Reviews for Criminal
Crystalzap chapter 1 . 11/24/2013
awesome I was upset about what Peter said then too
Guest chapter 1 . 10/18/2013
Oh poor Neal, after all, we know that although he is a liar a thief and a con man, he doesn't really deserve to be called a criminal. So what if he did steal the coins because after all, it was for Peter and Peter has only been in jail for a few months for a crime he didn't commit, so what is he whining about?

I think Neal should get out Byron's bonds he stole in the earlier season and run off with Moz to spend them and sell the rest of the nazi treasure they kept. They deserve to live a life of luxury somewhere without having to worry about keeping secrets from Peter or pretending to go straight. No more heartache because Peter doesn't trust Neal one hundred per cent, or having to lie through omission in case Peter finds out the truth when they break the law. Good for them!

As for Peter - he won't have to concern himself with lying on Neal's behalf anymore or compromising his integrity as an FBI agent by turning a blind eye to anything less than the law. He never should have let himself become so fond of Neal and put himself in an awkward position. Only an idiot would have become friends with his parolee and tried to help him reconcile with his father. And he was only in jail for a time where Neal was in jail for years. It doesn't matter if Peter was innocent, Neal was smart enough to only be caught for forgery even though we know he was one of the best con men and thieves around. Proves what a master he is... Just like Al Capone was only convicted of tax evasion!

And El, words fail me. She should never have defended or stuck up for Peter the way she did. How dare she put her husband first before Neal? Her loyalties should be to Neal as well because he is her friend, even though his father endangered Peters life and career, and the whole nazi treasure fiasco caused her to be kidnapped and threatened with death. We all know that wasn't Neal's fault because even though he knew Moz had the cargo and broke into the Burkes home to steal the manifesto, and was about to run off and leave Peter well and truly in the lurch, he didn't actually physically steal it in the first place! No... El has her priorities all wrong and should never have asked Neal to do whatever it took to help Peter, or told Peter he was too emotionally invested in Neal.

At the end of the day, she should just be glad a great guy like Neal has used his criminal expertise to help Peter solve cases. The kidnap pings, home invasions, car accidents, threats to career and livelihood and possible life sentences for murder are nothing in comparison to hurting Neal's feelings.

And the anklet, I so hope you are right, and Neal did swop them or not fix it properly. Then he could stick it to the FBI and go on the run. Go Neal... we know you're not really a criminal!
wotumba1 chapter 1 . 10/20/2013
so i'm not alone there... didn't like peter's speech at the end at all...
curlybean chapter 1 . 10/20/2013
Great story, although I really hope this isn't the choice Neal makes this season, lol. I agree with the bad taste in my mouth comment, but unfortunately I think that Peter's reasoning for giving Neal a new handler, as much as I hate it, is a necessary evil. I think we are in for a wild, emotional ride this season. I wanted to cry several times in the first episode alone.

I think the point you raised about nurture being a joke was interesting. I'm sure Neal is feeling this way for now, but I think eventually he will realize that there is some validity to the fact that nurture can be just as powerful as nature, if not more so. I think we see the truth in this when Neal does the things he does, even if they are illegal, for the right reasons. If it was in his nature to be a true criminal, I don't think he would be so quick to try to stay morally correct. I'm not sure if that makes any sense at all, lol.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your story. Are you planning on continuing?
Gloworm41 chapter 1 . 10/19/2013
I know how you feel. My reason for watching the show is the father/son vibe between Peter and Neal. If they mess too much with that I will be gone. I can so see these thoughts going through Neal's head after what happened with Peter. Great job.
govgal chapter 1 . 10/19/2013
What is with this show making me cry? I love your introspection. Neal has always looked up to Peter and now Peter is being emotionally abusive, which is in my opinion, even worse that physical abuse. It has been said that Neal does the wrong thing for the right reason, but it's a journey, not instantaneous, and now Peter has just removed the "right reason" and now all Neal has is his past and no future to look forward to. I would be crushed as well. Peter is totally forgetting what he said at Neal's commutation hearing "As long as we treat him like a criminal, he will always think that he is one," of course Peter also says that "the decision should be left in his hands" and its now obvious that Neal has no reason to choose the good side anymore, and he is going to regress. I think it stinks, and I think that the references to DC and a handler out of the office, as well as "this is for the best" might possibly be Kramer as Neal's new handler, a total 180 in Peter's thinking, maybe he's thinking now that Kramer was right. My stomach is in knots.
Cojay723 chapter 1 . 10/18/2013
Finally! I've been waiting for someone to write about the season 5 premier! It kind of makes me mad, you know? I mean, Peter just got out of jail and he's leaving! He also knew that Neal help with getting him out, he might of thought it was because Neal talked to his father, even if that was true! If Peter truly thought Neal talked to his father, why would he go leave Neal? If he really thought that, then why didn't he try to make things right? Peter must have thought it would have been hard on Neal to convince his dad for him. Anyways I'm rambling, it just makes me angry! Okay I'm done. Great story:)
annsteph chapter 1 . 10/18/2013
Wow this was quite eloquently written a so close to the mark. I did realy hate this Peter and El both. She told him to do anything and he did sell his to the devil to help him. That look of betrayal in the episode sure is conveyed in your wonderful one shot. I too think Neal may have kept the original tracker instead of putting on the new one atleast I hope he did. I also hope that some of the feelings between the characters start coming through in subsequent episodes because I really think deep down they still care like family and that fed/criminal is just a ruse. Anyway thank you for posting because it really did make the episode much easier to swallow. By the way love all your stories and you are an incredible writer so plee keep tnem coming.
HighOnAWindyHill chapter 1 . 10/18/2013
Wow I loved this soo much. I feel literally the exact same way. I thought I was the only one lol. It seems crazy but after it ended, it was so intense and just like such like a 360 degree turn from everything that's been happening so honestly I started to think that I like misunderstood what went on. I guess it's really lame but I think I kind of wanted to believe that I was wrong you know? I even totally agree with your A/N. The ending just left such a bad taste in my mouth too and I'm reallyy hoping for something to change my mind as well. This entire show is based on Neal and Peter's incredible relationship. It's the foundation for the entire show. Yet, I feel like we're loosing a lot of that relationship now and it just happened too quickly. All of a sudden Peter's off the field and getting Neal a new, by the books handler. He knows that's not what Neal wants. There's a very good chance he might be miserable with this new guy. Why is Peter doing that? I mean even Peter says "it's in your best interest" and there's a part of you that wants to think he's "protecting" Neal and all that good stuff but I just really didn't get that vibe too much.

