Reviews for The Edge Of Madness
MrsMajorJ chapter 2 . 4/28
Nick green? Isn't that the name Rathbone's character in that show where he's a teen operative for the CIA ? Can't think of the name of it.
TinaF chapter 73 . 4/21
Wow great story!
B4bidden.Products chapter 73 . 4/11
Absolutely this story! I didn't want it to end.
Thata chapter 73 . 3/9
Hi again, Jules,
How are you?

OMG, "The Edge of Madness" is amazing! I think it's one of your best stories so far.

I was surprised, because for a second there I just thought that Carlisle and Alice were good in this one... And this is definitely your best "crazy demented selfish bastard psychopath Edward"!

I loved the way Peter, Chat, Em and especially Rose and Jazz helped Bella. Charlie was a badass at the end and Jake got just what he deserved.

Congratulations once more for all your fics and thanks for not pulling them out of FFnet.

Kisses from Brazil,
Fleur24 chapter 73 . 2/26
So Charlie proved how much he loved Bella, by getting revenge on the Quiluetes for her. Wow! I hadn't thought of him doing that.
Fleur24 chapter 68 . 2/26
Wow Bella is really out of Jake's blood, but I don't blame her in the least bit. I can't believe they knew about Edward's kidnapping her the second time, and didn't say a word about! That makes me so mad! They are just as much to blame for all of Bella's trauma as Edward and Carlisle are. He is going to know what Bella went through, whether he likes it or not.
Fleur24 chapter 60 . 2/26
Oh I do love Rosalie Hale! Best big sister ever! Not to mention one of the few people to get order Jasper around.
Fleur24 chapter 59 . 2/26
Jasper's plan is clever, and either way Aro gets his hands on Alice and her gift. Rather sneaky of them, but I like it! Beisdes as Jasper's said, she can't be allowed to go scot-free with all the pain and trauma she's caused Bella.
Fleur24 chapter 56 . 2/26
I had wondered how Rosalie knew she wasn't pregnant, but then I realized what the blood meant. Bella's on her period. Thank freaking goodness for that small miracle!
Fleur24 chapter 53 . 2/26
So Edward and Carlisle are mates, and it sounds like Alice and Esme are mates as well. The Edward/Carlisle thing isn't anything new, but the Alice/Esme pairing is, or at least to me. I rather like it.

So someone had called to warn Carlisle? Wonder who that was.
Fleur24 chapter 52 . 2/26
Way to go Bella! Like father, like Son. Neither has any regard for BElla and what she wants.
I like the introduction of that physical shield. When a lady says no, she means fucking no!
Fleur24 chapter 51 . 2/26
Please don't her be pregnant! Especially not with that bastard's child! I am so sick of pregnant Bella stories! This story has had plenty of action, drama and conflict with out adding a supernatural hybrid baby.

Carlisle really has lost his senses and all his identity. Edward's legacy, regardless of a baby, is going to be of a an obsessive man how raped and abused an innocent young woman. None of that is good. I'd be ashamed to be the legacy of such a person.
Fleur24 chapter 46 . 2/26
This sounds like a good plan, Sue will be there, and the Quiluetes are apparently in Charlie's good book again. Don't usually agree with running from home or from problems, but she's been nothing but anxious and fearful and has been throwing up at least once a day. Its clear that Forks is a safe and sane place for her to be anymore.
Fleur24 chapter 41 . 2/26
I almost feel bad for Carlisle. He really is disintegrating before our eyes, just like Edward did. I can understand not wanting to be a role model anymore, but he could just become a nomad. But going back on all of his beliefs and ideas? That's not him at all.
Fleur24 chapter 40 . 2/26
Yep Peter's good for a lot of things, making people think clearly, is just one of them. No one wants Edward to win even in death, so yes Bella needs to face the Cullens and Charlie.
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