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KatQ66 chapter 82 . 6/19
I've just binged this story and absolutely love it. It goes into so much detail, and the characters development is really fascinating. I love all the muggle ideas coming in and I can't wait to see how Harry and Hermione solve the portkey problem. I hope you haven't given up on this story, and look forward to final battle.
Blackbird0 chapter 82 . 6/18
Holy shit! You can’t just leave it here, I’m dying to know what’s going to happpen!
YTjustice526 chapter 69 . 6/16
Yes please have a sex scene
Lillian chapter 16 . 6/8
I am starting to hate your Hermione, and she's usually my favorite. o.o (This is a compliment, you've done such a good job with your characterization that I can't stand her.)
Guest chapter 67 . 6/3
probably the most satisfying umbridge kill scene i've read
another Reader chapter 82 . 5/28
binge read the whole story over the weekend

initial third was fairly slow, and thus most likely painful for people who had to wait chapter by chapter

the fundamentals were set up by then and the story really got going after that

the war narrative is creative and had some ideas i haven't seen before

as for the daphne romance arc, the slow burn well done though i suspect most people would not have been so forgiving of her attitude and actions in the first 30 chapters and would have wrote her off before her 'redemption'.
danceegirl92 chapter 82 . 5/21
It’s taken me a few days to get through this but I’m so glad I found your story. I loved getting to see your perspective of the fundamental theories of magic and explanation ma of things that get overlooked in terms of logic. I really enjoyed seeing the development of Harry and Daphne’s relationship, so I’m wondering if she’s going to tell him what Malfoy did to her, since she’s seems to have let go of her revenge thirst...I also wonder what Astoria angle is; since most stories seeem to make her out to be Malfoys redemption, your characterization was interesting. It seems like such a cliff hanger to take us to the prison break, but I’m holding onto hope that you will be able to finish the story. More Kreacher would always be welcome! Can’t wait to read more!
Kay chapter 82 . 5/20
It was great to read an update. Thank you very much
NXSE chapter 1 . 5/16
I'm not gonna lie and tell you upfront that I had really high expectations coming into this fiction. The writing is technically a touch above most of the fandom [not much of a praise, but a noteworthy thing nonetheless], and seeing how you willingly embraced the idea that you were using tropes in your fiction in the AN's showed me a kind of self-awareness that most authors on this site lack when they take themselves too seriously; so trust me when I say that I'm saddened to be let down this much.

The entire info-dump at the beginning could have been omitted for the most part and I'd be none the wiser. Alright, I'll keep that aside, but it would still have been appreciative to not be treated as literal retards who don't know what lore they're getting into while reading a fanfiction. Keep it subtle and break down the setting you've used slowly and deliberately is all I'm saying.

Then there's the Weasleys. Let's start with Molly, shall we? I won't lie and tell you upfront that I adore the Molly Weasley JKR writes in her books. She's a selfless mother does not have a single, harmful bone in her body. But as soon as I read the word "screeching", from prior experience, I knew that you didn't like her very much, and sure enough, the bashing ensued right at that moment.

Bill Weasley is another charming and charismatic character you do zero justice to. Talking back to a mother? Disrespecting her in front of guests? Teaching her manners and talking her down to submission to his own non-sensical views is not how you treat an elder who's merely protective and looking out for you. I don't know if it's western influence or something else, but please, for the love of god, don't hate on parents looking out for children!

Then there's Dumbledore, again, the lack of subtlety to his character is downright annoying. I DO NOT need to be told every thought passing through his mind. Stop conveying every little niggle he has about harry in prose and let it be furthered by action i.e., showing and telling.

I won't go down the dark route and start pointing out any grammatical, tonal, or other technical issues with the story, since I'm aware enough to know I'm nearly not qualified enough to offer critique on such topics, you're better off finding someone else for that.

Well, forgive me if this came off as harsh to you, but this is merely my two cents on the first chapter, and first chapter alone. It may even get better as I progress, who knows? I sure do hope to be proven wrong! Hope you keep writing, for I do a lot of potential from a non-native speaker putting out such a good piece of work ... !
Daastan Go chapter 1 . 5/16
Congratulations! This is my first time venturing into the HP fandom and taking a peek, and you didn't just embrace the tropes, you swallowed them till they managed to get piled up to your eye-balls; and that, too, in one chapter only! Talk about a tight fit of several masturbatory fanon cocks in a single cunt of canon!

The first half was a classic reiteration of things. Why did you even bother there? Lord knows. Then came the long and obscenely tiresome routine of Molly bashing; talking back and insulting your parents' is so, so cool! Gotta add in all the 'sanctioned' charmless-ness and ill-mannered tantrums most Western societies hold so dear. The 'true' virtues of 'independence!'

Why pull the break there? Go all out and insult a parental figure, permeating the voice of this obnoxious Harry, and let's show her who's boss! Show the fatty her place! And, man, you didn't stop there. Next were the gender-norms seventh level of hell's exploration of Hermione's jealously that served literally no purpose than for you administer some cock-and-bull arm-chair analyses of rivalries between the fairer sex.

Then we had a prolonged circus-show bitch-fit, which you threw, through several characters about how Snape is a bad, bad man. How about, I don't know, a bit of subtlety? This felt like Dumbledore rose his hindquarters in the air, and let out a 'Patronus' charm out of his anus, whilst beseeching the onlookers to take him seriously!

Can such a person be taken seriously? Well, that's the impression I had of your first chapter: a silly circus show of caricatures. Good job!
reeseisthatbeast chapter 16 . 5/10
Hermione is kinda acting like she needs to control Harry and Ron because they "can't make the right choices". It really bothers me that girls can think like that
Guest chapter 82 . 5/6
wow this story is great. enjoyment to read, though hope that it will be concluded soon
Bkane3 chapter 82 . 5/4
Wonderful story, one of the best I've read. Looking forward to the next update!
Len chapter 82 . 5/1
Definitely one of the better stories on FF. The sheer detail and meticulousness of plot threads leading up to the finale makes the length of the story worth it.

Some controversial decisions on morality - especially regarding the killing of Death Eater families and the treatment of Snatchers but it is somewhat in character for Hermione.

Looking forward to the next update.
Dolodi chapter 82 . 4/24
Absolutely love your story, and a bit upset I read through and caught up to this point without any further updates. Regardless, I can't wait to read the end! Keep up the awesome work, and here's to hoping there's an update soon!
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