Reviews for Make him Talk
soniabell chapter 4 . 6/12/2018
Great little fic. Thank you.
soniabell chapter 3 . 6/12/2018
No going back, they need each other so bad. Loved their first time it was beautiful..
soniabell chapter 2 . 6/11/2018
Damn walkers ruined the romance. Lol
soniabell chapter 1 . 6/11/2018
Very interesting, I'm in.
Yabigdish chapter 4 . 12/18/2015
Perfect Caryl feels. Enjoyed your story as always.
Thank You
peanutlee33 chapter 4 . 12/25/2014
lovesdaryl chapter 2 . 7/18/2014
Oh my goodness, admit it, you've got a crystal ball! A cabin, booze, asking each other questions - this is uncanny! Great read!
CarsRock14 chapter 4 . 5/26/2014
deniselynne1966 chapter 4 . 5/3/2014
Lovely! Oh how I hope season 5 delivers Caryl 3
cemmia chapter 4 . 3/8/2014
Loved it! Just loved it!
kaoscraze chapter 4 . 2/11/2014
Loved it! Sorry it's over so soon though!
Pegasus86 chapter 4 . 2/6/2014
Thank you for such an amazing story! My heart was pounding with anticipation and then with utter joy!
untapdtreasure chapter 4 . 1/9/2014
Omg! Them doing it like animals was so freaking hot. Damn guuurl! Damn. And haha omg rick! I love that! I love your fluff! Keep it up! Keep it up!
untapdtreasure chapter 3 . 1/9/2014
Oh wow. That pup. Haha. Yeah. Its so coming back to the prison. The kids will love him! And their first time. *le happy happy sigh* that was beautiful. I love how real and honest it was.
untapdtreasure chapter 2 . 1/9/2014
Omg. I love the "only if you put your pants back on" line. That caused me to chuckle. But when they kissed holycrap! That was yummy. And then her pants were gone again, but them damn walkers! Grrr. Needless to say, I cannot stop now. I am off to read chapter 3!
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