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jim89 chapter 10 . 8/11
So Danielle and Alex are angry with his me to one of the most completely truthful when they met. Of course, given the statements from yuri made it clear they already know about her and the fact she ran away.

Alex would've known that she ran away. Obviously would have a hard time talking about it.

As for him. He deliberately lying to Danielle here. Knowing full well she believe him. And she knew nothing about the other human, ghost hybrid families and how they work

The difference this Alex new Danielle situation was in the already also, should also realize. Her businesses her business, not his business. I get he has trust issues and you can't force someone else trust you go. You have issues. By forcing yourself in

Go surprisingly later when Danielle to make the great escape Alex is going to join a party. In realize the family here are actual allies.

Even more bad if this is approved which is tunnels out of town cannot be phased out and easy get lost. Why do I sense both things that happen in the near future

Danielle seemed to be an expert collecting people I care for her and then leaving them

We shall see
jim89 chapter 9 . 8/11
Danielle was missing the point entirely of having skills of running Vlad was one guy with a couple of stooges working for him. The guys in white on Army
and with the bounty. She also has every opportunist out there trying to get shot for the money

Really vlad was covert. The forces against her. We could mobilize all militia of nearly everyone go after her.

As a starting to like Alex here. But right after he starts flirting with. Danielle
she just got with traumatic experience and worrying about her dog it's not the right time

Wow the fact that Danny was more public with his powers i.e. being a hero
automatically made to the other hybrids wouldn't have anything to do with him.
And worse with his war with the fruit loop. We were planning to take Danny out

And it got even worse when Danielle came into existence. So the issue. Contracting with Danny is at a standstill in their endlessly debating it So the other covens basically endlessly fighting over how to deal with Danny

Top of that some want take Danny's group out because he superpowerful
so it's all politics how differs would've been feeling for Danny if any of them and help his group . I'm thinking Danny and his family are better off not dealing with them

Also looks like Danielle's new hosts family , they figured out the bigger problems that lead Danielle to the doorstep just waiting for the details

We shall see
jim89 chapter 8 . 8/11
Makes you wonder what the guys in white form is for friendly fire and typically
they do not have the authority to attack Phantom group. The fact that when they saw some of the ghost signature we just opened up randomly

the giw was already on thin ice. That's why they want Danielle so badly

I was one good thing. What Valerie on side she seems and decent upgrades now
if Danielle had run a few months later Valerie probably could attract it halfway across the continent

Also, after ghost family in hiding, makes you wonder how many half human ghost hybrids are there in the world?

We all assumed Danny and his little group were only ones in the world. All we know that could be thousands. But the smart enough know from history. Not to make their presence known as a subgroup, or in bigotry people hunt them down like wild dogs

We shall see
ForestGuardian311 chapter 11 . 7/17

First, I hope you're feeling/doing better. I'm not an expert in the relationships department, so I can't really help you in that area; but if you ever need a person to talk to, my Inbox is open. Things will get better. -hugs-

Second, glad to see this story being updated again! :)

Wow, what a cool chapter! Love the new info on Josh/Jekyll and Limbo... Very interesting.

I hope Dani's okay...but looking at this cliffhanger of an ending, I'm gonna guess that she really is gonna be in trouble in the next chapter. Yikes! Hope Danny and the others find her soon!

Great job! Looking forward to more! :)
Tamara chapter 11 . 7/17
Great chapter thanks for the update
lordrednight chapter 11 . 7/17
Nice chapter, that's cool to know more about the coven and the catacombs. Also that's an interesting character you made here, this Jekyll guy is somehow scarier than most of the powerful foes that Danny had to fight, counting Vlad out of course, just kidding... Anyway that was a nice chapter you wrote and I'm looking forward to see the next one.
Keep up the good job !
Randomness-sama chapter 11 . 7/16
So basically Jekyll is the prince of Limbo...that's almost too awesome. Glad to see that you're back.
LunaTheBlackWolf chapter 11 . 7/16
Jekyll and Hyde. Hahaha I get it! Update soon plz
Wolvmbm chapter 11 . 7/16
I am glad to see you continuing this story as I want the Fenton family reunited and safe.

Great update and greater explaining where Dani is right now.

Here's hoping there are more side tales of this series in the future as I cannot wait for a Cujo solo adventure.

Please do keep up the good work upon such a great tale like this one as I cannot wait to learn where Danny and the others are in all of this.
Fuchsia Phantom chapter 11 . 7/16
Alexa: It's officialJekyll is my favorite. He's friggin awesome.
Jason: That was prety cool, dude. Ended a little soon but better a little than nothing.
Fuchsia: Dude! I thought you were dead, man! Glad you're back, this story is lookin awesome!
Tamara chapter 10 . 7/15
Please update soon
princessluv4life chapter 1 . 7/9
I seriously love this story. I'm always trying to find stories that really capture how the characters act prior to the show and you and this story did that only better. i honestly don't think i can go longer without another update of such an amazing story. PLEASE START WRITING AGAIN!
Jon Bell chapter 10 . 5/5
Part of the reason why I want you to continue doing this is because I am actually taking all your stories that fit in this series, in their chronological order, and combining them into one giant book. I am giving you all the credit except for the fact that I am fixing any grammatical errors I come across as well as taking out or replacing most of the bad language that is in it to make it a little more reader friendly. Please tell me what you think of this at the beginning of the next chapter you put on here because I want to know if I will have your support in this endeavor of mine.
Jon Bell chapter 10 . 5/4
Whats with the fangs on Danielle
Jon Bell chapter 10 . 5/2
I like this whole book a lot would you please finish it as soon as Possible.
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