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Mr Zy chapter 9 . 4/14
He wakes up at 3 am and dicides to start making breakfast and says that is only a bit early...
It's not a bit early its the middle of the night
Scrimivory chapter 19 . 4/12
I'm very much in agreement with many of the reviews here. You've fallen into the trap that many authors make with OP MC. He's OP enough that he can slap any plot that comes his way aside, so you've put barriers in the way to circumvent this that realistically doesn't really make any sense. Some nonsense promise about not wanting to be selfish when every second wasted is a chance allies can get killed. Truly I want rias, keneko or really anyone he cares about to get killed just so he stops with this stupid mindset. Not to mention the whole debacle when he gets teleported, not even going to begin with that, though I guess if you squint you can throw carelessness in that, fine, lets just ignore everyone else in close proximity to him aside from rias. There's also the "not wanting allies to get caught up when he fights" thing going on. Feels like you've completely ignored that Naruto was fighting with his allies not even a year back at peak power with no issues. You've put all these crutches onto him that it is just frustrating to read. You've made a MC who can deal with any issue you throw at him easily, then go about making nonsensical reasons to hold him back. What's worse is this is only chapter 19. I'm almost certain this pattern will repeat itself for the rest of the chapters. Am I right in assuming that?

Not to say you cannot add a crutch to an OP MC, but it must at least make sense. None of that seems to be the case so far. Or you can approach an OP MC the way One Punch Man did. Point is if you've settled on making an OP MC, you have to plan accordingly. All the reasonings used here seems like just lazy excuses to me.

All that said, I have enjoyed your story. I do dread reading the rest of the chapters now knowing how you will handle an OP MC though. Appreciate your work in any case, cheers
seva chapter 8 . 4/9
Yeah make Naruto weak. Right. Sure.
DarkReaderSeiin chapter 65 . 4/8
Este es el mejor Crossover de estos animes sin duda alguna, disfrute tanto leyendo esta historia es sin duda de mis favoritas aunque deja algunos clavos sueltos es muy buena y eso no le quita puntos, ahora siento un vacío en mi corazón extrañaré leer esto todo el dia pero la recordaré con mucho cariño, gracias por lo historia :3
GoMagikarp chapter 1 . 4/4
Lol. WHy would Naruto having blonde colored hair make people think he's a delinquent. Like every other student has blonde, red or freaking purple hair. Makes zero sense. Maybe in real world Japan, but in anime Japan?
jericelona chapter 5 . 3/31
he's post kaguya and yet he's so weak?! what happened with his experience? he got done in by the first villain in dxd how is that possible when said villain isn't really that special? need some time to wrap my mind around this maybe he'll get a backstory soon. I hope its a good one.
jericelona chapter 3 . 3/31
did he say good morning which akeno then returned with good afternoon? this english and japanese mix isn't working for me... I think it hates me.
jericelona chapter 3 . 3/31
is it really that hard to write good morning? and what the duck is debagame? debogame?
jericelona chapter 2 . 3/31
my only problem is that you sometimes mix japanese with english here and there its kinda annoying. other than that its a nice story so far.
The Deck Master chapter 11 . 3/31
Wow... when you really think about it, Kiba is the most normal one in the ORC... that's so weird.
Jtf0012 chapter 10 . 3/30
...did you really put a pokémon referance?
Theoutcast100 chapter 57 . 3/28
I like this story I really do. I enjoy almost every part of it. But Yami involvement feels so artificial (I think that's the word I'm looking for) like he's there just to be there. He's a cap on Naruto's power that doesn't need to be there. You've already solved the problem of Naruto beating everyone in one hit by putting him in situations were he can't use his full power. Like fighting in a city were his power would destroy entire blocks and kill innocent people, or he needs his opponent alive. And you balanced out his power by making him fight a entire group of powerful gods. When you do that the hole "Yami has my power" thing feels unnecessary and his plot involvement is being dragged out. But like I said before this is still one of my favorite stories. Gonna try to finish reading it in a few more days see if there is compelling reason for Yami to still be here.
Peter chapter 65 . 3/26
Truly fantastic and thrilling fanfic to read. Up there with the likes of legacy and better left unsaid. Hats of to the author.
BillyTheBruiser chapter 6 . 3/26
Honestly, while the story is doing pretty well in the grammar department, with a couple mistakes here and there and while you writing is decent, this story just isn't good. Following canon, copying from the story that "inspired" you... The anime elements kill any kind of immersion because they're dumb and destroy the flow of the story. Adding Naruto (who is OP as fuckhe can move faster than people can see him) while following canon just makes all the other characters obsolete and shallow. There is no real character development. This is a Naruto power wank while all the others just trail behind him, led by their hands. Can't continue reading
Djflemse chapter 65 . 3/19
First I would like to say, that I love this story and would have liked to see Konou in the harem. A part from that the other flaws are easy to get by.

I also think I need to tell you that Naruto's song is not sacrilegious, because he should share the ramen, so all can know the blessing of ramen.
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