Reviews for Harry Potter: Strength of a Family
ThunderSphinx chapter 57 . 3/2
Sirius should have brought out the sick puppets for the "Birds and the Bees" talk. XD

Oh and Domelza Robins isn't black (no offense lol). Also, I always loved to think of her as a third year during Harry's 6th year.
ThunderSphinx chapter 3 . 3/2
Harry is 15 months old, not 2 years old. I am glad the Potters and Longbottoms are alive and healthy now Yay :)
ThunderSphinx chapter 56 . 3/2
Harry should have asked Godric about the other Founders, ESPECIALLY Salazar and his little Chamber of Secrets.

I hope Harry is a descendant of Godric, Helga, and Rowena :)

Why on earth did you change the Horcruxes? 6 intentional Horcruxes is the maximum amount of Horcruxes you can make. Hmmm. Maybe in this story, Voldemort split his soul 6 intentional times and then proceeded to in turn split THOSE soul fragments in half maybe? Hmm, that he could get around the whole "6 fragments max" thing.

HEHE, Hermione is jealous of Ginny :)

And so I take it that the Soul Cleansing Ritual didn't work? The soul fragment is still inside Harry? Hmm, maybe the Potters should try asking the Fey and the Veela.

I hope nothing happens to Ragnok and the Potters. Grr, those stupid, selfish Goblins!
ThunderSphinx chapter 14 . 3/2
With Susan in Gryffindor there are SIX Lionesses and NOT 4. The other 2 are Day Dunbar and either Sophie Roper, Lily Moon, or Sally Smith. Please fix it please.

And I hope that Snape sticks around for a bit lol. I hope Harry and the twins prank him mercilessly hehe lol :)
ThunderSphinx chapter 10 . 3/2
Yay I'm glad that the children all get along so well. Weill Susan be in Gryffindor with the other three? It would surely suck if she was the odd one out. She *has* to become a Lion. She *MUST* be a Gryffindor. Especially now that her confidence has skyrocketed.

Also, can you please do something about Lily, pleeeeeaaassse?

Lily was brilliant witch, even smarter than Hermione. She is incredibly powerful and immensely skilled. And you made her a NANNY!? Dude! She should be designing and improving potions! If Alice has a job why can't Lily do something fulfilling? She deserves better, my friend. Please fix it please.

And where are the Potter, Bones, and Longbottom house-elves at?
ThunderSphinx chapter 9 . 3/1
Really? Harry's and Neville's brothers and sisters are named "Sara" and "Joshua" and stuff like that? Damn. Those are not magical enough. Why couldn't u have picked something like "Rose" or "Iris?" Please rename them lol. :)

Also, Susan Bones did *NOT* live with her Aunt Amelia. If she had Voldemort would have killed her in 'Half-Blood Prince.' In canon, she had a family: parents, siblings, probably a pet dog lol.
Guest chapter 63 . 2/2
I really like how you incorporate the parents into this story and didn't just make Harry a super powered wizard. Sticking to the same events but making sure that the parents and family are a part of the incidents too. Plus I love a good Harry and Hermione pairing. The real question is... Who is Neville going to end up with?
Blue Luver5000 chapter 63 . 2/4
Great chapter
GODISAWESOME chapter 63 . 1/21
Ahh man I love this story and all got changes are just awesome! :) sooo excited to read what happens next :)
Guest chapter 63 . 1/15
Nicely done
jeremiah123 chapter 63 . 1/10
Beyondthesea16 chapter 63 . 1/9
nice update, snape truly loves giving gryffs detentions, glad to see the family is going to work with dumbledore and get those horcrux taken care of now instead of later, yeah, h/hr are official, after their first kiss, waiting for more
ptrtool1999 chapter 62 . 1/2
fantastic story. Hope you stay with it!
pugbytheocean chapter 63 . 12/29/2016
good update to a fun story. i really do enjoy authors who put out nice long chapters. it took me a bit to get back into it but i think i'm caught back up now!
i'm not a fan of ron bashing, but that's personal preference. the only things that niggled in this chapter was the mention of moving into the 21st century when harry potter took place in the 90s (could have been intentional, if so i apologize) and the 13 year olds kissing so passionately. i had my first kiss at 14 and it was nothing like that, lol!
excited for your next updates. i'm always interested in seeing where this story goes
stevefocus chapter 24 . 12/29/2016
Great story so far the only complaint I have is that the kids refer to Minerva as Aunt Minnie as they think of her as family, so why wouldnt they admit to her what they were doing in private when they got caught by Filch when they told the rest of their family.
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