Reviews for What We're Fighting For
bigredbox13 chapter 28 . 4/9
meg141 chapter 1 . 3/28
My second time reading it through- I appreciate the novelty of the plot line. Hard to find fics that don’t somewhat mirror other stories.
lsignet chapter 10 . 3/26
Never to old for fart humor ) 3
DrizztTeller chapter 28 . 3/7
Very very nice story, it is very well written and I can't wait to read your next one
All the best
pixelbun1 chapter 28 . 2/28
an excellent twist on the Harmione pairing. Has a slight Disney Cinderella feel about it, except replace boring Prince charming with Commando Potter. Some slight spelling issues but not enough to ruin in. 8.5/10
iloveyou1234 chapter 28 . 2/26
I really really liked this
TheClowningPrince chapter 28 . 2/18
Loved the idea of a commando Harry. I love how he was a stone-faced badass. Good on ya, mate.
cshen.julienne chapter 28 . 1/24
YIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee love it 3 :D
cshen.julienne chapter 18 . 1/23
Perfect boyfriend! :D Gooossh I wish I could have him.
cshen.julienne chapter 17 . 1/23
Dumbledore is nuts! First they decide they've done him wrong by taking away who he is and yet now that he's finally becoming his own person and making choices, they are holding him back and for what purpose? To do what is right by them. AGGGHHHH!

Am loving the story! Seriously frustrated with Dumbledore right now. Want to hex him.
unknownxxxloverxxx chapter 28 . 1/22
I absolutely love everything about this story.
The plot was easy enough to follow and so it made reading it enjoyable. The character developments were subtle but impactful. Love it.
cshen.julienne chapter 6 . 1/21
I love it! I bloody love it! Absolutely fantastic!
cshen.julienne chapter 5 . 1/21
HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH MY GOSH It's like teaching a robot. I love it!
sambayar chapter 28 . 1/13
karmcmahon chapter 28 . 1/10
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