Reviews for Para Bellum
OriksGaming chapter 8 . 7/15
I'm loving the story and can't wait for more chapters!
williamfloyd2000 chapter 8 . 7/9
I hope you are still working on this story.
xiaomaome101 chapter 1 . 7/5
ill say that the canon world is a buffer between delenda est world and voldy#2?
sMeLlErBe1 chapter 1 . 6/26
Why is your yahoo group taken down?
The Wayland Smith chapter 7 . 6/25
I'm going to hazard a guess by the way and wildly speculate that the greater Voldemort was the one from Harry Ashworth Black's original dimension (presuming it wasn't destroyed).
The Wayland Smith chapter 8 . 6/24
Well things are hotting up. How exciting. I am intrigued (as I am sure I am meant to be) about the greater Voldemort and when he will appear in person. Excellent as always.
The Wayland Smith chapter 5 . 6/23
I feel bad for not reviewing earlier but I just wanted to say that I am thoroughly enjoying this story. I'm not hugely fond of the triplets, their attitude is ... grating, though the fact they came off worse for wear in the fight at the printing press makes matters more tolerable. Given that that is the case I suppose they stand as a testament to your writing ability.

I look forward to seeing what tricks Voldemort and the Blacks will unleash against each other. The daemon dogs were good fun, I can't resist a good bit of daemon summoning. I look forward to reading more.
LLLTengokuHana chapter 8 . 6/20
I love your stories! They are the best alternative storylines that I've ever seen. I rarely see any errors, and I can't think of any other way then to write the story the way you have. I'm enjoying this fanfiction soo much. Update as soon as you can please!
SilverStarWolfGoddessAmarantha chapter 8 . 6/14
Interesting albeit vaguely confusing.
Grimlokus chapter 1 . 6/11
I started Para Bellum immediately after Delenda Est and while I was originally expecting something similar in tone I've been left pleasantly surprised. While I would enjoy more scenes with Bellatrix and Harry Black the Triplets and their pranks have more than made up for it.

Looking forward to reading more and getting a little more background into the discovery of the multiverse. I really like the concept of a militarized Ministry fighting a multi-dimensional war.
RikudoNaruto1 chapter 8 . 6/4
looking forward to the next
Spica75 chapter 8 . 5/31
Want an update! Pweasee! _
hellkeeper6 chapter 8 . 5/31
Stil great even after the third read through. I hope to see more updates coming soon
kat callan chapter 8 . 5/21
This is excellent:)
The last line really sealed it:)
LarsG chapter 8 . 5/20
Heh, nice story, thank you :)

I love many things about this story, but could the Tripplets / Bella / everyone else
sometime have something not work for them ?

have fun :)
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