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Murphy chapter 8 . 9/20
I would say that the genre of this story is more of a Humor/Romance...
Plus, this is a hilarious read! Despite the rare spelling errors...
In Synch chapter 8 . 7/10
Please continue this, it wonderfully balances out the grim atmosphere of Persona 3 with the lighter atmosphere of Infinite Stratos. I know it has been about two years, but... PLEASE?
Guest chapter 8 . 5/26
Need more please
TheBeatles211 chapter 8 . 4/19
Please continue
maxigreget chapter 7 . 3/16
Awww, and here I am hoping to read some sweet laura x minato fic. Oh well, I guess charlotte is fine (Still awesome fic though)
Im a guest chapter 8 . 2/24
:/ sorry if shes not minato daughter im leaving:/ mitsuru and minato for life:/

Was good story when it lasted
maxigreget chapter 8 . 11/27/2015
UPDATE, oh and are you already decided the pairing of minato? (minato x OC or else?)
Lone Gundam chapter 8 . 1/24/2015
So far this story has been interesting. Have you considered Tabane fixing Aegis and upgrading her?
Auto-eroticAssimilation chapter 1 . 1/2/2015
Please put this OC in
Name: Mara Coque Phallussaur

Age: 8008132

Year in school: 69

Nicknames: The Conquerer, ohmygodwhatisthat, The Overlord

Minato or Ichika: I don't get what you mean, but Minato

Likes: Putting their head into holes and wiggling around inside them, woman, men, butts, your mom, everyone's mom, golden chariots, demons, tentacles, more butts, Satan, redheads, brunettes, strawberry blondes, blondes, defeating their enemies with one thrust

Dislikes: Buddha, Shin Megami Tensei, angels, people who are righteous, people who say that they are gross, Ichika

Description: They are a large green haired hyoo-min with parted bangs hovering over their eyes. They were born in Chernobyl, giving them tentacles on them legs which are quite fat and round. They have small arms in comparison to their thick, overbearing figure. Often seen riding a golden chariot.

Personality: They are quite arrogant, but simply act 'tsun tsun' before you get to know them and then act 'dere dere'. They are often times quite devious, attempting to lure others into trusting them with whispers of goods and rewards.

History: They are actually Minato's long lost cousin from another galaxy that came here after penetrating the veil of time and space, losing their powers.

Their IS and Abilities: Often referred to as the 'Phallusaurus', it is a Spinosaurus-like mecha while still retaining most of it's human features. Appearing to have dull phallic like appendages flopping around on it's spine. It is unknown what purpose they serve. With a rounded shiny purple head containing a large slit down the face which is actually the visual unit, used to detect other IS and any living beings.
It wields a large medieval yet technologically advanced sword with two large sphere objects for a hilt. The handle having a flesh like texture and composition. Meanwhile the blade is a large, pulsating mass of energy with a slit at the tip which launches potent beams of white energy, an ability that the visual unit has in it's arsenal as well.
The blade has been dubbed 'The Penetrator' due to it's unbelievably powerful piercing properties.

How they meet: Thrusting himself forward, he accidentally thrusts into Minato and then te encounter begins.

I worked really hard on this OC, please put him in Minato's harem as well as my other 4500 OCs.

(I'll be surprised if he actually does make it into the story, even as just a cameo. That would be hilarious.)
Lewamus Prime chapter 8 . 12/28/2014
Okay this is the best OC I can make o if you don't wanted I understand and if he OP then Redo him for me or change some as long he keep his IS,multiple personalty disorder, his crush on Charolltes and Laura ,because I try and see if you can do it

Name:Sang Achtung

nickname:Icy,Hothead,Random,S.A, albern ,mignon garçon,plushy



Year in school:1st,

Likes:cute things ,Charolltes,Laura , family,friendFoods,Music,Having fun,Games,Watching TV,Helping friends or people,Good thing,Planting,Animals,Meats,dessert,Root beer(A soda like),training,weapons

Dislikes: being called a freak or monster even called a weapon idiots, people jump in conclusion without thinking or cut off guard ,Perverts,Veggie(sometime)heartless jerks,Slavery,bullies,people who hurt his friends or family,being push around,someone do something stupid,Someone ruin his Root Beer,someone insulted His brother,people who lied to someone and used someone as a weapons

