Reviews for 2 Parents Minus 1 Child Equals A Journey
Jon Bell chapter 10 . 5/5
Part of the reason why I want you to continue doing this is because I am actually taking all your stories that fit in this series, in their chronological order, and combining them into one giant book. I am giving you all the credit except for the fact that I am fixing any grammatical errors I come across as well as taking out or replacing most of the bad language that is in it to make it a little more reader friendly. Please tell me what you think of this at the beginning of the next chapter you put on here because I want to know if I will have your support in this endeavor of mine.
Jon Bell chapter 10 . 5/4
Whats with the fangs on Danielle
Jon Bell chapter 10 . 5/2
I like this whole book a lot would you please finish it as soon as Possible.
glraxaystarfire katniss chapter 10 . 4/24
I got to say great job it coming along just fine even know it bring tear to my eyes it still a sweet story I hope you will finish write this story soon it perfect .
RATTLEHEAD414 chapter 10 . 4/7
Omg pls update this story is amazing
Tamara chapter 10 . 4/2
Please update this story
Nick chapter 10 . 3/31
Guys I don't think Blak-ice is coming back :(
caduceus4611 chapter 10 . 3/10
Just finished this and the first story. Loved them!

Can't wait for more, and I hope you'll update one day!
Nick chapter 1 . 1/28
KuramaFTW chapter 10 . 12/31/2014
Well I gotta say, I spent practically the last 10 hours reading through this entire series. So now I'd like to say that this story is amazing. A little rocky at some parts but easily overlooked. I loved some of the references to other Nick Toons such as Fairly Odd Parents and Avatar. I was a little sad to see all of these things happen to Danielle when her whole world came crashing down so good job with that. I also really liked the idea of bringing in new Halfas. I haven't seen that yet in any other story, though with Alex's family I'm getting a very strong Naruto reference, what with the fox, someone able to manipulate shadows, create illusions, and control puppets. Anyways keep up the amazing work and update soon.
The Hollow Luner Fang chapter 10 . 12/31/2014
I did it, I read through the entirety of this series and now I can fully voice my opinion about it. First off, love it. At the beginning I was a little unsure of it but, like a lot of things, it got progressively better with time. I felt a few ideas where rushed but everything was well explained and made sense. The transitions still throw me off guard sometimes. It is unclear sometimes how much time has passed between scenes. Thankfully it gets quickly explained but it still get disorienting. I like how this story has become more than just ‘what if she was his child’ stories. You’ve developed Danielle into more of a character then I would have thought when I started this series, and I’m glad for it. You got me really sad at the end of the first ‘book.’ I was applauding you while kind of depressed. Though clearly this isn’t a feel good story you have done a good job with it. Oh, and the self-aware introspection, turn it down a little bit. No one is that self-aware, in my opinion. Can’t wait till the next chapter! Danny has to find the Demi-ghosts and get back on her trail!
Guest chapter 10 . 12/29/2014
Awesome I love it! I can't wait for the reunion of Danny, Sam, and Danielle!
ivanganev1992 chapter 10 . 12/28/2014
finally something new ch 10.
Maybe those halfas are nice caring family . And potential allies I hope .
well what happends next ? please update again . By the wway sometimes I didn't got all messages in any update , so pls tell me if you have time .
realsky chapter 10 . 12/24/2014
seriously awesome story. I'm in so much suspense. to what is going to happen to Dani. I Dont guys in white to catch them yet. so how will Young blood react to Dani being with Alex? will Sam tell Danny about her dream?
Have happy holidays! Looking forward to reading more of your stories
ForestGuardian311 chapter 10 . 12/23/2014
Ohh... interesting. Lol, all I have to say is that Dani and Alex better make up FAST because they're gonna need to learn how to work together in order to escape the GIW. As for each of them, I can understand why Alex is a bit peeved at Dani for keeping her own secret, though that doesn't quite excuse his behavior towards her. (Doesn't really excuse Dani's towards him, either...)

Aww, Yuri and Matt :) Josh's transformation seems pretty B.A indeed. ;)

Hope to see a chapter on Team Fenton soon! ;)

Happy Holidays!
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