Reviews for The Princess and the Dragon
lily anson chapter 1 . 11/29/2014
I think this is on of my favorites in this series. I've always been more interested in interpersonal reactions and the psychology behind things though. Nicely written.
bogus1 chapter 1 . 12/22/2013
# because if Discord realizes she's seriously considering killing him, all bets are off.

That is pretty damned weaksauce. Oh, Celestia might think so because she's a damned HERBIVORE. But Q is hardcore, has always been and will always be hardcore. Err omnivore.

If I knew that someone had considered offing me when I had a mental breakdown because I violated my own values and ideals and principles and so *wasn't myself anymore* ... well, I'd consider that pretty humiliating and shameful..

Would I hold it against them? Yes, because it means they're not my equal and/or they gave up on me too easily. However, that would just mean I can't love or trust them. It wouldn't mean I'd try to off them.

There is a rather wide chasm between "can't trust this person (until they level up and prove they're trustworthy)" and "need to off them now".


Also, funny story? Glory can be the name of a (vain narcissist) Spirit but Righteous Warfare can't. And Glory is the name of an Evil Spirit.

Your understanding of the mechanics of how gods define themselves is pulled from the broader culture, where it's incarnated in things like AD&D 'godly domains'. The problem is that it's wrong.

If a god defined themselves *solely* by the abstract concept 'righteous warfare' then the fact this abstract concept doesn't require taking account of every thinking being everywhere to fully understand, means that it's an Evil god.

There are two thresholds in the 'complexity of the self-definition self-concept' which must be met for a god to be first non-Evil and then Good. And 'righteous warfare' falls slightly short of the first threshold.

Righteous warfare is also too subjective to be a valid self-concept. Who defines the righteousness? How? And it's insufficiently abstract. It's more of a hobby than a valid self-definition.

Now *Glory* isn't. It's absolute and it's pretty abstract. It's just definitely simple-minded / Evil and every person who seeks glory above *literally* all else is a narcissistic evil jerkass bullying evil fuck.
Deritine chapter 1 . 10/16/2013
This fic- a thousand times yes! Especially as you are talking like you are to continue it (!) I have been wanting a good Discord fic forever and you're the best Q writer. I may actually be weeping with happiness. Also your Celestia/Discord was not even a bit subtle lol. Also I love the bit where he is more himself in Equestria- I was like 'the feels!' and just in general all the lovely Continuum stuff. And just.. love. I love this story!