Reviews for Cause and Effect
Anna10327 chapter 1 . 11/2/2013
This story was published on my birthday...
Estoma chapter 1 . 10/15/2013
Oh my goodness! What a gorgeous fic, Nona, I am so utterly touched. And it's about Ron and Hermione, and canon compliant which is just my favourite combination to read. You really listened to what I wanted.

This is just a simply lovely summary of Ron and Hermione's feelings for each other. It's light and hopeful and beautiful.

The opening was really interesting because you showed a different side of Ron; you showed him thinking, philosophising, and he's not usually portrayed like that. It was refreshing.

The second part was fantastic! I loved how you alternated between Ron and Hermione's feelings. Her describing his arse was just so unexpected for Hermione, but very apt for a teenage girl. The slight humour worked perfectly.

The third section was great. You were just getting better and better as you go on. You explored Ron's complex feelings so well, showing that even when he was with Lavender, it wasn't what he wanted. And the line [He's already screwed that up though] packed a lot of punch. You showed that love isn't necessarily fair and a straight road very aptly.

In the fourth section you really highlighted how terrible Hermione was feeling, with lovely details like not being able to concentrate in class. I love it when author's show, don't just tell us what we should have from the writing.

Again, in the fifth section you show Ron's depth of feeling beautifully. Hell, he was happy to be poisoned, just so he could patch up his friendship with Hermione! Now that's something.

In the sixth the little details just get me. They're perfect. It's not a fairytale kiss, because there's blood and dirt and a best friend to interrupt them, but it's perfect for them anyway. So lovely.

And you ended strongly with a lovely feeling of completion, and also hope and excitement for the future. The rising sun was a great way to symbolise the start of a new day as well as the start of their lives together.

Overall, Nona, this is a beautiful story. It really is. You know I've got pretty limited adjectives, but I'll try to use them all; beautiful, gorgeous, fantastic, lovely. I am so very touched that you wrote something for my birthday. *circles Nona's birthday on the calendar*