Reviews for Troublesome Timing
Guest chapter 16 . 7/18
This story is soooooooo good! I love Sasuke and Shikamaru/Kazuki as twin brothers! Please update I really would like to read more of this!
Yorozuya chapter 16 . 7/13
askjdksanbska I want moooooore. It's been more than a year pAq

Anyway, if you plan on it, I want to see Kakuzu. It's interesting to see characters driven purely for money, rather than power or security via money. In this chapter, you also made him look interesting as a guy who's very much a paperwork-ninja.
Mariagoner chapter 5 . 7/12
Damn. That was a... crushing chapter!
Mariagoner chapter 4 . 7/12
I love how Kazuki is Mikoto's favorite. And damn, so many different plotters are involved here!
Mariagoner chapter 1 . 7/12
Damn, this is one hell of a unique story and so amazingly well written so far. I'm definitely rooting for "Kazuki" to succeed!
RGN chapter 16 . 7/8
I really like this story. It's very well paced and just makes you want to find out more... I'd be delighted if you ever decided to continue.
But thank you for sharing it so far!
Xx-Beautiful-Chaos-xX chapter 16 . 6/25
Hey you! Yeah, you! Guess what you need to do. Get your booty in gear and finish the next chapter to this story! Everyone enjoys it so much and I think you enjoy writing it! Now I'll let you know right now that last night I binge read the crap outa this story because THAT'S how GOOD this is. I hope I've given you enough motivation to update? Or at least let us know why you stopped. Love you! :)
floatingmangocake chapter 16 . 6/24
Thanks for writing, waiting eagerly for more.
Yukino-chan chapter 16 . 6/21
An unexpected find! An amazing find!
lumutness chapter 1 . 6/19
I think I already said this in my last review, but I will say it again here. "Kazuki" is a fitting name, for either Itachi's dream or Shikamaru's way of life. It has the nice ring on it that still feels very 'Shikamaru'. I... maybe wouldn't approve if you give him "Yukiyasu" for a name, since it didn't sound like an Uchiha at all. Way too soft, or something. ;

The part where Itachi and Shisui conversation occured was still confusing for me, even after I read this story for the n-th time. how did Shisui-placed-his-hand-on-his-face equals Kakashi's-in-ANBU ? I understand that it means 'mask' (Kakashi's mask or ANBU mask?), but I don't get why it could meant both masks. Then, Itachi's comment about "want me or..." is kinda cryptic. Wait, statch that. It's cryptic. I think I wanna read that part again later.

Kazuki ponytail is kinda hillarious. In a good way. Since they're twins, I keep imagining Sasuke in a ponytail and... failed. miserably. Honestly, it's a pity that his hair can't keep that pineapple-style like a proper Nara. Again, he's an Uchiha that probably inheriting either duckbutt-style or droppy-style in his genes. Still, not-Sasuke in ponytail... *giggle* cute, Shikamaru. Cute.

The way you described his self-awareness is different than most writer. I can't say I don't like it. The continuous deja vu is a sure way to make him smarter than ever, but it's also give him a serious identity crisis. He thinks of himself as Kazuki first, with all emotional attachment to his family and personality of an adorable little kid. he also think of himself as Shikamaru, with his unique setrategic thinking and all of his (past) emotional attachment intact. This, my dear author, is why I like your Kazuki/Shikamaru very much. He doesn't feel so awkward (well, no more than usual, at least) when crammed into this new reality, since for him, this is as real as the previous ones, and he feels connection to it. :)
Guest chapter 16 . 6/18
I love it!
Badgedbadger chapter 14 . 6/8
Your story is amazing. The pacing is a bit weird, though. Not of the story; it's really easy to follow along. It's more to do with how slow the characters are to... actually do anything. Honestly, Shikaku got future knowledge and he can't even be bothered to skim through it? It took two? years for Kazuki to talk to him in the first place? Honestly, it's not like the ninjapocalypse is coming or anything.
long live marshmallows chapter 16 . 6/6
I really like the part where Sasuke panics over his brother going insane by practicing clan techniques on his own! XDD
long live marshmallows chapter 3 . 6/6
I'm always reminded of how dysfunctional the Uchiha family is... X'O
This is really interesting! At first I thought it would be a bit weird that Shikamaru was another Uchiha but it's actually pretty cool.
F. Flotsam chapter 6 . 5/28
Oh my goodness, I am fainting at the sheer fabulousness of this fic. I love how you put in all these little details to add realism, like Itachis calculations for how many people hed have to kill per second in order to work in a given time frame - both chilling and I think accurate to the shinobi world, and very effecting for me, knowing that Itachi really really did not want any of what was going to happen to happen. And Kazukis genuine feelings of love and attachment to his family and the Uchiha clan are wonderful to see, paired with his memories of his past life as Shikamaru - the juxtaposition of his new life and the fact that he is still a child with his old life and the fact that he has the mind and memory of an adult is riveting to read. Thanks so much for sharing!
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