Reviews for In Amongst the Wolves
LadyGoddessofAnubis chapter 5 . 1/9/2014
Hmm...I'm really hoping for a hot foursome soon then. XD But this is quite interesting! I'd love to see more of this soon, I hope, because it's cute but really hot too. 3 Btw, what version of Ganondorf is this? OoT? LoZ? Just curious!
manda-chanxp chapter 5 . 12/26/2013
Please post more soon
vaatigirl123 chapter 5 . 12/24/2013
Please write more im really interested in this story I think its really good. :D
rion-rion chapter 5 . 12/13/2013
It's hot! I love it :)
Your story is awesome and the threesome was great, like really great
I hope to see a new chapter soon and thank you for your work :)
Artemis chapter 5 . 12/5/2013
Oh dear goddess of writing I love your little "bonzai for bondage" brain lol! And I can tell you from a straight(is that the right word for girls? oh well...) non virginal gals point of view, anal sex, if you are kinky and a little masochistic, is very fun even without the lube or spit. And spit does help if you can get enough on there, like with a blow job for example... sorry if thats awkward but I thought Id throw my two cents in :)
InsaneYetGenius chapter 5 . 11/11/2013
Need. Another. Chapter. *is dying from nosebleeds*
Something Unpretty chapter 5 . 11/10/2013
Okay, I'll admit you're good on the 'breezy wrath' thing... I still can't stop laughing when I think about that...

You ever have a favorite in a relationship? Apparently, my favorite guy for this story is Vaati. Which means if I read any other story with Vaati in it, I'll start squealing. It didn't help when I looked up pictures of him on Google. Did you see the joking one of him on Playgirl? It's really funny, and don't stare at the picture for too long, or else... Anyway, the favorites for couples is in many other things too. Like Harry Potter- Sirius/Remus, my fav's Remus. Then for Night at the Museum- Jedediah/Octavius, my fav's Octavius. And so many other pairings I have a fav in.

Happiness, 'cause good story's good!

Breezy wrath...
SheixkXV chapter 4 . 11/8/2013
Next Chapter Soon!
Its so good, I cant wait to see what plans Dark has cooked up
Tsukistar chapter 4 . 10/31/2013
Nice title you got there. I'm enjoying this fanfic so far, its an interesting twist on the villains, with them actually being more kindhearted- or at least, caring and merciful towards their enemies, than they are initially depicted. I would've had a review for you on chapter 3, but sometimes its hard to remember to do so, especially with school. 3; Anyways... Keep up the good work!
Peacewolf5000 chapter 4 . 10/31/2013
This is really good I hope to be as good as you someday
Gremia chapter 4 . 10/30/2013
Wow a villain group without Ghirahim! I like.
Really want some hot Ganondorf actions. King of evil FTW!
daughter-of-icy-fire chapter 4 . 10/30/2013
Aww, the feels... The most wonderful feels... It's not often you see Ganon and Dark being nice, but goddamn it's working out great! New chapter? Please? Pretty please? ...oh wait... Eh, nevermind. Pleeease?
I love the title as well, it's really fitting. :)
ikowen chapter 3 . 10/24/2013
Okay, this is awesome! I mean...woah. your only problem seems to be the title. Keep up the good work!
Igee chapter 3 . 10/21/2013
Aw I love fluff! So everybody's gonna love everybody? No jealousy? ;A;
daughter-of-icy-fire chapter 3 . 10/21/2013
*gasps* ohmygod I love it! I love the way you write, it's just amazing. Pleease may we have a new chapter? Pretty pretty pleeease? :)
And as far as titles go, I have two ideas: Going Soft, or From The Heart. They aren't great, I will admit...
But anyway. New chapter? Please?
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