Reviews for The Day His Heart Stopped
jex the dork chapter 19 . 6/11
Is this story going to be continued this was amazing
Akira-Luna chapter 19 . 5/31
Please update, love this story!
mariawalker112 chapter 19 . 4/15
We love you tooo but not to rush you or anything (HURRY UP WITH THE UPDATE) ok I was kidding but try not to leave us hanging and as always love your stories
Guest chapter 19 . 1/9
This story is good I hope you can update soon :)
jprefe chapter 19 . 11/17/2014
your fuckng amazing. how do u do that. readng ur work is like riding a roller coaster, it made me crazy cause idk what will happen next. and it so exciting! now i'm craving for more. hope u continue this soon.
Bichebleue chapter 19 . 10/18/2014
Hi !

I'm not a SasuHina shipper but some fanarts brings me here and I don't regret it. Really, I didn't imagine this two could be matched as well as you describe them. Your story is very nice and interesting (with Naruto and Ino and Sakura witches, I didn't expected that xD). So even if I think Hinata (in the manga) has more chance to be with Naruto that Sasuke, I really appreciate her to be with Sasuke !
So, I'm waiting for the next chapters.

PS : excuse-me for mistakes, I'm not an English native speaker '
sumire.syrup chapter 18 . 10/13/2014
Whoa I really like the development of Hinata and Sasuke. Everyone is so crazy it's awesome. The only problem I have is the scenes are so jumpy. One minute they're walking outside and talking, and the next Hinata is in her sweatpants at home. It's confusing because there's no transition.

Itachi is so crazy, I hope he doesn't take Hinata away from Sasuke, or better yet... I hope she doesn't succumb to him.

I was actually wishing to see more of Sakura and Ino, pretty bummed that they died :( love Narutos character in the recent chapters, he seems more real and in character. This is awesome, there's so much going on... I'm a little bit overwhelmed hehe. You're really an amazing author, I haven't read anything like this before
Syd monster12 chapter 19 . 10/5/2014
Ommmggggg I can't wait for you to keep writing! I'm also in college and I play volleyball for my school and this weekend I was re-reading your story on the van! I can't wait for you to post another chapter!
Fher34 chapter 19 . 10/5/2014
When I saw the email I had a heart attack. Then I saw the number of words and the title and KNEW.
LOL but I get u. School is hard D: good luck
Hilda9Achillius9Fitra chapter 19 . 10/4/2014
Uhuh... I'll just wait ya here...
blackfeather9 chapter 18 . 8/30/2014
nuoooo it was just getting gooooood. PLEASE UPDATE!
Jinxxerz chapter 18 . 8/13/2014
I am obsessed with this story! Soooo can't wait for the next chapter. Hopefully you'll update soon. I noticed you haven't since March, but I totally get that. Everyone gets busy..

This is by far one of the best fanfics I've read in a long time. And I've read a crap load of them. I'm so curious about what will happen with all the characters!
kandita chapter 18 . 7/16/2014
Wft is going on here! So manat twist and turns...and that girl Noroi she was from Itachi's memory. What role will she play exactly? Is she from the Hyuga? And, what is it that Itachi feels for Hinata? He seems to have some romantic feeling towards the girl(besides trying to get to Sasuke). But, there must be a reason. And, Oro what is he planning? I'm positive it has everything to don with Sasuke. I wish Itachi would kill him and be done...

Again there is so many other tings I want to ask but I will wait for future chapters to see if I get my curiosity amswered
kandita chapter 15 . 7/15/2014
First off I want to say that I really gave up on reading this story after chapter 5. I thought I had it all summed up and was quoting before going ahead. However, yesterday I decided to re-read this story starting from chapt 1.

I want to go back to my review on chapt 13. After reading chapter 14&15...I was completely thrown by surprise. I was seriously off with my own thoughts and was thrown for a loop. I must that after reading chapter 14...I must say I made an ass of myself with assumptions. But, that's what makes a good story. When u read and u're coming to your own idea and conclusions...and then bam its not even close to what u predicted was and will happen in the story itself. And, that's what makes me NOW am greatful I decided to give it another try. I absolutely love the fact that u threw me a curve here. And, that to me is really what makes this the boiling point with many more.

Now who is it besides Sasuke was involve/love with Hiriko? Was Itachi or Gaara? And, what really happened for her to leave and go seek out Sasuke? I am also very glad that Hinata made it very clear that she IS NOT Hiriko. It was about time she did that...she now need to make it very clear to Sasuke. But, upon reaching 14&15 it seems that he knows but he's in the not/can't let go stage. That's the stage he needs to get passed in order to move on. He needs to understand...better yet Hinata need to make him understand that memories will be with us always, both good and bad. And, that he wil never forget...another question that I keep asking myself from chapt 1 till now is did he accept the fact that she's dead? I mean I know he was there when she died, he saw her and couldn't save her. But, did he accept it. At one point I didn't think he did...and that's how he ended up being so close to the Hyuga now. But, now he finally decided to let go to accept that she is dead. I guess...

Now for the dysfunction family called the Hyugas. What really is going on? You gave it way without really giving anything away(another well done job). But, Neji killed his youngest cousin. And, now I wonder if he will kill Hinata, eventually. I wonder if Hiashi knows that Neji would be the only one that can kill him and in that case he goes out if his way to make sure he dosen't become the next heir. Just my thoughts going wild here. But, seriously what is really going on with that family? And, ofcourse I can't go without getting into the Uchiha family. They're far from dysfunctional. They're just downright cold blooded and f**king crazy. But, my gosh I love Itachi. Why is it he wants to kill or hurt anyone whose close to his younger sibling? And, how much if that is actual hate on Itachi's part? What of Orochimaru? Is he trying to actually use Sasuke to kill him? There's so much loose ends on Itachi's part. There's a lot of uncertainties with him. I feel there's something not right. What really happened for him to go on a killing spree? And, at what price?
kandita chapter 13 . 7/14/2014
What the f**k! So Itachi and Sasuke was in-love with the same woman. Here's what ran the ought my mind while reading this...I have to think that Hiriko knew about Sasuke all along. She didn't just met him by chance. She had to have seen Sasuke at some point before and decided to go and seek him out. But, the question is why? Why did she leave?

After reading this bit of info...I have to say that Hiriko isn't as innocent as she seems...
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