Reviews for Harry Potter: Strength of a Family
Guest chapter 49 . 8/14
Wish the young children could've gone with them to camp. Seemed like the perfect opportunity to include them in the story more. Next year maybe?
Guest chapter 23 . 8/14
This is better than the original
Guest chapter 9 . 8/14
Guest chapter 8 . 8/14
Great chapter
Guest chapter 62 . 8/14
Great chapter but I think you made a mistake earlier on. When you had the goblins talking to each other you said ragnok grinned with the other goblin. But they're trying to kill ragnok I thought.
Indra Senin chapter 32 . 8/16
Pffft... 'Personality.'
Guest chapter 14 . 8/13
Boy, you had to work very hard to bring your story back to JKR's time line.
Guest chapter 12 . 8/13
You blew the chance to reduce the house tension problem. Put the four in different houses. They can still keep their friendship. I'm not a fan of the cloistered commune of the "good guys" you seem to favor. History shows it doesn't work very well for very long.
Beyondthesea16 chapter 62 . 8/14
nice update, but I thought harry and hermione were getting together or at least seeing each other as potential boyfriend girlfriend material (back at chap 45-55), harry should not be teaching he has no room to be a kid, between playing professional quidditch, learning advance magic and living life he's going to need a time turner soon, hopefully ragnok has some ears on the ground and knows or even suspects that something is brewing, waiting for more
FierceDeityLinkMask chapter 62 . 8/14
A panther? Really? Seems kinda lame... lol! That was a joke. Welp I marathonded the story! I liked it for the most part. Definitely one of the better stories here. Although I have to ask, why is everybody so keen on Harry teaching a defense group? Voldemort hasn't been resurrected yet. In ootp it made sense that there was a defense group because even though people had doubts about tom being back, death eaters attacked and students couldn't learn anything from umbitch.. Here this makes little sense outside of harry's group of friends seeing as how they have a good defense teacher. Plus how would Harry even go through his days? Training, school work, quiddich, teaching his friends, being a teen and having fun, and now teaching a defense club? He would need like three time tuners!
Basker chapter 1 . 8/13
Wow this will be awesome! Im expecting an exceptional Harry Potter. As an orphan with the world against him, he still managed to be a hero and pull himself out of the darkness that tried to drown him so I'm so excited to see what Harry will be like with more guidance and a the unwavering support that comes from family.
H/Hr pairing!? Awesome! They're perfect together in Harmony some would say... Lol
Blue Luver5000 chapter 62 . 8/13
Great chapter
starboy454 chapter 62 . 8/13
excellent update
Blake Grey chapter 62 . 8/13
Ah calm and sensible minds. I'd take issue with the "now he said he'd think about it lets get him to say yes" line but it's definitely better than the guilt trip Hermione pulled in the 5th book. And how she majorly botched that entire thing. So bravo. Also they are kids still so I'll give them a pass for that bit of manipulation we all do. Maybe it's just because the book did it so wrong that I'm wary when any other stories try the "convince Harry to teach" thing and make it clear this isn't Harry's decision.
dragonfighter11 chapter 24 . 8/12
Where exactly did the note on the cloak come from? Dumbledore didn't send it to him in this story did he? Or did I miss that.._;
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