Reviews for What She Deserves
liatb01 chapter 22 . 9/27
Beautiful story, cried my eyes out.
annne85 chapter 1 . 9/9
What a beautiful story! Very realistic ( is that a word? I'm from Holland) and sad but I loved it. I read this while breastfeading my babygirl at night so I cried a lot because this Bella couldn't be with her babygirl..
beegurl13 chapter 22 . 9/2
Oh my goodness. I read this whole story today and oh, my heart. :) I have several family members and friends whose lives have been affected by adoption and this story made me love them all a little bit more. You had me crying through the entire second half, and I loved it. Beautiful story. You did an amazing job with it. :)
TheGreenPanther chapter 22 . 8/3
Such a beautiful story.
pauleen chapter 22 . 8/1
This one of the best family/ real life stories I've read in twifanfic. I like that although it was a happy ending, it was a realistic ending. Layla's questions about keeping the her newborn brother, edward and bellas honeymoon being interpreted by a crying baby.
I really enjoyed the very sad in between to the highs of this story. Thanks for writing and sharing this story.
movieandbookgirl chapter 22 . 7/23
agoogoo chapter 13 . 7/23
*breaks down* I've been feeling a perpetual ache in my chest since chapter 2 (or is it 3).

This is good writing bruh
jk chapter 9 . 7/2
if nothing happened with lauran then why did Edward go and get tested? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
jk chapter 5 . 7/2
Edward just told bella that he wouldn't do "something" like that that something being lauran...but didn't rose JUST Tell bella that lauran was with Edward just a week ago? why didn't bella say anything about that?
Denny52 chapter 22 . 5/16
Just read this for the second time and loved it all over again. Beautiful story. Beautifully written.
Guest chapter 21 . 4/25
I avoid angst stories but decided to try this one since I've loved some of your others. I cried so much but loved it. Beautiful story.
Stumbleine44 chapter 22 . 4/13
My god, never cried this much with a story before.
Despite wishing that eventually Layla would return to them, I too went through this journey with these two and somehow understood the decision. It's like I felt their pain. So silly right? But I guess that's what makes you such a great writer. Heartbreaking and beautiful story.
Ivy Pattinson chapter 22 . 3/15
Such a beautiful story. I couldn't put it down. Thank you for sharing it with us!
renewagain chapter 22 . 3/14
this was such a wonderful story! and I enjoyed it the second time Around just as much. you did an amazing job with their story, it felt real and heartbreaking and so happy at the same time.
renewagain chapter 20 . 3/14
aaaaaawwwwww. they are making up.
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