Description:he have a bit pale skin and have a bit long yellow-haired , Red eye and even he is a little built up muscle with pecs,ab,6 pack . His face is angular,has two sets of teeth fangs like and possessed a wonderful smile of an angel or a great nice guy or a fearless or fearsome. One set looks like a normal human's, while the other is retractable and are shark teeth (mainly used to scare opponents).he wear a beige-colored t shirt with one large black stripe with purple lines in the middle and a beige-colored jacket ,wear black leather gloves ,wear pocket pants yellow light wear a combat boot and sometime wear a Stahlhelm helmet with steampunk goggles.

Personality:sang he have a french accent and he is have a rather heroic character with good intentions funny,,gentlemen ,nice and innocence with kindness and has a positive attitude towards almost everything and everyone he encounters. He's the kind of person who sees everybody he meets as a potential friend., then possesses very good manners. he proves a loyal and fearless he had experienced death, he knows more than most about the consequences of dying. He shares a very strong emphasis on keeping promises and friendship, when his have multiple personalty disorder(It means a dissociative disorder that is characterized by the presence of two or more distinct and complex identities or personality states each of which becomes dominant and controls behavior from time to time to the exclusion of the others. and results from disruption in the integrated functions of consciousness, memory, and identity even it is a rare dissociative disorder in which two or more personalities with distinct memories )But he in control of it if he need it or not even he let of guard that activate it but he know his multiple personalty are him and always serve and protect his family , friends or someone he in he understand and see people's feelings always solve some problem to afraid of woman's wrath,punishment and sadist

History:his story a little same as before that happen his father was german and his mother was french who die in an accident when he was 4 and now in a orphanage all alone with no friends he was being teased,bullied, push around by kids but he had enough even he almost hurt the kids even felt terrible what he did even they called him a in 2 weeks he was adopted by a man sang thought he was gonna have a family but he was wrong he been an experiment into a goverment to make him into a weapon that can defeat a super solider even take military training, hand to hand combat marital arts and survival skills even without his nanomachines inside of him that he was a task at a mission even a little help of stop the war and some help with Germany he was an expert on weapon that he built his own been adopted by man name tom who is american teach Sang how to speak english even teach him to speak russain,japanese,china and england even take some few trip around the world and he now have tom as a good so tabane who was meet when Sang want her help with his IS that they become good friends And soon been adopted as his mother even he change his name into Sang Shinonono for now because he explain his story to her

Their 4 IS :he have a Closed Form The form the IS takes when not being used. which is is a bracelet that color silver with red,blue,green and yellow on it
he have his normal is but have three armor of is he can change into similar like ezra's requip magic from fairy he in control of his multiple personality when he in a fight but when he

his first IS's name "The Hyperion Sparrow " in his normal self his IS ( just picture like optimus prime have combine with jetfire of optimus prime jet mode with a a gauntlet like from highschool dxd and also with cannons and optimus's faceplate and helmet ) and abilities:gauntlet deflect, 2nd Shift, Electric whips,beam swords,Hyper Sensor, fly at Mach 24 speed and Panzer Cannon,Valkyrie Trace system,AIC (Active Inertia Canceller) projector, 6 wire-guided daggers.,A .80 caliber heavy rail gun, Energy Barrier/Absolute Defense ,Particle Cannon, A .61 cal sub machine gun, A .62 cal heavy shotgun,Battle Damage/Repair and energy absorb

in his emotionless mode his second IS's name is " azurblau Schneesturm " (picture this as soundwaves armor from transformers revenge of the fallen combine with lobomon from digimon )abilities:Ice manipulation,fires explosive ice missiles and ice lasers from his cannons, which are also the weapons employed by his cold/calm personality and use ice power or make ice weapons and sonic disc,hacking, blades, 6 electric tentacles

in rage mode his third IS's name is "Nova buystvo" (picture this as a predaking aromr's robot mode armor like with burninggreymon from digimon togther )abilities: a twin laser turret and fires laser bolt barrages, which is also his hot-tempered personality's weapon of choice,Fire manipulation,heat beam,cloaking device

and his insane mode his final IS'name is " Carnage trigger " (picture this as Gundam AGE-2 Dark Hound with kamen rider den-o gun form)abilities: His insane/crazy specializes in exploding laser whips good at marksmanship and speed of light,copy abilities, Ice manipulation,Fire manipulation,Light manipulation, multiple explosive missile

