is to make sure its the best it can be. Last note, some of your action scenes need a little more work in terms of wording. They are good but show room for improvement. I'd advise reading more authors own action scenes and seeing how they describe things.
But all in all, good story lad, like the theory behind it.
weismax33 chapter 16 . 2/18
Great chapter! I was wondering why Miranda was working with Cerberus, but now I know. TIM and his Indoctrination-mind control. But, I still want to know if the Flood would make a appearance in the story. Maybe, you could tell me. Or you could not. It's your choice. Can't wait for the next update!
docfrodo2 chapter 16 . 2/18
Awesome chapter
Earthpatriot117 chapter 16 . 2/18
Awesome as always! Xd
Sonicfanx1 chapter 16 . 2/17
I feel like Miranda just got NTRed by Cerberus.

Not a pleasant feeling.
DarkeonWarlord chapter 16 . 2/16
You had me at "more Sangheili".
dracologistmaster chapter 16 . 2/16
Great chapter, I look forward to finding out what the UNSC does next. I am curious though, in the last chapter, was the scene with Meila and her daughter just to show how the UNSC is being received or was there more to it than that? Will there be more scenes like that one?
15delgizzij chapter 16 . 2/16
Good job once again, can't wait for the next one.
Mandalore Requiem chapter 16 . 2/16
Replacements? You mean clones? Or something else? Bio-synthetic perhaps…? *Sigh* Just great, you know this is going to drive me crazy trying to figure out.
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