Reviews for Lasso the Moon
Annabella chapter 1 . 8/23/2017
Wow, this is beautiful. It does credit to the song, I think ;)
SydneyLouWho chapter 1 . 6/24/2015
I really love everything about this. You have such a wonderful grasp of words and how to fit them together to form something beautiful and emotional.

I loved the description in this a lot. The words you chose perfectly fit the situation and the story, and it really didn't need any dialogue to convey the story and the emotions. You do a really great job showing, rather than simply telling.

I only wish it was longer, so I could read more of your lovely writing.

Keep Writing!

octocelot chapter 1 . 6/28/2014
Well, wow. I have the shivers. This story is so creepy and great.
I really like the descriptions and the sensory words. In my mind I see a lot of blues and blacks and a bit of fog c:

Describing the rope as an elegant braid and a beautiful necklace was pretty interesting. Maybe I'm interpreting this incorrectly, but it made me think that she thought death was a gift (?). I'm still kind of wrapping my mind around the whole thing. /not entirely coherent

Thing only thing I thought was a bit strange was the last sentence. You mention the corporal world. Perhaps you mean the corporeal world?
Chasing Silmarils chapter 1 . 6/27/2014
I really liked this. The descriptions and the descriptive words used added to the writing a lot, since it was such a short piece. I could just see this happening between the two lovers...
My favorite thing about this was the creativity. It's interesting to see your take on that little song in Mockingjay, and this certainly is more interesting than a bit of poetry.
I like how you described the rope as 'the most beautiful necklace' and made it sound like the man was giving his lover a gift. Creepy.
[the great Elm tree] 'Elm' doesn't need to be capitalized, but that's the only grammatical error that I caught, assuming the fragments are intentional.
Great writing! :)
roots are good chapter 1 . 6/22/2014
This was beautiful and so sad, all at the same time. Even the title in itself was lovely, "Lasso the Moon". Very poetic.

I loved how there was no names written here, so it could have been anyone, any two lovers. Because there was no real descriptions of their appearance, that kind of sends a message in itself, that any two people can be in love, no matter whar district, age, or appearance.

Your descriptions were amazing. Lots of deatils that added to the beautiful scene. I liked when you described the rope noose as a beautiful necklace and a delicate braid. Maybe to the boy it would have seemed like that, because the rope was the key to keeping his lover safe.

I didn't catch any spelling or grammar mistakes, which is awesome.

Overall, it was a lovely piece filled to the brim with angst, beautiful descriptions, and hidden metaphors and meanings. Great job!
DeletedAccount3498 chapter 1 . 6/22/2014
A very fitting story adapted from the song ‘The Hanging Tree’ in Mockingjay, I see what you did there ;)
Firstly, it had a running theme of romance, tragedy (I could tell through the tone that something sad or bad, or both, was going to happen) and death. The word choice for certain phrases, or individual words were very good in creating that slightly melancholy tone:
[cold one board below]
[nape of her neck]
[silver blades]
[barely visible illusion]
[missing fragment]
[half present] – I feel like this could describe her boyfriend/husband, and possibly herself at the end, even though it was used in literal reference to the moon in this story.
[wave them on as they walk silently]
[mirrored arches]
[just beneath the earlobe, where the mottling begins to fade] – Really gruesome and well-working imagery that one, that was the first hint (for me at least) that I started to suspect he was dead.
[matching grayness]
[beautiful necklace] – Shivers, it’s anything but.
[breaking their contact with the cold surface of the stone.]
I know I’m meant to give one negative aspect for the reviewathon we’re having in C/P, but honestly I can’t think of one for this story. I think any input or advice to change what you have there, would only damage it. Which may mean this review may not be counted as a legit one, but mehh, in all honesty this story doesn’t need changing. :)
Keep it up!
M. Cooper Jinks chapter 1 . 12/19/2013
Beautifully written! Both captivating and suspenseful! perfect descriptive imagery of how love lives on long after death.
Library2.0 chapter 1 . 10/22/2013
Alright. Interesting story.
Estoma chapter 1 . 10/12/2013
My birthday wish has come true! You have published a new fic. Your description is utterly beautiful. The waving grass, silvery blades, the mirrored arches carved into the bark of the tree...Should I go on?

Utterly gorgeous April. I've been looking forward to seeing more of your writing since I met you.

It was a smidge confusing in a beautiful way. Maybe I can get an explanation?

I'd better favourite this ;)