Reviews for The Legacy
Cookie Montser chapter 74 . 1h
Hmm...don't know how I feel about this chapter. Half of it was wasted on Ron, who I can no longer muster any feeling for, but the Dudley scene was interesting.
Vi38 chapter 74 . 3h
Very very good
dadscooking chapter 74 . 3h
I really like the Dudley plot line. This is one of the most enjoyable story lines around him that I've ever read.
ChazTaylor chapter 74 . 3h
keep going
firetemplar415 chapter 74 . 5h
The dudley scene, I expected it to be longer. Nonethless it was a good chapter and I got really into that scene, good job.
Urazz chapter 74 . 6h
Well, I'm glad you updated. I see Dudley and Sarah ran into some wizards. I wonder if they'll just end up helping other wizards and witches blend in with the muggles.
Tistledawn chapter 73 . 8/28
A chapter per month? When its gonna end?
Guest chapter 16 . 8/27
Hermione is so annoying in this chapter! I hope you didn't give her high magical affinity or occlumency! She will be even more annoying then!
Deathwarder chapter 4 . 8/24
this is so freaking confusing and boring! I feel like giving up but then i read the reviews and think that i would miss out on something great. I hope it gets more interesting! Or can anyone tell me when it gets interesting?
Yooodiesdas chapter 73 . 8/24
I really appreciate your story and the way you display Harry. He is, as mentioned by a fellow reviewer, a really pragmatic fighter. At first I didn't like the way he acted against Nott's family, although he reviews his killing of the daughter as unnecessary and fears he acted more like Riddle. But on the other hand the Death Eaters are slaughtering and torturing other families, too.
I really like your way to develop Harry's and Daphne's relationship. But please, let Ron and Hermione finally jump each other. That would really take away a bit tension from Ron :D
Keep writing like that, I will follow your story :)
warchief chapter 73 . 8/22
Great story. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next, although I would like to see something of Susan and Hannah, and preferably not them being captured and tortured/killed. Kind of have a soft spot for them, as well as Daphne.
ksecc1 chapter 73 . 8/16
Now that is a cool love scene. Their relationship is definitely unique, but I really enjoy relationships built on trust and shared experiences. Thank you for writing this. I'm really enjoyed reading it. There are a few grammatical errors-missing words or letters or punctuation and occasionally the wrong word is used. But it's a very engrossing story which more than makes up for the small amount of time when I have to reread to figure out what you meant. I look forward to the next update!
ksecc1 chapter 70 . 8/15
I think you did a pretty good job getting drama out of a fight with invisible snakes. Daphne's POV probably heightens it.
ksecc1 chapter 65 . 8/15
You think he's getting a bit of a big head? It doesn't seem he learned much with Nott.
ksecc1 chapter 54 . 8/14
I was quite sad when I thought you had killed him. And such a poeti death too. Thank you. :) I'd love to see an eventual reunion.
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