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Lawak chapter 1 . 6/6
Lawak was here
Shadow in Midnight chapter 1 . 5/29
The theory part was kinda confusing. I like science and theories and stuff, but I haaaate time with a passion. I juuust can't stand it. Add that to it being almost 1am-my brain's not working. However, I did get the story-and it was kinda sad, how Usami couldn't do anything to save Misaki. Strange thing is, there's a time lag of 6 days. I played this game-nobody has to die-where throughout the different universes, their consciousness, using a certain machine called the TEMPEST, travelled across different universes, each with a different ending. The game is basically where 4 people are slowly killed one by one in a fire that started out in the company, etcetc, each 'ending' has 1 person who survives, depending on your choices. After each ending they enter the TEMPEST, and that is one 'end'. The 'true end'-you go play it yourself. It's a very simple, no brainer game-only thing is the dialogue might be a lil hard to grasp if your brain isn't working.

ANYWAY. So basically the theory of the game is that we are living in one universe-universe A. There are many others, maybe A-Z. From A, if we somehow connect with universe K, our consciousness from A will be transferred into K-that's why I don't get the time travelling part. What does Usami plan to do, even if he stops the robbery? He doesn't see Misaki, nor does Misaki see him. However, you've proved with the gum that somehow, their universes crossed, and produced the same factor-gum, stuck at the side of the display case. Next, the blood splatter in the end. Why did it randomly appear? Why were the police there, if I'm correct, it was 6 days after the crash? And finally, the phone's location in the Usami's universe. Where Misaki dropped his phone and where Usami found it-going by Hiroki's theory, Misaki had to drop it twice-once in the library, and the other under the seat. How could he have dropped it twice, if that's the case? Unless Misaki somehow crossed through 2 universes-the one where he dropped his phone in the library, and another when he dropped his phone under the seat. This brings to a total of 3 universes, all of which 'Misaki' has 'appeared'.

(The above has been said using my slightly dead brain and what I can remember. I don't tend to read time paradoxes, so I was going along with the game's theory that I told you about in the first paragraph. Anyway...good work...I realize, you put a ton of research into your fics, and kudos to you for that. Not many people can do that, or even bother to. Keep up the good work~!)
ZeeBlue23 chapter 1 . 1/15
Hold on just give me a second. -loud sobbing-
Amazing story really. It had me in tears, and I couldnt stop reading.
ili777 chapter 1 . 11/23/2014
Why, why, why, why ,why damn it? I knew you would do that, I knew this wasn't gonna have a happy ending but still it was too cruel! Especially when Akihiko was there just kneeling on the ground... damn it! It was way too touching, way too sad, why do you like having Misaki suffer so much? At least you could not be such a good writer and then things would be better, but no, your writing skills are so amazing they have to reach my heart. I want to say 'go to hell' but then you wouldn't be able to continue writing and I know this is kind of masochistic, but I can't help because because you are that good. I liked how they were at the same places in different times and the way the two of them talked to each other. I wish they had a better ending.
sweetkiller chapter 1 . 1/25/2014
Why? Why? Why?
You love making people cry and you are so damn good at it!
Love you!
inkdream chapter 1 . 12/13/2013
Why do I torture myself?! I knew from the beginning that I'm going to cry, but DAMN D': Great story, but... *cries* WHY DO I LIKE ANGST SO MUCH?!
FanficFinatic2 chapter 1 . 12/1/2013
*Uncontrollable Sobbing* Why why why!? Why must Misaki always die!? Ahhh! I love this so much though as I do all your stories they''re great even if they make me cry! :) :(
Butterfree chapter 1 . 11/30/2013
I swear your stories make me want to curl up and cry a good way, of course. I'm impressed by all the unique alternate universes you can build for these two. I'm sort of working on AU writing myself and it's nowhere near your level of creativity. Indeed, it's better than never having loved at all.

CrownClown1823 chapter 1 . 10/24/2013
It was so sad yet so happy I don't know what to feel anymore.:) :( But I really liked your story it was really good I could feel it happening, blame my very vivid imagination.
higabanana chapter 1 . 10/21/2013
this T.T I love this T.T
Seb-asstian Verlac chapter 1 . 10/21/2013
You have the most amazing plots and stories! Seriously, how do you come up with these ideas? You're amazing :D
Trahnael chapter 1 . 10/20/2013
I hate it when I fall in love with heartbreaking stories! *sobs... sobs...*

Why, WHY, WHY WHY WHY WHYWHYWHYWHY WWWHHHYYY DID YOU HAVE TO KILL MISAKI AGAIN? *cries* And it was so... the story was so awesome that until now I'm still crying over it! Please give angst stories a happy ending sometimes! *cries and sobs more*
WHATTTTTTT chapter 1 . 10/19/2013
I am soo upset right now! how could you do that! you you youuuuuuu! this was TRAGEDY! why was there no tragedy tag why kill him off i cant handle this I thought for sure there would be a happy ending, i dont think ive read one of your stories that wasnt awwwww man how could you do that?! it was such an amazing story too! your like my all time favorite writer and nooo just noo i want a happy ending DX it was still really reallly reallly good and touching and sad SO SAD awwwww i wasnt prepared i just dont like it! honestly though it was rather abrupt you should have dragged the realization and the coping out a little more BUT it was tragedy whyyyyyy?! very good story overall please put a tragedy tag on this story tho :/
Princess Unikitty chapter 1 . 10/14/2013
very cute one-shot.
Sarabear2275 chapter 1 . 10/14/2013
Hi there! A very touching story as always, I wasn't expecting a tragic death like that I'll admit! But it definitely wouldn't have been right without it, so I'm glad you didn't let your wonderful heart let them both live and instead made it very bittersweet. Also, I'm glad to hear you have recovered from your sickness! I didn't realize you had been sick, and so I feel terrible for being impatient for your upload of Shadow Singer! So glad you have gotten better, I was going through withdrawal symptoms :) please continue your amazing writing!
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