How they meet: he was childhood friend to charlotte dunois from his trip even charlottes nickname and nickname him "mignon garçon" means cute boy in french and in his mission who he meet laura who was partner even sometime sang treat her like a llittle sister sometime she even nickname him albern means silly in now Sang go to IS academy from tabane to meet his new brother minato

Anything else you want to share:He have three kind of multiple side effect his eye color change his voice and accent even got names but they prefer to be called sang

when some girl hug him he is soft like a pillow or a stuff animal or a plush toy

sang's second personality is when he is insulted, being push around, being bullied horror,something he don't like,annoyed or angered his eye become darker red wear his red sunglasses and have a russain accent voice a bit deep ,he become Extremely strong and fast-moving, making him quite a dangerous his temper side,he have a short bad-tempered that is dangerous but he in control because his temper is like a fuel of 90,000 beast of a rampage but also very strong physically and react angrily with violent threats towards almost anyone . Despite this, he actually does care about others, even if he is embarrassed to admit it he name his second personality Hothead.

sang's third personality when he in a problem situation or sad he his eye turn ice color blue that his hair cover his right eye and have a german accent become emotionless and soft voice but threatening ,shy sometime who initially avoided speaking to anyone at all and he really cold-natured and intelligent ,loved to read book even a bible and do magic tricks, picture his third personality as ulquiorra from bleach and he name his third personality Icy.

sang's final fourth personality when he is scared or embarrassed , surprise or injured to far his eye turn yellow his hair shadow to over his eye may look scary of a shadow like glowing yellow eye and have a american accent and have a personalty of a 6 year old child or a maniac in a good way even sound like a child and a maniac together and really crazy may toss out good puns and jokes, children's nursery rhymes, or random non sequiturs, mostly followed by hysterical laughter even sadist but around friends he really a Goofball,Oddball,Helpful,Modest, overall, a comedy guy from tv or a cartoon like person to make people laugh of his way or jokes picture it like the joker and deadpool like but in a good way even he fight like so crazy he run really fast like the flash sometime even he crazy make people scared or sent chill to their spine by his crazy eye and smile he name his fourth personalty random because he is crazy and insane.

and he a polygamist means When a man is married to more than one wife at a time, the relationship is called polygyny or polygamist;

a polygamist it means A serious trusting relationship with multiple partners (because it's not cheating if you have no secrets and all partners are alright with you bringing another into the group) and without marriage (because marriage is only used by governments and religions to control stupid people). The larger the group gets, the more consent is needed to bring in new partners. Polygamy is not the same thing as an open relationship because in an open relationship you see and do who you want without asking for anyone's consent first.
One Man And Many Women
Xystia Crossroad chapter 8 . 12/12/2014
Please dont give up on this series
Treant Balewood chapter 2 . 11/20/2014
Wow a 'child go down my spine' huh must have felt really strange
fallenlegion chapter 8 . 6/19/2014
hey nice work on the story, though I do agree with the other reviewers that you write short chapters and was wondering how long it takes you to post since it's been 5 months since you last updated and a suggestion. have minako's daughter trick minato into thinking it really is her gramdma and then humiliate him in the process XD
keep up the great work
Chaos Theory chapter 8 . 5/31/2014
My my, does thou protest too much?
Chaos Theory chapter 3 . 5/31/2014
Crap, missed that part. Sorry. And wait... Yo? That is all you have to say to a class full of girls? ...why am I not surprised?

How they Obtained their IS: Similar to Minato's circumstances, Tabane designed his IS, however it was a prototype, like its Core, and was the basis the next Generation IS, however in retrospect, it is still classified as a 3rd Generation. Of course, Tabane was against making another core... until Chifuyu threatened her with White Knight.
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