Reviews for To Infinity
Guest chapter 50 . 5/21
awesome chapter!
Axccel chapter 50 . 5/18
Arby needs to understand the Reapers are the threat they can deal with quickly. The Flood is already spreading and so fighting it while fighting the Reapers would be impossible. The Flood will be far more difficult. Not to mention preventing the Flood from controlling as many Reapers as possible is important.

Lasky focusing on the Reapers is very much the correct decision.
Fer82 chapter 50 . 5/18
Well somebody has to be the "Good Morale" officer, i was betting more to Joker or Vega, but Traynor will do well. Thel is heartbroken and furious... the Reapers are dead and are going to learn that not because youre machines doesnt means that are not capable to feel fear. Hopefully Taly and the Quarians can show him and the rest of the Sangheili that Rtas sacrifice was worth it. And the pieces are complete and the set its ready.

Linda and Garrus are cute in an akward and tactical way lol. Great chapter as always.

P.S. Keep safe guys and girls and take care.
ErnestTheGuy chapter 50 . 5/17
That was a good Kirrahe line at the end
Guest chapter 50 . 5/15
I am kind of curious are you gonna add the spirit of fire in the story
PaladinSans chapter 50 . 5/12
SmokeTinyTom chapter 50 . 5/12
Oh, this Quarantine forcing you to write? Don’t worry, I’ve been rereading and finding new stories, some good, some decent and some really bad. But, the moment I see To Infinity show up on my “New Downloads” I was reading it. The I had to go to work, so this is where I say, great job, can’t wait for more, and it’s been worth the wait every single time.
TheDarkChronist chapter 50 . 5/11
I see you all, gathering together.

You think your unity is your strength.

What do I see?

Lambs to their slaughter.

That, and Thel's thoughts, make me think that this doesn't bodes well for the allies
BrutusPrimus chapter 50 . 5/11
Excellence in words. Great work!
Joey chapter 50 . 5/11
I have been dying for an update for so long
Guest chapter 50 . 5/11
Yes, finally meeting up with legion and am I the only one who’s seeing this bond between Linda and Garrus? So adorable
King Inna Norf chapter 50 . 5/11
Another great chapter, as always! I appreciate the little recap in the beginning since there’s decent gaps between chapter releases. Keep it up!
Guardian of the Inheritance chapter 50 . 5/11
Good job keep it up
NacNak chapter 50 . 5/11
Yo that speech at the end was fire! Hehehehe, another outstanding chapter, I can't get enough of this, you're an awesome writer. I await the next part with great joy, until then, Stay Awesome!
SpecterXCove chapter 50 . 5/11
Great chapter. Can't wait for the next one.
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