Peter was so quick to suspect him of rigging the anklet and then automatically made him change anklets. He had no faith at all. A main aspect of their relationship that I love is in Vested Interest at the conference when peter said that even if there isn't trust there's always faith that whatever the other's doing, their doing it for a good reason. And I feel like with this scene, all of that went out the window. There was no faith. Yeah Neal might have been up to something (I mean we know Peter's right to think that), but what about having faith that it's for a good reason? (Which it really is)

Another thing that really rubbed me the wrong way was the use of the word "criminal" in this scene. Woah. You really couldn't have picked a better title for this fic. It's like genius. The second I saw the title I knew what it was going to be about and that I definitely wanted to read this. I've been waiting for a fic. like this. :D Omg in Judgment Day, in Peter's absolutely incredible speech that I could watch for the rest of my life, lol, he said that if you treat Neal like a criminal, he'll always think he is one. But Peter, that's like exactly what you're doing to him now. He literally says to him that he forgot he was a criminal and it's so obvious that Neal can even supply him with the word. Peter always loved working on the field and doing the "hunt" for the bad guy with Neal and now all of a sudden he's not doing that anymore and is also considering leaving NY which he loves to work in D.C. How on earth did this happen? I mean I get it from Peter's point a little because he's been through a lot lately. But as someone who loves this show, it made me kind of sad you know? Everything is so different. Although I'm kind of thinking that it won't last long but still.

I just can't fathom the criminal comment. Peter, Neal's family and he's your friend. What changed all of a sudden? I mean one could argue that he doesn't know what Neal did for him so how can he appreciate something he doesn't know but it's even said in their reunion in Peter's office that he knows he had some involvement in getting him free. Shouldn't that be enough by now? After everything they've been through? I mean obviously this is going to be hard on Peter and I know from interviews with the cast and stuff that Peter's not gonna like this new handler idea so much after a while. But still. Also, before this episode, I thought Neal was getting a new handler because Peter was in jail. Not because of this. So I'm still really shocked. Peter also said in judgment day to Kramer that if you box him in, he'll run. Yupp. Seems to be the size of it. Peter prides himself in knowing Neal and knowing how to deal with him and this really isn't how. :( He knows that. I loved your creative references to Neal and Moz fleeing to the Jersey Shore and bringing up Taylor's job for them in Paris. I think it's pretty realistic to think Neal may have thoughts of running after this. He just can't right now because of Hagen. And ah the criminal like still crying. :(

Anyway, I hear Warren Cole's pretty cool and Jeff Eastin..well there are no words to describe the genius that is this man :) , so I have no doubt that this season will be fantastic and this episode really had some awesome scenes in it that i'd go into if I hadn't already written such a long post lol! (Like for ex. Peter's "im proud of you" comment..omg. sorry I couldn't resist :") ) But I just felt really strange about some of the things in this episode and how different it was from what I was expecting. Anyway, soo sorry for ranting! Love this fic. a lot. It's so spot on and a really awesome perspective of the episode! Thank you for sharing it! :)
True Love Lives Forever chapter 1 . 10/18/2013
I know how you feel. I couldn't believe what I was seeing in the season 5 premier. Peter just pushed Neal away from him and any reason to stay in NY or to want to live by law. He just got betrayed by his father, and then right after he sold his soul to the devil to save Peter, as you so eloquently phrased, Peter betrayed him in return. El played a great part in that... again... just like in Brass Tacks.

Neal's new handler will probably treat him as a tool in his belt again and the only thing that will keep Neal in NY is Hagen's evidence of Neal committing the crime. I also got the impression that Neal didn't put the new anklet on but used the old one that Mozzie hacked, already planning to run after Peter crushed him, his only reason for trying to abide by law.

Thank you very much for writing this and sharing. This story served as an emotional outlet for me as well.
Guest chapter 1 . 10/18/2013
Ouch. I feel so bad for Neal.
Guest chapter 1 . 10/18/2013
Definitely, poor Neal. Peter wasn't very considerate in this episode
RachaelSummer chapter 1 . 10/18/2013
Excellent! I agree, I was also left with a bad taste in my mouth, to borrow your description. I think you beautifully captured all those emotions that were right there at and just below the surface, and the writing was superb as always,