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Vinyl Scratch3 chapter 64 . 6/30
"Church: I told you not to call me that! And hurry it up. This metal rod isn't exactly in a comfortable place.

"I should know." Noire said as she shivered."
... Does Noire have the shock collar up her butt? It prior experience with objects being up her butt? Both of these are questions that need answers XD
OBSERVER01 chapter 64 . 6/28
great fic. i look forward to future updates.
Mr ruffles chapter 64 . 6/22
loved this and it's my favourite season to can't wait for the next update but don't rush after the more time the more you can add
Wtf chapter 4 . 6/19
That's not Yang's backstory! Nor Ruby's. why u do that
2 lazy 2 log in chapter 1 . 6/18
This story turns to shit real fast. I recommend leaving immediately.
This probably wont make it through though.
So this was a waste of time.

Going to continue anyway.

Don't even know how this story got so many reviews, favorites, and follows.
The best parts are the scenes typed out from Red vs. Blue.
D.K.N chapter 64 . 6/17
It has now been one full month since the last update...
RandomReader8299 chapter 64 . 6/16
One of the best RWBY fics. People should read some by The Rouge King. However I think he may have abandoned his account/ fanfic. He hasn't updated in like 9 months. Hope he hasn't forgotten about fanfic...or is dead. :(
Guest chapter 28 . 6/13
I think you should disable anonymous guest reviews
Guest chapter 64 . 6/13
What the last guest said
Guest chapter 64 . 6/12
Botsboy408 chapter 29 . 6/7
This is the funniest story ever . . . . . . . . . . Of all time!
Jakesteel chapter 64 . 6/1
A quirk is simalr to a tic, but with lighter connotations. To use an obvious example, Tucker's almost involuntary use of bow chicka wow wow or normal!ruby fawning over weapons. As for suggested quirks I would like to suggest transplanting the immediate groin attack when hearing the word 'dirtbag'
Detert chapter 64 . 6/1
I think when you get to season 9 you use the trailer at the start the reactions would be great.

If you haven't seen you should watch because it starts like it just starting after season 8 with an injuried Maine but its actual long before and York walks in towards the end.
anotamous chapter 64 . 5/28
First, great to have you back. Now a little bit of dialogue.

Doc: Why, what's he gonna do? Beat me up over the course of the next two weeks?
Weiss: that sounds a lot more painful then intended out of context.

Looking forward to the rest of the seasons.
Kaore Ryu chapter 59 . 5/27
Tucker has passed remedial kickass!
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