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Sage of wind Dragons chapter 6 . 11/3/2013
well what fun! I like Bond thinking that Shield is MORE than welcome to this idiocy that HED take the more less zany types where there more cold evil, perhaps in some ways no less eccentric, but not quite as... colorful.
still like the professional working together and all and sharing some details!
its kind of sadthat the villan that treats his people BETTER than other villans is actually MORE incompetent.
although why he cant just get a bird instead illudes me, what they were there so might as well use them? sheesh is that a mistake.
but its itnresting tha the fools allowed a close corner combat end up like that, it was quite interesting in a lot of ways.
and Bonds feeling a tad insecure or annoyed. he usually speels with the enemy however generally he KNOWS before hand and all
as well as angry, sure WE brought the evil spy with us BUT you could have the decency to TELL us that we brought an evil spy with us!
still sorta funny her showing up again when they are half way through freeing one of them. GODS the snark shall be fun! especially with them with their pants down.
well time to see what else our dear widow is up to!
and you know I got to wonder if Hydra had done this legaly as well as freaking SLOWER how much money they would have had. but fi getting these dimonds fuck up the entire isles, well that should be fun.
DBhawkguy30 chapter 6 . 11/3/2013
Bad, bad Natasha lmao
I really liked how Bond and Barton worked together in this chapter and as usual Barton getting an ass kicking for the greater good haha
'no wonder they consider an archer with funky arrow heads as the ultimate weapon' I laughed out loud at this line, awesome! Can't wait for more!
Warrior Queen 21 chapter 6 . 11/3/2013
I'm actuall from Kimberley, so its an absolute treat for me that you did background research (and correctly if I may add). I aplaud you, well done.
TheNaggingCube chapter 6 . 11/3/2013
Interesting. So I was wrong, not Natasha... still what is she after? And will she help the boys?
tayababy chapter 6 . 11/3/2013
Oh wow. Tease, much?
Kylen chapter 6 . 11/3/2013
Ah, Natasha...such a tease...
Delwin chapter 5 . 11/2/2013
Oh so very fun! The set-up, the shifting POV's, the oh-so-subtle reactions and body language - all perfect. So glad I caught up and now am eagerly awaiting the next chapter!
Delwin chapter 2 . 11/2/2013
Planning on spending a very pleasant evening catching up - and I find Q, Janeway and 'Vera' all in the same chapter! Have I mentioned I adore you? Okay then - continuing on with pleasure :)
sv4me chapter 5 . 11/1/2013
Can't wait for the next chapter! How long is this story?
sv4me chapter 4 . 11/1/2013
Oh bond, naughty boy you. You're going to get a bit of a surprise as I'm guessing Barton already knows she's no geologist...
sv4me chapter 3 . 11/1/2013
Seriously, love this story. So much fun! & excellent chapter :-)
AlienTourist chapter 5 . 11/1/2013 maybe Ramirez isn't Romanoff after all...all the clues pointed there though...was that on purpose?
Anyway, thanks for updating! I can't wait to read the next one.
Photogirl1890 chapter 3 . 11/1/2013
Weasels, Firefly, Raiders - lol! Scenery I can relate to, and is the red head who we all think, or are we being fooled?! Top quality writing as always.
Photogirl1890 chapter 2 . 11/1/2013
Entirely living up to my (high) expectations. "Whose boot?" lol, and, of course, I love the Star Trek references. Barton through Bond's eyes is fresh.
memo bonafide chapter 5 . 11/1/2013
Hello, your story is sooo well written. Personnalities of the characters are well done, the writing is fine and we can see that you did a great work on the plot. I love the way you put in perspective each person of the stories: especially the "bonding time" (I'm not sure that I'm using the right word here as I'm french...) between Coulson and Moneypenny, the way they speak and act together, I hope you will do some others times between them.
I can't help but think that Naida is more or less Natasha...
Is there really that much of difference between "England's english" and "American's english"? At least that lead to some funnies misunderstandings between Bond and Hawkeye.
Thank you so much for all of this!
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