Reviews for Three Turns
unicornz.334 chapter 77 . 11/21
I've had so much fun reading this story!you are a fantastic author!
sarafine-ecleips chapter 77 . 10/7
Omg this Fic is amazing, you are so awesome
Guest chapter 30 . 9/16
Wait. So I'm either interpreting this wrongly, or Harry has a crush on Severus. I'm not opposed to that or gay people, but that was unexpected. I mean...Harry's new fav dessert is choc cake...after Severus moaned while eating it.
Guest chapter 19 . 9/16
Peter is the best at cracking jokes. Makes me hope he won't go all 'M-M-Master...L-Lord V-V-Vol-Voldemort...,
Guest chapter 2 . 9/16
Since they can't fix it...wouldn't it mean two Harry Potters and two Hermione Grangers? At least, until the TwoHourLater!ones turn back in time two hours?
Guest chapter 77 . 8/29
Jedi Carpet chapter 77 . 8/25
Really good story overall. Very well written (minus a couple errant uses of apostrophes) but it was a riveting tale!
A couple of flags came up as I was reading. Harry mentioned that he wanted to be an Auror, but I recall he never thought about that until he met Moody in fourth year. Likewise, the reference to "Constant Vigilance" shouldn't have caught Harry's attention as that was a fourth year reference (chapter 71).
One last understanding of Half-Blood Prince was that Lily had taught Snape potions, and she was the true master. Snape was always into dark spells and whatnot, and Slughorn had always said that she was highly gifted in the art of potion making. From that I gathered that the notes Snape had made in the Potions book were notes of the stuff Lily had taught him, and one thing he was constantly bitter about was having to teach a subject from the one that got away. Seems odd to me that he would be that great at potions...

Again, great read. Thanks for sharing :)
p.s. what happened to Dumbledore? Did I miss something?
Prophet-Mosey chapter 12 . 8/17
Hermione a birthday is, according to the story, 10 months away from Harry's, which means her birthday is either in May or in October...
Christmas is in December...
Simianpower chapter 2 . 8/14
This Hermione does not feel authentic. More bossy, more (needlessly) violent, and less supportive than canon. In essence, she's a bitch. She's not acting as a friend. So far the plot feels really forced, too.
Guest chapter 77 . 7/24
crafter43 chapter 77 . 7/24
I have enjoyed this story imensly there were a few confusing spots but that happens in any story now I have to find a new one to delve into thank you so much for a great story
Gleas chapter 18 . 7/23
You know... I think you got Hermione to a Tee... Dunno bout Harry's form
Gleas chapter 14 . 7/23
When Harry and Mione used the time turner, They knew about Peter's betrayal, right? So how come Petey is all chummy with them? And I do believe Harry's personality is very different
RykOakwine chapter 10 . 7/17
Well, I gave it 10 chapters to be fair.

While most of the cast are characters the authors can make behave however they like and it not be OOC (who's to say what a 13/14 year old Sirius Black or Lilly Evans acted like) the obligation to get the characters of Harry and Hermione right is even larger in a story where they are surrounded by a slew of essentially OCs. But Harry in particular acts so out-of character it's just impossible for me to go on past chapter 10.

His extroverted personality came out of nowhere. He cracks wise constantly, he jumps up and down asking for a new broom, he was extremely rude to Lilly Evans the first time they talked (for no good reason other than to discourage her from asking him questions, like getting to know his MOTHER would mean so little), it's just not Harry Potter that anyone would recognize from book, movie, or canon.

And what happened to the war? It's the mid 70s, and everyone is happy and cheerful and carefree.
namelis chapter 14 . 7/14
Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy was actually a radio show before it was a book so its possible to know the reference before the book came out
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