Reviews for Light in the Grey
DemeRain chapter 10 . 8/17/2012
Highlander meets Lord of the Rings. Awesomeness. Thanks for sharing.
IndilwenAranionell chapter 10 . 5/28/2012
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! Amazing story! I wish wish wish wish wish you would continue this fic. but you haven't update it in nine years so that does look good... NOOOOOOOO! It's so good! You've left me hanging! How could you! Omg! I NEED to find out what happens! Please please please update! I don't usually like legolas/OC stories but this EPIC! Please update! You would make my day! Not just my day but the whole year! Please! I love Lucien! YAY! I LOVE DARIUS! Favourite cahacter... I can't pick I love them all except ... Them ... Of course! Please update! Please! Look what you've done! You've reduced me to begging! Please!
eli chapter 10 . 11/7/2005
I like this fic very much. I would like to read more of it, it is very interesting and well writen.
ophiaguin chapter 10 . 2/22/2005
I hate how you haven't finished this. I really really do.
Alyssa chapter 1 . 4/2/2004
This story contains the WORST description of kissing I have EVER seen. BOO!
And PLEASE! Don't TOUCH Moulin Rouge!
happy chapter 10 . 2/11/2004
I always love your stories - so original and entertaining! I wish you'd continue this one! :)
KatFay chapter 10 . 1/12/2004
Creepy..or maybe it would fit better under interesting. I have no clue! Ya know they got together really quick...totally creepy.
Child of Magick chapter 10 . 1/7/2004
Please tell me that you are going to update this story soon! *turns on the puppy dog eyes* I can tell you now that there are no words to describe how much I love this story. You blend the two story lines together perfectly. Every time I read this, I feel like I'm curled up by a fire somewhere with a good book. I really do hope you continue this story soon.
MoonlightDream chapter 10 . 12/13/2003
I thought your story was brillant. I have read all of them and i think all of them are pretty good. I just really want you to update your stories. Although it is somewhat cliche in some areas, I personaly enjoy the clicheness. so update these stories because i really want to know what happens next!
Kaiyoz chapter 10 . 9/11/2003
I hope you keep going with this story. I like Christine Feehan and LOTR but I am not to sure about this witch thing but I would like to see how it turns out.
nightbirdsongbird chapter 10 . 7/10/2003
nightbird: ahem. 2 things:

1. 'geez louise' can curl up in a ball, be swathed in white fabric, put out on a wooden pole precariously balanced over a waterfall, and used for mirkwood scouts' target practice until she or he either falls or die

2. i love your fic! all your fics!

songbird: me 2. :) but it would be even better if you added more descriptions other than the lovers' emotions, and the others' emotions, and put a bit more focus on the surroundings and how the characters are influenced by the weather and such. like the scent of crushed pine needles on the forest floor, the scent of water, the sounds of the forest giving the hint that something is wrong by becoming silent- i hope you take this into consideration. :) no flaming intended; you are a very talented writer, and you need someone to beta your works. i'd volunteer, but i have no steady internet access. i'll drop in from time to time, i promise- if only to annoy you! :)

nightbird: yeah. without the descriptions, it really makes the story feel a bit flat. i hope you understand.

songbird: wow! you agreed with me! i'm so HAPPY!

nightbird: no i didn't!

songbird: ) uh huh. admit it, you like me, deep deep deep down!

nightbird: never!

~the winged duet
Geeez Louise chapter 1 . 5/21/2003
I'd rather drink myself to death than read this story. Slow... boring... It ain't going nowhere.
q chapter 10 . 5/14/2003
You know, I usually don't like OC, but your story ha s intrigued me and I want more! While on a wish list, I would also love to see a scene where Elenor meets Legolas for the first time. After all, we go from Elenor disliking (and thinking him a child since he hasn't met him yet) the prince to him being jealous of the "competition".

In any case, please continue soon!
Cheyenne2 chapter 10 . 5/9/2003
GREAT Chapter, as always! Looking forward to the next one. :D
Nina chapter 10 . 5/7/2003
Good chapter!
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