Reviews for The Legacy
Guest chapter 16 . 9/14
I’m having problems reading this simply because Hermione won’t shut the hell up. Especially when Harry is trying to explain something that we the readers already know, it’s like I’m having to wade through mud to get anywhere. I’m actually skipping multiple paragraphs in order to get to a point where’s it’s not just Hermione interpting Harry on Shit. Good job of getting the reader to feel emotion from the text I suppose I mean Hermione insults Harry’s intelligence at every opportunity and I’m getting mad on his behalf. I like it so far though except for what I’ve already mentioned I think this is far better then a lot of other marriage contract fics at least so far.
Hannibal66 chapter 82 . 8/28
Hopefully this ain't abandoned
LBII chapter 35 . 8/26
You need to step up the pace. Otherwise you have a good story going here.
Kluseqq chapter 80 . 8/25
almost a year passed and still no update
Sadhaka chapter 82 . 8/18
Funny thing... I don't owe you either. This will be the last story of your's I read.
Mister Pretentious chapter 8 . 8/8
I wanted to like this story. It's got my favorite paring. Christ though, virtually every single character in this story is an intolerable asshole. To make matters worse, Harry is a complete doormat. I just can't continue reading this anymore. I'm sorry. I love three author's ideas on the magical world, and the plot is wonderful.
ghosttown66 chapter 73 . 8/6
This chapter was ...EPIC
ghosttown66 chapter 24 . 8/1
so far i enjoy the story very much , i like the solution of the merging of souls and have a softspot for a harry/slytherin "romance" . And the way you made it work made it believable if you know what i mean.

I hope you will still have inspiration to complete the story since you are truely talented and i like your train of thoughts.
Blackinnonheart chapter 82 . 7/29
Pleaaaaseeeeeeee keep writing! I just finished reading this story and it's amazing. I really love the way you developed the relationship between Harry and Daphne. We need to know what happens in the final battle!
CSPTolkien chapter 82 . 7/21
This is one of the most realistic (in the Potterverse) fanfiction stories I've ever read. No sudden growth in god-like power, no characters in love by the third chapter. The interactions between Harry and Daphne are purely human. I truly hope you finish this story one day, as a story like this deserves a fitting end.
Popdude125 chapter 82 . 7/12
Wow that was a long story! Coming up on a year since your last update, so I hope you are well, and I guess I’ll have to check and see if you have any more stories written to entertain myself while I wait!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/9
ooh this story seems interesting
Efloresco chapter 52 . 7/3
Damn, that was beautiful.
Efloresco chapter 49 . 7/3
I've once wrote something about how it might be possible to protect yourself against a dementor. It came down to not having anything for them to grasp. Pretty sure that what Dudley is doing here would be what I imagined a dementor couldn't touch.

Symbolically, this scene is incredible. Faceless fear consumes a soul, huddled you hide, overwhelmed by it because there is nothing you can do against it and not even a reason to fight anymore. Yet, the way that fear works in real life is just the same as here, there is nothing you can do against it, but once you look at it, its tendrils slowly lose their grips and all you're left with is calm clarity. "I see you"
Guest chapter 82 . 7/1
please update
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