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TheFloralHedgehog chapter 46 . 9/11/2016
Wowowow. Really happy with the ending, although I wish we knew if Blaine found his own soulmate in the end

Thank you for writing such a wonderful masterpiece.
Wingless Swan chapter 46 . 7/26/2016
I know this is a late review, but I just have to say something. I can't thank you enough for a not downplaying abuse. There are so many people who feel that they have ownership over their partner's body. (Not to be sexist or racist, but black men especially. I even though I'm lesbian, I dated an asshole who tried to coax me into having sex with him at 15. I didn't and he said that it was time for him to establish some dominance and I replied "Bitch, I don't need you. I prefer girls anyway. Dominate these nuts." He never bothered me again.) I read so many Dom/sub stories where the dom either boarders on abusive or is completely abusive, but it's somehow okay, because the sub has done something "wrong". I can understand if the punishment is agreed upon by both the dom and the sub and the sub is okay with it, but Kurt never was. This story pissed me off, because I thought that Kurt would end up taking Blaine's bait to be nothing but a stay at home sub, but Kurt was smart and headstrong. Burt's role was perfect as well. Thank you for giving Kurt Elliot. Kurt deserved Elliot on the show too...but he got Blaine. Screw the idiots who are mad because their beloved Blaine was a jerk. (Or is) It's your story, and lord was it written well. It's funny how they call Blaine a jerk, rather than address that Kurt was being abused and that he was being abused for being sexually abused. Please turn off your anonymous reviews and keep writing.
klainefever2.0 chapter 46 . 5/10/2016
this was a really good story, i liked it even though i hated that you made Blaine a huge jerk, which is completely impossible and also i didn't like the endgame couple but still it was a great story, and Elliott was really nice and gentle, and Max was really funny :D as for Sami, she kind of reminded me of Jeff and Santana were mixed together in one person :D
keep it up ;)
cilia-chan chapter 1 . 3/16/2016
This was an amazing fic! I loved the fact that it ended up being an Kurt/Eliott endgame..
FrozenHunter26 chapter 34 . 12/1/2015
I have never read a story so amazing! It takes alot to make me cry but you have a special talent! Oh my god! This is beautiful and tragic and amazing all at the same time!
silverwolf1249 chapter 46 . 9/2/2015
I am sorry to admit that i skipped from chapter 29 to chapter 31 to chapter 46. im sure everything i missed was really important, but i couldn't handle the suspense, or blaine being a huge jerk to put it lightly, very lightly, extremely so. He shouldn't have gotten so angry about a letter without hearing the other's side. And if I was a sub, I'd try to punch or do something to my Dom for even trying to get me to be a stay at home sub. Because that would be hell for me. Other than my deep feels for Kurt (I actually wanted to punch Blaine, and usually I love blaine:'(, I still sorta want to punch him...) I'm so happy kurt gets his deserved soul mate in the end, even though im not really sure how it happened. And sex riot? omg, lol thank you so much for this story:).
Coolie Is Cooagoree Oakly Lad chapter 39 . 8/13/2015
So, question. How big are the padlocks and keys supposed to be on the arm, because you said they would be covered up most of the time in NY, which is the best city ever! Besides London... maybe xx
Coolie Is Cooagoree Oakly Lad chapter 46 . 7/14/2015
Aww! That is such a happy ending to such a sad story. I know I'm always gonna be a Klaine addict but Elliot Kurt just makes my day! 100 points to Gryffindor!
Moving on chapter 46 . 6/17/2015

Holy shit,
You just ended the second most life-changing and inspiring story I've ever read with lyrics from one of my favorite songs by my favorite artist of all time!?

After wrapping up and beautifully detailing the extent to which the happiness persists throughout their lives thereafter!?

Yeah, I officially love you.

I will do my best to remember to give you a shoutout one day when I'm performing with Adam Lambert, no promises, other than that I will try (assuming I don't forget how to breathe after).

Also, I'm just going to interpret that their claiming was the result of the intimacy from them holding nothing back through a shared orgasm, rather than them engaging in "penetrative" (a.k.a. envelopmental) sex, since I'm a lesbian and I honestly think people place waaaaay to much value on sexual acts that involve penile penetration. Also, I absolutely refuse to believe that the physical intimacy of sexual acts alike to those that my rapist forced upon me are somehow inherently greater than sexual acts in which I would (and hopefully one day will) choose to engage in with a woman who cares for and loves me, whom I care for and love in return.

I don't want you to think that I thought the way you described the sex and bonding as it applied to them cam accross as devaluing any kind of sex between women, which I absolutely did not think, not for a single second.
I just needed to say my peace and put the idea that any act of sexual intimacy can only hold as much weight as you give it out there in the universe, and this just feels like the perfect place to put it; I feel it will be received well.
I do feel you did a good job with the sexual parts, especially since you were describing things from their view, and I particularly liked the bit about Kurt writing in his journal about tongue penetrative sex ;) that was pretty great.

This is in every way meant as a compliment to your work, and I sincerely do want to thank you again for writing this and sharing it with the rest of us in this crazy, twisty world.
Moving on chapter 45 . 6/17/2015
After the scene where Kurt and Blaine talk, I cried bittersweet tears of nostalgia and acceptance

You have no idea how real that kind of setting is for me, or how much reading this has helped me.

I fumbled quite a few times before finally leaving my rapist, but I am oh so glad I did.

I want you to know this story is one of the many things that has helped me forgive myself for not being as brave as Kurt and leave after the first instance of undeniable true abuse, and realize that the only thing I can do now is forgive myself, not forget my mistakes or allow for the opportunity for them to be repeated, and move forward with my life.

I did not sign into my account because I do not want messages about my past, however I want you to know that yes I am one of your many followers and yes I appreciate this story as much as I hope these words convey.

Thank you,
I hope whatever you are doing, or wherever you are going in your life, that you chase after your happiness full speed ahead and let nothing, including the fears of crashing or falling, stand in your way.

Also, I absolutely adore (and will begin modeling with my own actions) how Kurt achieves his dreams and wants only when he eliminates all shreds of doubt, fear, and insecurity from his mind and heart, and replaces them with confidence, determination, and pure willpower.

I think that is an incredibly powerful message that more people in this world need to see, and I thank you for putting it out there.
Kurtbastian-Yes chapter 16 . 6/12/2015
oh my GOSH,
I am worried for Sebastian!
I hope he won't do anything stupid!
Munk's Lady chapter 36 . 5/17/2015
Wow that's a pairing I was not expecting. I assumed it would be Elliott.
Munk's Lady chapter 19 . 5/15/2015
Damn you for being such a good writer! LOL j/k! It's 11:45 night and I have to be up 5am but I can't put this down!
Yay chapter 5 . 5/10/2015
Amen to your authors note! I would litterally break my iPad if he just became submissive (even though Blaine is so cute). I know this story is comp,eted, but I sincerely hope you didn't change your mind c:
Awesome chapter 3 . 5/10/2015
I want you to know I'm extremely critical of fanfictions... but this one is GREAT! Poor Kurt! I really like Blaine, but how could anyone with a brain feel sorry for his situation? I totally get where Kurt is coming from, maybe that's why I'm so in love with this story. great job!
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