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348joey chapter 57 . 4/27
"I guess your right"
His right what?
Oddly, you haven't made many your/you're, their/there/they're, or its/it's errors. It's mostly other stuff that I'll likely pm you about later.
348joey chapter 56 . 4/27
"I made sure to clean up most of the spelling, grammar, and other problems that my younger self had trouble with. I know that these problems sometimes show up in my newer chapters as well, and I'm working hard to fix them."
Kinaki747 chapter 67 . 4/24
Finished binge reading this story. Delightful, heart-warming, and an incredible experience altogether. Will definitely favorite. Nice touch with the chapter titles. n_n Just curious, but what was Kjelle's ultimate fate in this story? O.o
348joey chapter 63 . 4/22
"I wouldn't dare hurt my husband, even in his cute little form."
Chapter 21 suggests differently. (The game's, not the story's)

"It's okay. I got Mark's permission. He said as long as I didn't touch the flower bed I could dig to my heart's content. He even said if I found some gold we could split it 50/50. Although, if I find ancient artifacts, then I can sell them to people at the black market for ten times the price!"
I like Mark.

"Mark also said they are infectious and would eat my soul if I let them get too close."
I 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺 like Mark, though that does sound pretty accurate.

"They say that finding peace is a foolish dream, so it will take a bunch of fools to find a way to do it."
I like that line. I'm gonna save it for later.

"Or it is more likely that you are secretly a bird in disguise,"
She's on to you, Robin! Quickly! Fly away!
Little do they know that he's actually a penguin. A flying penguin.

"Indeed. It seems that our grand tactician has deceived us despite the warnings of his teacher,"
Were you not listening to the earlier part about sucking away souls, Lucina? Mark would've likely endorsed his opinion.

"I was uncomfortable for far different reasons," *quietly sneaks off to use this line in one of his own stories later, leaving no evidence behind*

"I think that all this time you have remembered your past, but you were too afraid to reveal all the embarrassing details of your youth"
And he wanted to get rich off of all the artifacts he sold on the black market. He likely has hundreds of off-shore accounts.

"Hmph. How could you do that, dear?" I like Lucina too.
348joey chapter 64 . 4/21
"I need to be on guard for bandits or loose women."
I can just hear Mark adding, "Especially the women!"

That's touching and all, but how did Sarah know what was said during Robin and his mom's discussion? Was she eavesdropping on them too?

And my suspicions were correct! 'Robin, I am your mother.'

You're just trying to break my little heart, aren't you? Well, i-it won't—*sniff*—work.
348joey chapter 62 . 4/21
"Looks more like you are spying, but if means a cookie, I will accept the bribe."
He knows how this game works.
348joey chapter 55 . 4/18
"Probably, and she will likely try to incite a riot. You know how picky she can be."
Later, in the burning streets of Plegia, Morgan says, "They knew the risks of not giving me my story fix. Now, they suffer the consequences," as she leads a mob of people in a riot.
348joey chapter 49 . 4/18
"Lucina, you're not making this easy on me."
Still the master of "totally not helping".

If Chrom finds out you've been sleeping together, you'll wish that workout had killed you.

"Besides, how would we torment Chrom without you? I can't do it all by myself, and you have a gift for making him twitch."
Ah, family bonding over Chrom's suffering…
348joey chapter 52 . 4/18
"Awww. But I wanted to see them go bang-bang!"
The bandits or the newlyweds? I really hope he means the former.

Favorite part this chapter:
"And then we went to sleep! We went directly to sleep! We did not pass go, we did not collect 200 gold coins"
348joey chapter 58 . 4/18
"Did someone just decide to mix milk in a bucket over and over until it started to curdle with other stuff, or did they just forget about it and it accidentally happened?"
I've had similar thoughts about bread. Who looked at wheat and said, "Hey, you know this inedible plant we occasionally see? Well, how about we spend hours smashing it into powder, get it wet, add the otherwise useless substance known as "yeast" to it, put it in a hot area for a long period of time, let it rise, then finish baking it?" At least you can drink cheese's original components. Why did they do so much crazy stuff with wheat?

The penguin part was amusing.
348joey chapter 53 . 4/18
"I've already got my pillow."
348joey chapter 48 . 4/17
"Must you corrupt her too after all you have done to me?"
Hopefully in entirely different ways…

"behind the mask he was wearing, he was trying to decide how he could make my death look like an accident"
"I don't know, he just jumped into the water with that big rock tied to his leg. Maybe he decided to swim the rest of the way back."

I'm willing to bet Chrom had a mage with a wind tome ready in case Robin fell. After all, if he died, his suffering would end.
348joey chapter 47 . 4/17
"Robin, surely you've known by now that I have no chest."
No, its right there on your torso. It's below your neck and shoulders and above your stomach. If you still can't find it, check between your arms.

I could perfectly picture Chrom's reaction at the thought of me telling him that I wanted to spend the next two weeks sleeping in the same bed with both of his daughters. "Lucina, that is a significantly worse idea. A thousand times worse."
Meh, it's only five or six times worse.
348joey chapter 46 . 4/17
That's actually her niece, not her cousin, though it is a bit strange that her niece is much older than she is.

"'It seems our princess here has a knack for sneaking out without permission.'
Lucia gave an innocent smile that promised she would never do such a thing."
She has been trained well. Speech skill 100, Charisma 10.

"...She is not going to kill me is she?"
"No, she would never do that. She might maul you, but for entirely different reasons."
Perfectly legitimate ones too!
348joey chapter 45 . 4/16
"Don't listen to 'em, he's just trying to put on a brave face." Vaike smiled and patted me on the back while giving me another wink. "He's hurt bad and he needs your help."
"He is?!"
Vaike, you monster.

What do they mean they couldn't find Lucina? Did they not even realize they were on the wrong continent?
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